Invest in a Just Future in New Mexico: Make a Contribution Today

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We don’t like to push for donations. But we do need donors who support this work on a regular basis.  Let me explain why.

Since Retake Our Democracy is a 501-c-4 we simply can’t access foundation funding.  We could have formed a 501-C-3, but then we could not publish anything about candidate preferences or information about where you can canvass to support a candidate and we would have limits to how much time we devote to lobbying at the legislature.  Those limits won’t work for what we are trying to do. Since we are a 501-C-4, your donations are not tax deductible, so we ask you to view your donation as an investment in a just future for New Mexico.

So, if you appreciate what Retake is doing, we ask you to invest in that work and in our development a statewide movement to advocate more effectively for climate, social, racial and economic justice in New Mexico.

We are all volunteers, but we do have costs:

  • $1600 a year for Zoom, the tool we use to convene meetings with people from throughout the state and moderate our Zoominar series
  • $80/month for MailChimp which we use to send alerts and emails to groups of prospects to encourage their joining us
  • $25-$50/month for facility rental, pre and post COVID
  • $25-$50 / month in meeting and printing supplies, pre and post COVID
  • $25/mo for retakeourdemocracy email–
  • Periodic costs for buttons, stickers and web hosting that can run into a few hundred dollars a year

We try to contain costs and pay close attention to where the money goes. So for example, we noted that we spent over $1500 on printing of flyers last year. So we invested $400 in a printer that could do color and large paper sizes and have produced all flyers in-house since January, 2020 saving us a ton of money during the Roundhouse session.

Prior to COVID, Retake conducted extensive personal outreach to other communities, and once it is safe, Roxanne and I will again be traveling to other parts of the state. These are not vacations and so we seek reimbursement for gas and hotels. This can cost several hundred dollars for a 3-4 day foray to a region.

These are the costs of building a movement in New Mexico and we ask you to become investing shareholders in this movement either by:

  • Clicking the Donate button above and making a donation today; or and far better,
  • Clicking the Donate button above and committing to a more modest but monthly donation. Each of your financial situations are different, but many of you will not miss $10, $20 or $50 a month and some may well be able to contribute even more.
  • Don’t like Paypal?  Please send us a check made to Retake Our Democracy and mail to Retake Our Democracy, P.O. Box 32464, Santa Fe, NM 87594.

Thank you very much. Together we can make New Mexico something other than 50th ….for once.

In solidarity,

Paul & Roxanne