2023 New Mexico Legislative Session

Since the last day of the 2022 session, Retake has been working with allies to develop plans for the 2023 session and to use the interim hearings and individual conversations with legislators to advance bills we have supported and continue to support. This is the page to go to for updates and ultimately links to summaries for bills. If there is no link for an issue below, it is because we are still working on the issue page. We are several months from the session and many partners are still finalizing bill language and messaging, so we won’t be creating summaries until that work is done. But know we are working directly with leadership advancing each of these initiatives.

While the list certainly could be adjusted, there are 8 issue areas that will spawn likely 10-12 bills, so that will be more than enough. Recall, we’ve pledged to scale back on the number of bills to allow greater focus.

The issues with bills coming that we know we are supporting or opposing are listed below:

  • Local Public Power. The team that has been meeting to formulate a legislative strategy includes New Energy Economy, Earth Care, Renewable Taos, Indivisible ABQ, Retake Our Democracy, Indigenous Lifeways, and the State Land Office. The focus of the work has been determining the precise nature of the bill(s) to be introduced and the messaging with the legislature.
  • State Public Bank. Retake has bee working with the folks at Alliance for Local Economic Prosperity, the leaders on this. We take our cues from them, but have been working with them on a Zoominar to compliment the excellent video they’ve produced.
  • Modernizing the Legislature. We’ve done a Zoominar with those pushing this forward, largely women Dems in the House. There will likely be two, even three bills introduced, one calling for an amendment to the Constitution to allow legislators to be salaried and another seeking funds to pay salaries for legislative aides to help legislators independently conduct or verify research and to support sustained legislator-constituent dialog.
  • Green Amendment. The language for this amendment has been changed slightly. We are working with Maya van Rossum, head of Green Amendment for the Generations to get a handle on the changed language and campaign messaging.
  • Health Security. We’ve been woking with Health Security for New Mexicans Campaign on this issue since the 2017 session. This year we will be introducing legislation to create an Expert Committee to continue the Health Security Plan design process and to add funding to support that critical work. Retake conducted a Zoominar with health security leadership last month and we continue to collaborte on messaging and strategy.
  • Guaranteed Basic Income Pilot Projects. We’ve been working with the Mayors for a Guaranteed Income (MGI) initiative, a national coalition of over 80 mayors sponsoring GBI pilots, one pilot being in Santa Fe. We’ve also been communicating with Appleseed NM, who has launched four GBI pilots targeting homeless students. The exact kind of legislation to be introduced is being debated, but likely creating a state office to work with communiy GBI pilots, supporting the design process and evaluation of new pilots.
  • Tax policy. Here we will be working with NM Voices for Children, no doubt opposing efforts to cut taxes while likely advancing plans to expand or increase low-income child tax credits and make our personal income tax more progressive.
  • Opposing Hydrogen. Pick your color, we oppose.

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