resourcesThe Resources Page includes tools and resources to help you advocate effectively.  Some of the tools are specifically designed for individuals working in one of Retake Our Democracy’s Action Teams, but could still be used by others interested in the activity for which the resource was designed.

researchThe Research Guide for Developing Action Research Kits. Retake Our Democracy has an Action Team working to developAction Research Kits on a variety of issues important to all of us. These Kits will provide useful information for individuals when they are planning to canvass, or if they have friend or neighbor with whom you may disagree on the issue. The Kit can give you valuable information. Kits are being developed now and as they are completed, they will be located under the Issue menu bar to the right of the Resources menu. Click here to review the Research Guide.


getactiveThe Citizen Activist Lobbying Kit. This kit provides a wide variety of resources, including information on how to lobby effectively at the NM State Legislature, background information on how to understand the state budget and the tax and revenue sources that fuel it, and links to other pages organized by issue area (e.g. environment, election reform) with each page containing a list of bills that Retake Our Democracy has endorsed, a summary of the bill and why it is important and how you can sign up to get alerts on each bill. The list of issues will expand rapidly in the first week of February.  Click here to go to the Citizen Activist Lobbying Kit.

santa-fe-city-councilContact Information for the Santa Fe Mayor and City Council Representatives.  This page also includes brief suggestions for how you can raise your voice more effectively. Click here to get contact info.


congressContact Information for New Mexico’s Congressional Delegation.  Click here for contact information for our two US Senators and three members of the US House of Representatives.


coal pollution smallContact Information for the Five Commissioners on the Public Regulation Commission.  Also included on this page is a complete summary of the ongoing effort of New Energy Economy to force the Public Service Corporation of New Mexico (PNM) to cease its stubborn insistence upon the use of fossil fuels and nuclear energy. In addition to contact information, it provides an excellent source of background information. Click here.


young-leadershipGuide to Getting Active in the Santa Fe Democratic Party at a Ward and County Level.  This guide includes instructions on how you can identify your Ward, contact information for all the Ward Chairs and C0-Chairs in Santa Fe County, and useful information on how to get involved. Click here.



act-localGuide for the 2017 Democratic Ward Elections in Feb 2017. This Guide will provide you contact information for the person coordinating the effort to reinvigorate the ward system and infuse it with active progressives eager to create systemic change in the party. It also provides dates, times and locations for the 2017 elections.