2022 New Mexico Legislative Session

As we prepare foe 2022, we will begin populating this page with info and resources. Check in periodically to see what is new. The best way to get a jump start on things, is to participate in our Zoom Huddle, Dec 2 (below).

Zoom Legislative Strategy Huddle: Wednesday, Dec. 8, 6pm-7:00pm. We will introduce some of the bills we intend to support and oppose, as well as lay out our our 2022 strategy including how we will identify new bills that are introduced beginning Jan 4. Input, discussion and questions will be encouraged. . This is a VERY important meeting. Much to discuss.

  • Click here to register for our first2022 legislative session Strategy Huddle, Dec 8.. You must register to attend.
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  • You can also sign up for other roles in support of our advocacy by clicking here, including participating in LEGISLATOR-Constituent Zoom Conversations before and during the session.

The information below is for the 2021 session. We are in the process of updating this information for the 2022 session. Stay tuned.

2021 Legislative Session

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