Transformation Study Group Private Page

Hello Team,

This is our private page, for now it provides in PDF the roster, our “framework” and drafts of the Research Inventories received to date, and the promised research brief outline, but over time, over we will have drafts of research briefs. To review any document, simply click the download button. Onward!

Background Materials

Meeting Recordings

8.25.2020. We reviewed and discussed the draft template for the Research Brief (not the Research Inventory), changes emerged and those changes are reflected in the template above. We also reviewed and discussed Joyce Bogosian’s excellent Research Inventory on Affordable Housing and Karl Korak’s initial draft of our first Research Brief. It was a stimulating conversation that will facilitate future development of Briefs by other TSG members. We also met Michael Nitsch, a new member, and described his role as editor.

8.11.2020. We heard from Wendy Foxworth as she described her approach to collaborative decision making and then discussed ways her approach could be applied to our work. We then discussed how best to engage young people and people of color in our process, either as members of the TSG, an advisory group, or to obtain early input into priorities from those communities.

Research Brief Drafts

Research Inventory Drafts

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