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We record both audio and video of our KSFR radio show that airs every Saturday from 8:30 to 9:00 am. The videos often exceed what is aired live, so even if you heard the radio show you’ll enjoy watching the full recording.

Update 5/24/23: Roxanne and I have contracted a particularly nasty vetsion of Covid and have been unable to do much of anything for the last week, except cough and complain. Somehow I was able to muster the energy to do the last two interviws, both worth your time. Onward.

Paul Gibson Explains Need for and Objective of Hiatus from KSFR (6/17/23)

We’ve been on hiatus from the blog for about six weeks and while we’ve addressed a range of long neglected personal goals and are in process with others, we also got kicked in the teeth with a nasty bought with COVID that hung around for awhile. Thankfully no hospitals involved, so while debilitating, neither of us were ever close to going to the ER. But it did consume 2-3 weeks. All good now. But while not publishing blogs for six weeks, it became apparent just how much time it tqkes to produce and record a weekly radio show. So we asked KSFR for time off. The show below outlines what Retake has accomplished, where we have fallen short and what w hope to accomplish during our hiatus.

Phyllis Bennis, Institute on Policy Studies on Palestine-Israel Conflict

Phyllis Bennis, a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington D.C.  She is the author or Understanding the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict, as well as Understanding ISIS and the new global war on terror. At the Institute for Policy Studies, she created and directs the New Internationalism Project at IPS, focusing on Middle East, U.S. wars and UN issues. She is also a fellow of the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam. In 2001 she helped found the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights, and now serves on the national board of Jewish Voice for Peace. She works with many anti-war and Palestinian rights organizations, writing and speaking widely across the U.S. and around the world. She spoke at the home of our friends Mariel Nanasi and Jeff Haas this past Monday, so I thought I’d widen her audience just a bit by having her on the show.

Gail Evans, NM Attorney for Social Justice on her Suit Against State of NM to Enforce Constitutional Right to Protection Against Harms from G&O Pollution (5/27/2023)

In 1971 Nm passed an amendment to the Constitution to protect residents from pollution from gas and oil pollution. Since then, gas and oil production has increased tenfold and we esperience hundred, even thousands of methane emissions and toxic wfluid leaks every year, with virtually no citations or fines and with no clean ups of spills. public and private lands remain unremediated from milliond og gsllond of toxic leaks. No litigation has been used to test the 1971 Amendment… until now. And the lawsuit was developed by the same attorney who developed the Yazzie vs Martinez suit forcing the state to devote more resouces to fixing and expanding its educational system to better meet the needs of underserved communities.

In the interview, Ms. Evans inadvertantly misstated the amount ot toxic liquids leaked on to the family property of Mario Atencio. Working without notes, she offered the estimate of leaks statewide–millions of gallons and would like to correct that number to 55,000 gallons, of which none was remediated with the toxic fluids seeping into the water table. No action was taken by the state. This is a critical suit broought by Evans and an excellent interview offering context and the rationale for bringing the suit. The Governor’s response was that she was proud of her administration’s record in regulating the industry, to which Evans replied,: “What track record? What regulation?” listen in and prepare to be angered. Below the recording we’ve incuded the language in the 1971 polution control constitutional amendment cited by Evans,

“The protection of the state’s beautiful and healthful environment is hereby declared to be of fundamental importance to the public interest, health, safety and the general welfare. The legislature shall provide for control of pollution and control of despoilment of the air, water and other natural resources of this state, consistent with the use and development of these resources for the maximum benefit of the people.”

– New Mexico constitutional amendment approved by voters November 1971

Nm Gun Violence, Farmington Mass Shootings, Affordable Housing & Legislature’s Failure to Address Either Crisis (5/20/2023

Rep Romero never flinches from ffom discussing how th legislature needs o do more to address Nm’s urgent crises, of which there are no shortage. In this disscussion, we described her viewws on what was and wasn’t done to address our gun crises and our lack of affordable housing, statewide. A very worthwhile discussion.

Sen Jerry Ortiz y Pino & Tom Solomon On Geothermal Potential for NM (5/13/2023)

We discussed: How geothermal works, why it is ideally suited to serve as the missing peice in accelerating NM’s transition to 100% renewable energy consumption. We also discussed the strong bipartisan support geothermal enjoys, and the Governor’s inexplicable veto of SB 8, Sen Ortiz y Pino’s geothermal legislation, despite having passed the House on a 7-3 vote and the Senate on a unanimous 38-0 vote. Geothermal might be the missing piece in NM’s transition to 100% renewable energy. A very interesting discussion of a bill that will return in 2024 and will enjoy strong, broad support from, Retake Our Denmocracy, Indivisible ABQ and other adcocacy groups.

Rayellen Smith & Tiffany Stevens, ABQ Indivisible Leadership (5/6/2023)

We discussed the role Indivisible plays in legislative and election politics and plans for primarying some ABQ DINOS and for challenging Sen. Dist 19, GOP incumbent Greg Schmedes. We also discussed how little was done related to climate legislation and what we need to do differently in the 2024 session. Finally we talked about how too many Dems fail to advocate for–or even vote for policies contained in the the NM Dem Party platform, one of the most progressive state platforms in the country

Land Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard (4/29/2023)

It is remarkable to hear what can be acomplished to protect our environment if you are committed to it. If only we had a Governor half as committed to the planet as Stephanie. Richard lays out all her office has done in the past four years to hold the gas & oil industry accountable and all the offie has done to cultivate renewable development on state land. Thirty minutes with the Land Commissioner and you can almost believe the state can work for us. Great stuff.

Robert Jensen on Adaptation After Climate Collapse (4/22/23)

Robert Jensen brings a new perspective on the looming climate collapse: we’ve blown it and now it is time to develop the capacity to adapt and to survive. He has a very different perspective not organized around what we’d hope we’d be facing, but what we will be facing and then given what is coming how can we survive as individuals, as communities and as a culture. If you didn’t see our first interview, I’d watch that first, 2 videos below. Watch both, if you possibly can. Very thought provoking.

Mariel Nanasi,, NEE & Gary Coffin, Indivisble on Avangrid (4/16/23)

A most informative interview breaking down “The Return of Avangrid,” with Mariel describing all the reasons to vigorously oppose Avangrid’s proposed merger with PNM and Gary describing the secretive meetings held with PRC attorneys and attorneys from Avangrid, clearly designed to pave a path to merger success for Avangrid. However, as Gary clearly lays out, those meetings violated the Public Meetings Act, yet another indication of Avangrid’s habitual refusal to play by the rules, any rules.

Eric Griego (4/7/23)

Eric is a former state Senator, candidate for CD1 Congressional rep, and a founder of the NM chapter of Working Families Party. He is also a Fulbright Scholar heading to Spain to research Spain’s robust Social & Solidarity Movement which includes the deeply rooted worker cooperative movement. We spoke of how that movement could be launched in NM, the sectors that might particularly benefit. We also found time for a discussion of the state legislature session just completed. Eric hadn’t been on the show for over a year. It was great to catch up with him, as he is so very insightful into all things NM politics.

Robert Jensen: A Most Unusual View of Post Collapse America (4/1/2023)

A truly remarkable conversation. Robert Jensen sees what most of us see; we are recklessly careening toward a climate cliff, with very little idea of what will follow. According to Jensen, depending upon how we manage the inevitable collapse, we could land in a dystopian, Darwinian, survival-of-the-fittest nightmare or an almost Edenic return to a hunter gatherers life. Even if he is wrong about the landing spot on the other side of collapse, his analysis of our likely trajectory over the next 10-20 years and his minimalist understanding of how we must live going forward is worth chewing on and while Jensen may not have all the answers, he is asking the right questions. After listening to this remarkable discussion, you will want to invite Bob for dinner and dive in. A must view recording.

Miko Peled, Israelis-American Palestinian Activist & Author

This show was supposed to air on Saturday, March 18, but instead they re-aied last week’s interview with Cecile Lipworth. No one is at the KSFR studio on weekends, so I won’t know the issue until then. But in the meantime, we share a tremendous interview on a topic of critical importance: Palestine. Miko Peled has spent most of his adult life, writing about the Palestinian conflict, an unlikely path for a son of a prominent Israelis general. His perspective on the conflict is informed by growing up a Zionist in Israel and over time coming to understand that the only way Israel could survive as a democracy and not the apartheid undemocratic state it is today, was to seek Palestinian independence, a two state solution. A fascinating interview that begins with a brief (10 seconds) awkward intro, bungled by me. Sorry, I was/am pretty sick (Strep). But, once we got rolling, the interview will give a sampling of what will be shared in Santa Fe and ABQ. Miko will be speaking in Santa Fe on Sunday March 26 AT 6PM at the Unitarian Universalist Church, 107 W. Barcelona and in ABQ on March 27 from 2-4pm at UNM Student Union, Acoma A & B.

Cecile Lipworth: The Ripple Effect 3/11/23)

Feminist, activist and journalist and friend, Cecile and I discussed her growing up in apartheid South Africa, emigrating to and finding a home in the U.S. and her views on reproductive health, the Women’s Rights Amendment and its snail’s pace progress towards passage. We also explored The Ripple Effect, Cecile’s blog, her organization, Ripple Effect Studio and a very interesting discussion of the game of monopoly and how the original version was created by a socialist woman who was a fierce anti-monopolist. Tune in to find out what capitalism did with her game.

Roxanne & Paul: Mid-Session Review (3/4/23)

Halfway through the session and we break down where we stand: what has passed, what is moving, what is stalling and why. Also some discussion of how to improve results in 2024.

Tom Solomon, 350NM on Hydrogen (2/18/2023)

I spoke with Tom Solomon co-founder of 350NM. We spoke about all things hydrogen all colors, all forms. We also discussed the disingenuous way in which the the gas industry and the state are trying to advance hydrogen in our state and how unrealistic and lacking of scientific support those efforts are. So this is a very important interview and I hope you all watch it. There is so much misinformation out there it’s important for all of us to know the truth and be able to articulate that truth when it comes to hydrogen Tom Solomon is a good place to start. Finally, Tom has been spearheading the community education campaign in support of modernizing the legislature, so we spent a bit of time describing that important work . Take n together this is a most important and informative interview.

Sen Jeff Steinborn on Banning Holtec & Plastic Bags (2/11/23)

In a very breezy interview, we spent most of the half hour with Sen Steinborn providing an update as to the status of the Feds plan to store high level radiation in NM and how his SB 53 can stop that plan. We also discussed SB 243 Plastic Waste Reduction Act, another Steinborn bill, which would ban single use plastic in NM.

Paul & Roxanne Break Down the First Two Weeks of the Session (3/4/2023)

We discuss what is advancing, what is stalling and what we can and should do about it.

Xavier Barraza, Environmental & Economic Justice (1/28/2023)

A most interesting interview, as we depart from conversation directly related to the legislature and, with Xavier, we step back a bit and look at things more systemically.

No Show (1/21/2023)

Acute bronchitis struck the Gibson-Barber home and so we couldn’t record a new show as we were coughing non-stop. So we repeated an interview with Dan Pritchard. if you want to listen to that interview it appears below 3/5/2023. Dan lknows a good deal about hydrogen, one of the focal points of our discussion.

Sharla Parsons, Housing Advocate (1/14/2023)

Sharla Parsons, Democratic Party progressive & one of the founders of the Adelante Progressive Caucus. She is putting her real estate knowledge and her relationships to focus housing development policy on innovative approaches to in-fill, instead of developing more sprawling suburbs.  No doubt, we have a huge need for new affordable housing throughout NM, as usual Sharla challenges traditional thinking and has used her strong people skills to facilitate a coalition of housing stakeholders in ABQ who just may have a model that the state should consider. We discuss what Sharla has been doing to advance housing policy designed to increase the supply of housing and access to housing. So tune in to some new ideas in housing policy.

Seneca Johnson, YUCCA Campaign Director (1/7/2023)

If you are curious about how Youth United for Climate Action (YUCCA) was created and how this remarkable youth-driven organization has expanded their scope and influence, this is a great video to watch, as I talk with Seneca Johnson, co-founder and Campaign Organizer for YUCCA. An excellent interview through which you can learn more about a tremendous organization.

Sen. Liz Stefanics, (12/31/ 2022)

There is a reason Liz Stefanics is one of Retake’s favorite legislators. She reliably introduces and pushes transformational legislation every year and 2023, is no different. In this interview we discuss no less than six pieces of legislation she will be sponsoring in 2023 and they focus on energy, water, and the environment. Great interview with an important legislator.

Charles Goodmacher, (12/24/22)

A consultant with NM Voices for Children and for other good causes and organizations, this Xmas eve show focused on legislation to create a public health and climate program within the NM Dept. of Health. We discussed the myriad of wayws in which public health is impacted by climate and how adoption of public heath best practices could help NM communities better prepare for and prevent health impacts caused by changing climate. . Should be here soon.

Rachel Feldman, 12/17/22

Rachel Feldman is the Chair of Indivisible Santa Fe SOS’s Criminal Justice Reform Committee. In that capacity, she has been part of a significant collaborative effort to develop legislation to inject an array of best practices in criminal justice practice and provide a training and supervision structure to oversee the adoption of these innovations. The interview is fascinating on two counts, Rachel’s grasp of how systems work or fail to work to reinforce adoption of desired reforms and as an illustration of what a volunteer can do if they dig in and become informed on an important issue and then put in the time to work to transform a system in need of transformation. Great stuff.

Michael Rocca, UNM Poly Sci Professor & co-author of a study on Professionalizing the Legislature (12-10-22)

No other way to put it, Michael is a great interview and we covered a lot of ground, from the impact of PAC money on Congressional decision-making to how corporations disguise the scale of their political donations, how cronyism impacts community development and the legislature in NM, and finally, how to professionalize the legislature. Truly, a must-watch interview.

Eric Olivas, BernCo Commissioner-elect (12-3-22)

A refreshing new face in Democratic politics. Just elected to the BernCo Commission, Eric will cast some most important votes right off the bat: the selection of a replacement for Rep. Moe Maestas, who was selected by the current Commission to replace outgoing Sen. Jacob Candelaria, leaving Maestas’ House seat vacant. Another issue that will ultimately come to the Commission is to, once and for all, determine the fate of the proposed Santolina development, a sprawling proposal totally out of step with local water, traffic, and other infrastructure in BernCo. With so many important decisions lurking, take the time to meet Eric and discover why we endorsed him so strongly.

Alysha Shaw, NM Public Power Campaign Director (11-26-22)

We discuss the concept of public power and how it could benefit New Mexicans. We also take a deep dive into one form of public power, Local Choice Energy (LCE). LCE will be introduced into legislation in 2023, so find out what it is and how it can produce lower utility costs and a much accelerated transition to 100% renewables.

Pam Roy, Farm to Table, Food & Ag Policy Council (11-19-22)

Pam heads up two critical farm/agricultural organizations and we discussed the roles played by Farm to Table and the Food & Agriculture Policy Council in supporting young farmers and small farmers and in strengthening food systems and fostering local food security. Fascinating discussion from someone who came prepared. Good stuff.

Paul & Roxanne Debrief the Midterms (11-12-22)

Roxanne and I broke down the U.S. and the NM midterm results. Bottom line, no red wave in the U.S., a sound thumping for the orange head, and a blue tsunami in NM. Find out what happened and the implications for activism in the U.S. and NM.

Jeremi Suri, Author, Civil War by Other Means (11-5-22)

Author of the outstanding book, Civil War by Other Means, Jeremi and I spoke about the ways in which the Republican party in 1865 failed to complete the job after winning a decisive military victory over the South and that because of that failure, echoes of reconstruction continue to haunt us. Jeremi is a very articulate researcher who answers questions clearly and succinctly, so aside from the important content, the interview is very easy to follow. Tune in! Then plan on heading over to Collected Works where he will speaking and signing books on Sunday, Nov. 13.

Paul Gibson Solo Show (10-29-22)

A solo show in which Paul opined first on Constitutional Amendment 2, giving his reasons forinitially supporting it and then after a deeper dive, opposing the amendment. He used this to illustrate how being effectively engaged in the political/legislative/electoral process requires a commitment of time few individuals are able to make. Paul then spoke about the ongoing effort to repel federal efforts to allow Holtec to make NM the nation’s nuclear waste dump. Paul closed with information about the Bernalillo County Commission and the attempt by the three conservative commissioners to force an “emergency” meeting on Halloween to select Sen. Jacob Candelaria’s replacement. The conservatives want to avoid allowing the newly elected commission to make the selection as it is highly likely the new commission will have a 3-2 progressive majority that would not select Candelaria’s choice, Rep. Moe Maestas.

Jamil Dakwar (10/22/22)

Jamil is the director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Human Rights Program (HRP) which is dedicated to holding the U.S. government accountable to its international human rights obligations and commitments Jamil is also the chair of Adalah Justice Project’s advisory board. Born and raised in Haifa, he was one of the founding lawyers of Adalah: The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel. Since the mid-2000s he has led the ACLU’s international advocacy including at the United Nations. He is an adjunct professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Hunter College and Bard College. We discussed the devolving situation in Palestine, with Israelis policies effectively creating a racist, apartheid country. We also discussed how U.S. policies characterizing most criticism of Israel as antisemitic is expanding across the country in an effort to stop boycotts, divestment campaigns, and other forms of protest that have been routinely deployed in the U.S. for decades– bus strikes, the Tea Party, divestment in protest of South African Apartheid and fossil fuels extraction. Despite this history of the use of these protest tactics, Dakwar describes how the U.S. is seeking to marginalize, disparage and squash these same forms of protest, calling them antisemitic. A most interesting interview.

Stephanie Garcia Richard (10/15/2022)

I have spoken with the Land Commissioner before on this show, but this discussion provided an update on how powerfully the Land Commission has worked over the past four years to ensure that gas & oil operaors are plugging wells,cleaning up spills and paying royalties as defined in their leases. She also has a plan to ensure that royalties and leasing amounts are increased for the first time in 50 years whether the legislature acts or not. But as she underscored, she needs to be re-elected first and while published polls show her ( and most all statewide Dems with a significant lead, internal polls conducted by her campaign show a very tight race.

Neri Holguin, election campaign manager Extraordinaire (10/8/2022)

A most interesting exploration of the world of election campaigns. What makes electable candidates? What makes for successful campaigns? And what is the status of the major NM races. Neri also opines on the absurd GOP claims being made in campaign mailers statewide. Please listen in for an insider’s view.

Chile Yazzie & Mariel Nanasi, on PNM’s San Juan Closure & their plan not to clean up their mess (10-1-2022)

We discuss PNM’s heinous plan to close San Juan Generating Station and leave $200M (at the very least) in clean up to be done by others.

Sam Hitt, local forest expert and advocate (9-24-2022)

Sam is trusted source on all things forestry. And given the recent firestorms and an increasing pile of evidence that decades of failed efforts to manage forests has not worked. Sam outlines why these efforts have failed and will continue to fail. He founded Elk Mountain Action in the early 1980s to protect old growth forests and in 1989 he founded Forest Guardians (now WildEarth Guardians), so he has been deeply involved in forest advocacy for decades. He also weighed in on how Listen and learn!

Alicia Edwards, Grant County Commissioner & Chair of the Gila Regional Hospital (9/17/22)

Commissioner Edwards laid out with precision the challenges faced by NM rural hospitals and pointed to some strategies to help address those challenges. She also outlined the devastating impact on a rural community where its hospital folds or shrinks. Edwards is a great interview, she answered questions precisely and concisely and without equivocation.

Mary Feldblum, Director, Health Security for New Mexicans Campaign (9-10-22)

Mary is one of our state’s foremost experts in health policy and has been leading the Health Security for New Mexicans campaign for 25 years. In this interview, we discussed what the Health Security Plan is and the status of the effort to design that plan so that the community and legislators will fully understand how it can control healthcare costs while, increasing accessibility, ensuring all New Mexicans have healthcare coverage.

Jennifer Ramo, Apleseed,NM (9/3/22)

Jennifer is the Executive Director and founder Appleseed, NM, an organization with a proven methodology for launching research based initiatives. She described the four GBI pilots launched by Appleseed and how the state could promote other GBI pilots. If the idea of giving money to people with no strings attached, runs counter to your instincts, this interview could shift your thinking.

Augie Montoya, Democratic Candidate for NM House Dist 22 & a most compelling candidate indeed. (8-27-22)

Augie is a refreshing voice, uncompromisingly progressive, aa evidenced by his strong support for The Green Amendment, his support for a woman’s right to choose, his advocacy for sensible gun violence prevention and his principled opposition to private prisons. I think you will find Augie to be precisely the kind of legislator the Roundhouse needs to stand up to gas & oil and other corporate lobbyists. Check him out! love the hat.

A Conversation about adaptation in the face of climate and economic disruption with Dahr Jamail (8-20-22)

Dahr has been on the show three times prior to this appearance and it is always illuminating. An internationally applauded climate journalist, Dahr is the author of the award winning The End of Ice and most recently his new book, We Are in the Middle of Forever. We discuss both books and his views on adaptation to climate change. Dahr will challenge you to think deeply about our climate challenge and lays our an interesting form of personal activism in the face of increasingly frequent and increasingly destructive climate disasters.

A discussion of Santolina: A 70,000 person development with zero plan for water. listen for details (8-13-22)

I spoke with Maslyn Locke, a staff attorney at the New Mexico Environmental Law Center, Norm Gaume, former director of the New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission and an active member of the Middle Rio Grande Water Advocates, and Marcia Fernandez, a retired teacher, mother, grandmother, community activist, and farmer. All three are fiercely opposed to Santolina. Fond out why, below. The Bernalillo County Commission is holding a hearing on Aug 16. I hope our QBQ peeps will be out in force. Watch this first, to get revved up. This is a horrible idea, a profit over people or planet situation. my guests lay out the issue very clearly and while Santolina is a Bernalillo County decision, it impacts far more than just Bernco and is an excellent example of unrestrained capitalism.

Mariel Nanasi on Inflation Reduction Act (8-6-22)

Manchen-mangled Inflation Reduction Act legislation has a lot to like, but the warts are serious. Mariel and I break it down.

Rochelle Williams, co-founder Blue CD2NM (7-30-22)

This interview illustrates how anyone can decide: “Dammit, i’m gonna really do something.” Rochelle launched Blue CD2NM because she was appalled by Yvette Herrell., then when she met Gabe Vasquez, game over. She was all in. After you listen to this interview, jump down to the nex interview below for Gabe’s interview and see why she is so excited about turning CD2, blue.

Gabe Vasquez, Dem. candidate for NM CD2

In the last six years, I have interviewed over 300 guests on Retake on the Radio (6X52). I can honestly say that I’ve never interviewed anyone as inspiring and authentic as Gabe Vasquez. It buoyed my spirits — when I was done with the interview, I knew that Yvette Herrell was toast. The interview was recorded on July 14 to air on KSFR July 23, but this interview is so compelling and so uplifting, I wanted to get it out to folks early. Please share this video with your NM peeps. We need an army of volunteers and donors to get behind this campaign.

Enrique Cardiel, Ind Activist Running for Rep. in House Dist 19. (7-16-22)

Retake had not endorsed a candidate for Dist 19.. until we spoke with Enrique and heard from constituents of Dist. 19 Take a look and learn more about why we have endorsed his candidacy.

Morty Simon & Carol Oppenheimer: Working America, an election campaign initiative to win in Swing Districts and Swing States (7-9-22)

Listen in as Morty and Carol outline how and why Working America so effectively impacts elections. A fascinating approach to get out the vote efforts. Best of all, Working America rigorously uses polling data to inform their approach, so they know it works. And you can be involved from home. Check it out.

Paul & Roxanne, Founders of Retake Our Democracy (7-2-22)

Paul and Roxanne discuss why the mid-term elections are so important, why we all need to be engaged in democracy for it to work, and how we can become “messengers” for democracy.

Rayellen Smith, Indivisible Albuquerque & Roxanne Barber, Retake Co-Founder, talk NM politics & activism (6-25-22)

We took a departure from our normal programming and conducted a wide-ranging discussion of trends in state politics and the most effective advocacy strategies to achieve progressive goals in that political context.

Miranda Viscoli, Co-President, New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence (6-18-22)

We discussed the epidemic of gun violence in America and what may be possible to achieve in the 2023 legislative session. Miranda is passionate about gun violence prevention and always an excellent interview.

Gary Coffin, VP, Indivisible ABQ (6-11-22)

Gary is on staff of the Bernalillo County District Attorney’s Office, so he knows Dem. nominee for Attorney General, Raul Torrez. Gary speaks with authority and enthusiasm. In the interview, he outlined what Torrez will attempt to do as our next Attorney General. Gary is also VP of Indivisible ABQ, which is filing an Amicus brief in opposition to the proposed PNM-Avangrid merger that was rejected by the PRC. PNM-Avangrid are appealing to the NM Supreme Court and Gary speaks about that appeal and the Amicus brief being developed.

Paul Gibson, Solo: A Resilient Future (6-04-22)

Paul speaks about the failure of nations to address the economic and environmental crisis experienced by millions of Americans at the local level and how, by working locally, we can build strong, resilient communities that are better able to weather what is coming from mother nature and the multinational corporations that prey on us. This show is a follow up to the May 18 show below. Also see the blog post about the Democracy Collaborative’s strategies, Stockholm+50 Report Describes Path from Impending Disaster: 100% Renewables and Local Community Resilience.

Harold Dixon, Alliance for Local Economic Prosperity: Why We Need a State Public Bank (5-28-22)

Harold Dixon has been a banker most of his adult life, so he knows banking. He is leading AFLEP’s community engagement and education effort to build support for the public bank among legislators and stakeholders. He understands banking industry and he understands what a public bank could do

Paul Solo on the Democracy Collaboratives Strategies for Building Local Resilience (5-18-22)

Paul focuses on the Democracy Collaborative’s research on building local community wealth, a 90-page handbook full of economic, social, and environmental policies and programs that can be implemented at the local level. Also see the follow-up to this discussion on 6-4-22 above and read the post, Stockholm+50 Report Describes Path from Impending Disaster: 100% Renewables and Local Community Resilience published May 20.

Anneke Van Rossum, Green Amendment (5-11-22)

We were out of town, so KSFR ran an old interview with Anneke Van Rossum, daughter of Maya Van Rossum, founder of Green Amendment for the Generations, and the organization mounting the effort to create a Green Amendment in NM. The interview can be found below but you’ll have to scroll a bit to December 2021.

For the last few months, Anneke has been coordinating advocacy for the Green Amendment in NM while on break from law school. We spoke of the Green Amendment in NM and in three states where it is in place. The Green Amendment has made huge progress since last year where the resolution had four sponsoring legislators. This year they have 23 and counting. Listen in to a great interview.

Jan Boyer, (5-7-22)

With our state on fire, we thought we’d interview someone with expertise on forest management and mismanagement. She discusses why our forests would benefit from more of a hands-off approach to forest management, rather their scorched earth approach that includes massive thinning projects and large scale prescribed burns that Jan feels do more harm than good.

Amber Wallin, Executive Director, NM Voices for Children (4-30-22)

Voices for Children is one of our strongest and most important allies. Amber and I discussed the importance of tax policy and how it underpins or undermines support for working families and their children. We also discussed Voices’ involvement in a Guaranteed Basic Income pilot project launched in partnership with Somos un Pueblo Unidos. Really informative interview.

Rep. Kristina Ortez (4-23-33)

This interview completes our cycle of interviews with great Dems who are facing challenges from centrist, corporate-backed candidates. Kristina offered great insight into how to fix the legislature, but first outlined her background and her accomplishments as a legislator. If you don’t know Kristina, this interview is a great way to get to know her.

Eric Olivas, Candidate, Bernalillo County Commission District 5 (4-16-22)

We don’t do enough coverage of Bernalillo County, but the city of ABQ and BernCo represent far and away our states largest urban area, and so what happens there resonates throughout the state. My interview with Eric Olivas was quite interesting, as Eric did a great job of outlining why this election will have statewide implications and in contrasting his priorities and positions with the DINO incumbent he is challenging. He is a most refreshing voice.

Rep. Andrea Romero (4-9-22)

Rep. Romero may have the toughest primary challenge before her, but as the interview makes clear, in a very short time, she has had a tremendous impact and her commitment to sane water policy is second to none.

Rep. Susan Herrera (4-2-22)

You’ll get the inside scoop of how HB 132 (36% rate cap) finally made it through. And Rep. Herrera shares her views on what could improve the legislative process and some of her legislative priorities.

Rep. Roger Montoya (3-26-22)

I spoke for 45 minutes with Roger and the conversation was full of candid observations about the 2022 legislative session and how Roger feels the legislature needs to be reformed. He also shared some of his legislative priorities and how he uses his values to drive his decision-making. One of the most refreshing voices in the Roundhouse. Well worth your time, especially if you are tired of politician double talk.

Reena Szczepanski, Dem Candidate for House Dist 47 (3-19-22)

Before serving as Speaker Brian Egolf’s Chief of Staff for six years, Reena Szczepanski served as director of Emerge a non-profit dedicated to recruiting and training women to be prepared to run for public office. Prior to that she served as the director of the Drug Policy Alliance. In a great conversation, we discussed her views on policies and bills, as well as her reasons for running for House Rep. If you don’t know Reena, this is a great introduction.

A Conversation with Eric Griego (3-12-22)

We covered a good deal in our talk, reviewing five key legislative primaries, crime in ABQ and Eric’s role in the Keller administration, our views on the Junior Bill fiasco, and our shared pessimism over the failure of leadership at all levels to deal honestly with climate change. Eric’s candor and insights are always worth hearing.

Dan Pritchard, Renewable Taos (3-5-22)

Dan and I spoke about how energy and environment bills fared in the 2022 session before launching on a discussion of public power and the IPCC Report and what advocate strategies might elicit more movement in our efforts to address the looming climate catastrophe.

Senator Liz Stefanics (2-26-22)

Senator Stefanics and I discussed the 2022 legislative session and what it tells us about the legislative process itself, a most informative discussion.

Paul & Roxanne Session Wrap Up (2-19-22)

One hour after the session ended, Roxanne and Paul lay out what got done and what didn’t. With a definitive legislative NO to her Hydrogen Hub plan, we assess whether the Governor got enough from the session to fill out campaign mailers.

Paul & Roxanne: One week left in the Session (2-12-22)

As we wind our way toward the end of the Legislative session, with one week to go, Roxanne & Paul assess progress and what might be possible in the last week.

Paul & Roxanne: Mid-Session Report (2-5-22)

We discussed how bills were moving at the midpoint of the session. We focused on the process we use to identify, screen, and select bills we support. We then shifted to talk about bills this session. We focused on HB 132 the small loan rate cap, public banking, and the Green Amendment as the different paths of these bills illustrated some of the challenges faced in trying to push a bill with industry opposition through the Roundhouse and the kind of advocacy that can get this done. We ran out of time in this broadcast but not before stating that we’d have an extended show available on our YouTube recording (below).But alas, the upload failed to capture the promised extended conversation.

Mary Feldblum: Health Security Act 1-26-22

This is a most illuminating interview, as Mary walked through briefly what health security is and then described what legislative action was needed in this session. We also discussed the “Junior Money” process, something important to understand, as it is a tool for funding bills not favored by House Appropriations’ chair Patty Lundstrom or Sen. Finance chair George Munoz. Very worth your time.

Rep. Kristina Ortez (1-22-22)

In an interesting interview, we discussed several of Kristina’s bills from the last session and the current one, as well as her view on hydrogen production. If you’ve never heard from Kristina, this is a great introduction.

Anneke Van Rossum: Green Amendment (12-19-21)

For the last few months, Anneke has been coordinating advocacy for the Green Amendment in NM while on break from law school. We spoke of the Green Amendment in NM and in three states where it is in place. The Green Amendment has made huge progress since last year where the resolution had four sponsoring legislators. This year they have 23 and counting. Listen in to a great interview.

Jay Levine: Chair, DPNM State Platform & Resolutions Committee (1-15-22)

Great interview alert. Jay Levine is an expert on all things renewable and this interview covered Hydrogen (not renewable), net zero, and public power. Very worth your while. We also spent some time on Democratic Party politics and the party platform, as Jay is the chair of the Dem Party State Platform and Resolutions Committee (SPARC).

Roxanne & Paul: 2021 in Review; 2022 Preview (1-8-22)

Mario Jimenez, Common Cause (12-25-21)

In our Merry Christmas edition of Retake on the Radio, Mario Jimenez and I discussed the 2021 redistricting process and the critical need to create a truly Independent Redistricting Commission to remove the legislature from the process from now on. We also discussed other Common Cause priorities for 2022.

Mariel Nanasi, Executive Director, New Energy Economy (12-11-22)

This was a most interesting interview, recorded the day after the PRC decision on the PNM merger. If you missed hearing it on KSFR, you can watch it here. Mariel laid out what was at stake in the merger case and what she thought were the key factors in achieving a unanimous rejection of the deal. She also clearly laid out what is at stake in the Four Corners abandonment case with a public hearing and decision scheduled for Weds., Dec 15. We also touched on another New Energy project, Casa Milagro Sol. Check it out.

Paul & Roxanne on Net Zero, Hydrogen, Redistricting, 2022 session, and thoughts on Thanksgiving (11-27-21)

Santa Fe Basin Water Association on Out of Control Housing Development in Santa Fe (11-20-21)

The discussion focused on how Santa Fe is abandoning all restraints on housing development, with one market-rate housing project after another, ignoring obvious water constraints. This is a microcosm of what Bernalillo is facing in opposing the proposed Santolina development. A very interesting conversation about the fate of Santa Fe.

Paul Gibson and Roxanne Barber On 2022 Legislative Session (11-13-21)

We laid out our Legislative strategy for 2022 and how you can be involved

On july 21, 2021 Paul had a series stroke and so took a hiatus from radio shows to focus on his recovery. Hence, between July and September 2021, we recorded very few shows

Angela Merkert, Director of Alliance for Local Economic Prosperity and lead advocate for a NM state public bank (10-9-21)

Find out what advocates have been doing the past year to prepare for the 2022 legislative headwind and misinformation-fueled blowback predictably coming from the banking lobby.

Mary Feldblum, Health Security for New Mexicans (10-20-22)

We outlined precisely what the HSA is and, importantly, what it isn’t. We also discussed the most impressive Plan and Design process that is being co-lead by the Superintendent of Insurance and bill sponsors, Rep. Debbie Armstrong and Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino. Impressive to say the least.

7.8.21. A Zoom Conversation with Maine utility advocates and leadership from Renewable Taos, Kit Carson Electric Coop, and new Energy Economy. We go into depth about all that is wrong with the proposed PNM-Avangrid merger, as well as exploring an alternative to shareholder owned, monopoly utilities — the immense potential of public power.

Quivira Coalition Director, Sarah Wentzel-Fisher

Retake’s radio show hasn’t had many conversations focused on sustainable agriculture, land and water use, so this is an informative piece, worth your time. We spoke about the key elements of effective local food systems, the many benefits resulting from strong local food systems, the challenges faced by farmers and ranchers in NM, and the roles played by Quivira Coalition in supporting those farmers and ranchers and educating the public.

7.10.21 Conversation with Tina Cordova,
Tularosa BASIN Downwinders Consortium

This is one of the better Retake radio shows. But we couldn’t squeeze in all Tina had to say within the 29 minutes of the show, so to get the extra 15 minutes, you’ll need to review this YouTube recording. Tina is one of the most powerful spokespersons for I’ve met in NM. Tune in to hear more about the saga of Tularosa, the Trinity blast, and our nation’s utter failure to acknowledge what has happened and support the victims. Must listen.

7.3.21 Conversation with UNM Economist
Kelly O’Donnell

O’Donnell offered some interesting views on how NM could diversify its economy, expand its tax base and state revenues, and transition from our reliance on gas and oil revenues. Most interesting perspective.

6.26.21 Conversation with Maine Utility Advocates
Vaughan Woodruff and Bill Dunn

This is an important interview, as we approach the PRC hearings and public comment on the proposed PNM-Avangrid merger. Mainers have had their own experience with Avangrid and, as described in detail in this interview, it has been so horrendous that Mainers have launched a campaign to replace Avangrid with a statewide public utility, Pine Tree Power. Very important interview.

6.19.21 Conversation with Immigration Attorney, Allegra Love

It is so very important we understand what is going on on our southern border and for ten years Allegra Love has been in the trenches fighting in the courts to free immigrants and refugees or suiting the government to humanize its policies and treatment of refugees. Sadly, we hear from Allegra, that not much has changed since Biden-Harris took office. Allegra is a tireless, inspiring advocate. A very good show.

6.12.21 Conversation with New Energy Economy
Executive Director, Mariel Nanasi

Never one to mince words, Mariel lays out all that would be wrong with the proposed Avangrid merger with PNM. We need to prepare for the Public Regulation Commission hearing on August 9 and listening to this show and the show from 6.26 with Maine utility advocates would be a very good way to do so.

6.5.21 Concluding Retake Conversation on Less is More.

 In the final segment of the four-part series, I discussed the various strategies Jason Hickel lays out as our path to a sustainable economy, a path he (and I) feel is the only viable path to avoid climate collapse. While most of his strategies are economically viable, the political path is far more challenging, a topic we will discuss in our Less is More Book Club, Tuesday, June 8 at 6pm. And as this recording makes clear, we have much to discuss. Click here to register.

5.29.21 Retake Conversation: Less is More Part III 

In this, the next to last segment on Less is More, we outline how all the eco-strategies being proposed today, while important, are utterly insufficient as long as we insist on following a path governed by sustained economic growth. Part III sets the table for the concluding segment with a rosier outlook, as it will lay out how we can achieve a “de-growth” future and what it could look like.

5.22.21. Retake Conversation, Less is More Part II

Last week, I did a solo show (available immediately below Part II) covering the first 1/3 of Less is More by Jason Hickel. Part I covered Hickel’s views on how capitalism developed and the conditions under which it thrives. In Part II, I examined the impact living within capitalism’s constraints has upon social and economic justice, particularly on the Global South. I also described how how unsustainable continued economic growth is for our planet and a number of rebuttals of common arguments made by “green growth” and “slow growth” proponents. In the next segment I will begin to lay out how Hickel sees a path out of this conundrum and what a post-capitalist world could look like. But first Part II.

May 15, 2021 on KSFR, Retake Our Democracy. Less is More with Paul Gibson who reviews Jason HIckel’s Less is More, in the first of a three part review of this groundbreaking review of what a post-capitalist world could be like and how we get there. I can’t recommend the book more highly and this 29 minute talk gives you an inkling why, as I spend a good deal of the time, reading particularly insightful passages. Tune in for Part II on Saturday May 22 at 8:30 am on KSFR, 101.1 FM or streaming live from

5.8.2021. Retake Conversation with Yvonne Taylor, Co-Founder of Seneca Lake Guardian and Gas-Free Seneca. Taylor’s family has lived on Seneca Lake for seven generations. The lake is part of New York’s upstate Finger Lakes, a beautiful vacation spot centered around the wine industry, an industry that is being threatened by two Connecticut entrepreneurs, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. The Winklevoss brothers are identical twins and Olympic athletes, who were portrayed in the film “The Social Network” as a privileged pair of Harvard jocks who believed classmate Mark Zuckerberg stole their idea for Facebook. They have joined Zuckerberg in the billionaire’s club with their creation of the bitcoin.

I hadn’t known much about bitcoin’s, viewing it as some kind of elaborate Ponzi scheme. But in conversation with Yvonne I found that bitcoin “mining” is a threat to the Finger Lakes. The process of mining and securing bitcoins requires millions of gallons of water every day, drawn from the Seneca Lake to cool the thousands of computers used to create the coins. The water is then returned to the lake at 107 degrees. This overheated water poses an immediate threat to the trout that live in Seneca Lake and given the enormous amount of energy used to mine the bitcoin, it even poses a threat to New York’s and the nation’s capacity to reduce its energy use. It is that big an operation.

This is a fascinating story of a woman who had no history in advocacy, but who got active, co-founding Gas-Free Seneca and Seneca Lake Guardian to fight threats of industrial pollution to the rural community of the Finger Lakes. Gas-Free Seneca successfully fought an 8 year battle, defeating a proposed gas storage and transport hub along the shores of Seneca Lake in the heart of the Finger Lakes, which would have jeopardized a drinking water source for 100,000 people and severely damaged the community character of the Finger Lakes region. But now Seneca Lake faces an even more threatening industrial polluter from the Winklevoss brothers who created a bitcoin mining operation at the plant. Don’t look now, this is a trend among bitcoin operators who seek out old dilapidated coal fired plants throughout the country to convert into water guzzling bitcoin mining operations. This is a most interesting interview. When done watching, you may want to review this recent article from Motherboard that lays out how bitcoin is expanding to other communities with retired coal fired power plants. Look out San Juan!!

5.1.2021 Retake Talk with Paul Gibson: Turning 70, A Week without Roxanne & the Challenge of Creating a Sustainable Rethink. Sometimes in the blog I open up and put a personal spin on a policy, a political affront, or some other challenge. Usually, you folks really appreciate the personal perspective. For our radio show on Saturday, I recorded my personal reaction to reaching a milestone birthday. With Roxanne in California visiting our daughter, I have been caring for the kitty and the starts that will get planted when Roxanne returns this afternoon. So, with Roxanne away, I’ve had lots of time to myself to mull what I want to do with the rest of my life, what I am hoping Roxanne and I can do together, and how all that intersects with our plans to launch Rethink Our Democracy. The conversation comes in two parts, with Part I, having aired on KSFR this Saturday and Part II, taking off from the end of the show to delve into what I think is the more interesting of the two parts.

I wish YouTube did a better job of selecting clips as in this one I look deranged.

April 24, 2021. Retake Conversation with Jeff Haas, author of The Assassination of Fred Hampton and civil rights attorney for half a century. Jeff is a pal and also the husband of Mariel Nanasi, below. So, this marks the first time we’ve had back to back shows by a husband and wife team. This is a most interesting show, as Jeff shares decades of experience in legal battles to uphold the civil rights of African Americans and Indigenous peoples from Chicago to Standing Rock. He also offers his views on the recent Chauvin verdict (yay), what he found to be the most compelling evidence presented and the implications for the nation going forward. Check it out.

April 17, 2021 Retake Conversation with Mariel Nanasi, New Energy Economy Executive Director. We discussed Community Solar, Local Choice Energy, the Green Amendment and other energy/environment bills and how and why the legislature has such a difficult time passing any bills that challenge the utility or gas and oil industries. But for my money, the best part of the interview began at 30M03S once we were off the air with KSFR. Mariel outlined all that is at stake with the proposed Avangrid acquisition of PNM. You won’t have heard or seen this anywhere else and it really points to the critical importance of achieving energy independence and energy democracy. Listen up!

Saturday, April 10, Retake Conversation with Paul & Roxanne. We recapped the Roundhouse session, describing the big wins, the painful losses and the factors behind the scenes that created impediments to passing more progressive legislation, particularly in relation to issues that challenge any and all industries with inordinate influence in the Roundhouse, including from banking, insurance, gas and oil and the utility industries.

Saturday, April 3, Retake Conversation with Sally Rodgers, founder of Conservation Voters New Mexico and Lifelong Roundhouse Advocate. Sally and I talked Roundhouse session 2021 with Sally reflecting back on how it compared to past sessions going back to her first in 1968. Her insights into how the legislature really operates and the most effective advocacy strategies one could employ were most instructive. A very important conversation.

Saturday, March 27, Retake Conversation with Viki Harrison, Common Cause National (formerly Executive Director at Common Cause, NM. Viki now holds a position on the national team. But she has remained tethered to NM politics, especially during the legislative sessions. She always speaks candidly, never mincing words or sidestepping what is really in play. The Zoom video recording of the show will be posted on Saturday, in case you miss it live.

Retake Conversation on March 20. We didn’t do a show this week due to exhaustion. Instead we replayed the interview with Phillip Shepherd, the first zoom-based interview we did, way back on April 25. I can’t think of a better show to re-air on the heels of a seemingly unending series of high-pressure election primaries, state and national elections, the Georgia special election and then the legislative session. Philip is a delightful interview with very interesting observations on COVID, climate change, capitalism, and how the predominance of our historic efforts to manage and manipulate nature have led us to where we are today. If this sounds like something you’d like to check out, just scroll to the bottom of the page.

March 13 Retake Conversation with YUCCA Youth Advocates Castille Aguilar and Artemisio Romero y Carver two members of the youth advocacy group YUCCA. If you want to hear some authentic youth voices, this is a very interesting interview. Recorded on February 24, it only aired on March 13 due to technical glitches at KSFR. It is worth the wait.

March 6 Retake Conversation with Former Senator Dede Feldman . Dede has become a pal of Retake and our conversation was very illuminating. If you want to understand how the legislature works, you can do no better than picking up a copy of her book, The NM State Senate: Boots, Suits and Citizens, but to get a preview of her understanding of the NM State Legislature, check out this interview.

February 27 Retake Conversation with Mary Feldblum, Director of Health Security for New Mexicans Campaign. We discussed why the Health Security Act is so important to New Mexico and addressed some of the concerns raised by some legislators. Please share this with your legislators.

Retake Conversation with Mariel Nanasi, Director of New Energy Economy. We discussed her advocacy for SB 155, a bill that would amend the badly flawed Energy Transition Act, SB 83 Local Choice Energy, a game changing bill that would allow local jurisdictions to choose their own energy futures. She also offered her views on why NEE and Sierra Club, CVNM and other more mainstream enviro organizations wind up in conflict.

Retake Conversation with Angela Merkert, Director of Alliance For Local Economic Prosperity who is leading the charge to get the legislature to pass a bill to create a State Public Bank.

February 7, 2021. Conversation with Maya van Rossum, founder of The Green Amendment for the Generations. This is an important conversation as van Rossum responded to the specific questions and concerns about SJR-3 the Environmental Rights Act. This is most informative, as van Rossum concisely responds to each concern.

January 30, 2021. Conversation with Roxanne and Paul focused on developments in the first ten days of the legislative session.

January 23, 2021. Conversation with Roxanne and Paul outlined Retake Our Democracy’s 2021 Legislative Strategy and the 20 Transformational Bills we support.

January 16, 2021 Conversation with Rep. Roger Montoya. Rep. Montoya is a new legislator from HD 40. Montoya was a recipient of the International CNN Heroes Award for his work with youth. He is passionate about improving infrastructure in rural and tribal New Mexico, as well as reforming the juvenile justice system. He is a strong progressive voice and the interview is well worth your time.

January 9, 2021. Retake Conversation with Margaret Brown Vega and Nathan Craig, two members of a NM-based coalition, People Over Private Prisons and advocate for HB 40, a bill that would prohibit the state from entering into new contacts for private prisons and prohibiting renewal of existing private prison contracts. The discussion lays out the history of private prisons in NM, how poorly they care for prisoners and how much more expensive it is to privatize the prison business. HB 40 is one of Retake’s Priority Bills for the 2021 session.

Saturday, January 2, Retake Conversation: Paul Gibson & Roxanne Barber discuss the silver linings in a very dark 2020 and look ahead to what we face in 2021.

Saturday, December 26, Retake Conversation with Sireesha Manne, Executive Director of the NM Center on Law and Poverty. A powerful conversation where we learned the critical role played by the the Center in advocating and litigating for expanded early childhood education, climate justice, predatory lending limits and other issues. What was special about the interview was how Sireesha continually framed these issues in a lens of systemic racism.

Saturday, December 19, 2020, Retake Conversation with Rep. Derrick Lente and Indigenous Activists Conroy Chino and Jasmine Yeppa, A most compelling interview that extended for almost 60 minutes, as we spoke about the impact of Covid on indigenous communities, the lack of infrastructure in those communities and the impact of both of these factors upon young people in school and in their lives outside school.

Saturday, December 5 Retake Conversation with NM State Senator Mimi Stewart. This was a very interesting interview, as Senator Stewart was very candid about her life history, her years in the Roundhouse, her priorities for the 2021 Legislative Session, her role as Pro-Tem and the process she is using to select committee chairs and her views on several of our bills. Most informative interview.

Retake Conversation, On KSFR 101.1 FM: Roxanne Barber and Paul Gibson Outline the 2021 Retake Legislative Strategy and the 15 Transformational Bills We Plan to Support. Roxanne and I bantered about how Retake developed its 2021 legislative strategy and the list of bills we will be supporting, as well as talking about the change in the Senate that should make bills passage far easier in that chamber. I sure look ornery. YouTube picks the pictures.

November 21, 2020. Retake Conversation with Virginia Nocochea, Executive Director from NM Environmental Law Center and Eric Jantz and long-time staff attorney at NMELC. We focused on different manifestations of environmental justice from the permitting of asphalt plants adjacent to communities of color, the lack of sufficient public health and testing infrastructure in low-income and tribal communities, and the sprawling Santolina development outside ABQ. This was a great conversation centered on communities of color in NM.

November 14, 2020. Retake Conversation with Miguel Acosta, Co-Director, Earth Care. A tremendous conversation as Miguel is as astute as it gets in identifying systemic racism and climate or economic injustices. We spoke about plans for expanding an asphalt plant next to low-income housing in the southside, as well as the obelisk and the cities failed response. What’s more, we spoke about something I knew nothing about, evidence of systemic racism and lack of transparency in NM state Covid testing. Shocking.

November 7. 2020. Retake Conversation with Eric Griego, Working Families Party as we breakdown the 2020 election. Caveat. The recording was completed on Wednesday morning, so forgive us if we didn’t completely foresee what has transpired. But we do talk about the NM legislative races and what that portends for 2021.

10.17.2020. Retake Conversation with Kristina Fisher and Fred Nathan from Think New Mexico. Kristina Fisher and Fred Nathan joined me in a brisk conversation covering the proposed Constitutional Amendment 1, which Think NM vigorously opposes. But we spent most of our time discussing the disgraceful predatory lending industry in NM and what we can do about it in the 2021 legislative session. In 2019, the legislature passed a bill that capped predatory lending rates at 175%. We can do better than that. Find out why this is such an important issue and what is planned for 2021.

10.10.2020 Retake Conversation with Elaine Sullivan & Melissa Pickett from the Alliance for Local Economic Prosperity, the organization advocating for establishing a state public bank in the 2021 legislative session. Find out more about how a public bank could be a key part of jumpstarting and diversifying the NM State economy.

10.3.2020. Paul & Roxanne do a duet conversation with a focus on Trump’s Covid diagnosis, the election, the debate, the water crisis in NM, and more. We had to do this at the last minute, when there was a cancellation. In the end, it turned out to be a good little conversation, tied up in 30 minutes.

9.26.2020. Maya Van Rossum is the founder and Executive Director for The Green Amendment, a legislative strategy that would afford all individuals a legal right to clean water, air and environment. Existing in Montana and Pennsylvania, the Green Amendment offers advocates and environmental lawyers a tremendous tool for forcing states to enforce regulations and to legislate stronger regulations to protect the environment. Maya has mounted a growing NM coalition, including Retake, that will be introducing legislation to put the Green Amendment on the ballot in 2023. Listen in, as Maya is also a fabulous interview.

9.19.2020 Brittney Barreras is a newcomer to politics, a young Hispanic LGBTQ woman who could have a very bright political future ahead of her….if she can beat a longtime political operative and former Bernalillo County Supervisor….the front man for the heinous Santolina development and known for preventing the county from passing a paid sick leave ordinance. We have a chance to elect someone ready to make change or someone ready to make hay….for developers and big business. Tune in to learn more about Brittney. This race has been elevated to one of our priority races.SHOW LESS

Sept 12 Retake Conversation with Dahr Jamail. Dahr Jamail is an award winning climate crisis author who penned The End of Ice, identified as one of the ten best science books in 2019 by the Smithsonian. We’ve had Dahr on the show before and he has been part of one of our first Zoominars. If you haven’t seen Dahr speak, you will want to watch this 40 minute discussion of how horridly NM is regulating the out of control gas and oil industry. We also range on to speak of still larger climate-related issues. A MUST watch video.

Retake Conversation, September 5 with Peter Smith, former GOP Lt. Governor, State Senator, and US Representative, now a member of Republicans for Trump. This is a fascinating interview. Peter is also the President of KSFR the board of directors and so he and I have co-hosted several pledge drive shows. Interestingly, he lost his re-election campaign to the US House of Representatives to Bernie Sanders, in part because Peter had announced his support for an assault weapons ban and the NRA decided to back Bernie. We talked about his reasons for supporting Biden and also reflected on the days when the GOP had principles. Very worth a listen.

Retake Conversation, August 29, 2020 with Joe Maestas, Democratic candidate for District 3 Commissioner on the Public Regulation Commission. We spoke about the Governor’s hope to eliminate elections for PRC Commissioners and have appointments done by Governor appointment. We also spoke about the role of the PRC and the root causes of the some of the challenges plaguing the Commission. Very thoughtful discussion.

Retake Conversation, August 22, 2020 with Harold Pope, Democratic candidate for the NM State Senate in district 23. This race is Retake Our Democracy’s # 2 priority, a MUST WIN race. In our 30 minute interview Harold laid his priorities and filled us in on how his life has informed his policy priorities. After 30 minutes, you will completely understand why Retake is so supportive of Harold Pope. Unfortunately, we do not have video of this interview. Youtube, the platform we use to edit and house our shows, finally noticed that we were using the Buffalo Springfield’s “For What Its Worth” as our theme music. Youtube blocked our capacity to edit the video, invoking a copyright concern. I had assumed the use was fine since I’ve been using it at KSFR for years. But KSFR has a broadcast license that allows use of snippets of songs. I do not. So in the future there will be no Buffalo Springfield to open Retake Conversations. Click here to listen in to Harold and I talk NM state politics.

Retake Conversation, August 15, 2020, a solo message of hope from Paul Gibson. A message of hope that begins with reflections on how the current COVID crisis compounded by the fears invoked by a desperate President, can paralyze us….until we shift focus and pay attention to all that is emerging on both sides of the Atlantic and the consider the opportunity at hand. It is a pep talk and it just felt like the time was ripe for a pep talk. I start off kinda rocky, as when recording this in the first seconds I have to do about 4 things at once. Usually that goes smoothly, but in this Conversation I think I told you I was the host 3 times. When Roxanne and I heard it on the radio Sat morning, it made us laugh. I could edit it, but it seems strangely more authentic as is. We ain’t pros here, just volunteers like you.

Retake Conversation, August 8, 2020 with NM State Rep. Melanie Stansbury in a conversation about NM state water policy. You will be surprised to hear that the state actually does not have the legal authority to manage its own water. Huh? Find out what that is about and more.

Saturday, August 1, 2020. Retake Conversation with Greg Palast, author of the new book “How Trump Stole the 2020 Election.” Our thirty minute conversation is enough to make your hair curl, as Greg lays out the ways in which the GOP has used the last four years to tilt the scales in the coming election in ways that polling simply can’t reflect. He shies away from “predicting” a Trump win, but does point to the very real possibility of chaos on November 4 that extends for weeks and prevents some key states, run by GOP legislatures are unable or unwilling to certify the election results. This is must see and only 30 minutes.

Saturday, July 25. Retake Conversation with Karen Whitlock, Democratic candidate for the NM House of Representatives challenging Rebecca Dow (R). Get to know Karen Whitlock, Democratic candidate for the NM House of Representatives challenging Rep. Rebecca Dow in District 38. District 38 is one of Retake Our Democracy’s six priority races in the November election. Listen in and find out why we are so enthused wit Karen Whitlock. Even if you heard the interview on the radio, the recording includes an extra 20 minutes of conversation. Karen is a tremendous candidate. I was blown away with how solid and well-informed her progressive stands are. And then when you think she is challenging Republican Rebecca Dow who has a two year track record of voting no on almost every bill Retake supports.

Saturday, July 18, 2020. Retake Conversation with Dick Mason, NM League of Women Voters, and Kathleen Burke, Fair Districts New Mexico. People have been trying to pass legislation to create a state constitutional amendment for decades and it runs into a brick wall every year. What is with that? We now have the perfect opportunity to get it done: Democrats in charge of everything. Find out why that may not be the chemistry needed to get this done. Find out how gerrymandering has diminished the political power of communities of color. Find out who is pulling the strings to prevent an independent redistricting commission.

Saturday, July 11. Retake Conversation with Eric Griego. A tremendous interview on a most timely issue: the 2020 election in NM and the Nation. Eric Griego has been in the political theater for decades and as the Director of the Working Families Party of NM has, over the past four years, been the chief architect behind the transformation of the NM state legislature. Working with allies like Ole, Indivisibles statewide, Nasty Women, Taos United and Retake Our Democracy, the state legislature is a far more progressive body than it was in 2015. Find out more about what they’ve achieved and their plans for this November.

Saturday, July 4. Retake Conversation with Dr. Mary Feldblum. Dr. Feldblum began advocacy for Health Security in NM in 1993. She has doggedly studied healthcare reform and with support from allies, has continuously improved the legislation each year. In our conversation, we discuss the history of the bill’s legislative journeys, the studies that have been conducted to affirm the financial viability of the bill, and the opportunity to finally get it done in 2021. NO ONE in NM knows healthcare better and NO ONE is better able to make a very complex piece of legislation so clear and simple. The Public Bank and the Health Security Act will be our top two priorities in 2021. Check out why in this Retake Conversation.

Saturday, June 27, 8:30 – 9 am on KSFR 101.1 FM Retake Conversation with Laura Ives and Jeff Haas. Laura is the former legal director for the ACLU of NM and now is a partner at Civil Rights Law, an ABQ law firm that is representing Scott Williams, who was shot by Steven Baca. Jeff Haas is a Santa Fe attorney who represented the family of Fred Hampton, the Black Panther from Chicago who was murdered by Chicago police over in June 1969 and has made a career of representing clients in a wide range of racial and environmental justice, including representing those arrested at Standing Rock.

We discussed the June 10 peaceful protest that was disrupted when vigilante Steven Baca shot protester Scott Williams four times in the back, as ABQ failed to respond to multiple calls for protection from Baca’s having already body slammed three women to the ground. We used this event as a point of departure to discuss police violence, police department cultures, and the role unions play in protecting bad cops from being held accountable. An excellent and timely discussion.

Saturday, June 20, 8:30 – 9:00 am on KSFR 101.1 FM. Retake on the Radio with Greg Mello, Los Alamos Study Group.

For those of you who could use a primer on Los Alamos National Labs and their role in the nuclear arms development and plans to expand their operations, this is a great place to start. Greg and I had a great discussion of LANL’s historic role in the nuclear arms research and development and their current plants to vastly expand that work. Greg is the most knowledgeable person I know on the topic, so tune in. If you miss it, you can watch and listen to the recording that went on for 20 minutes beyond the 30 minute show. The show will appear below at 9:30″ish” Saturday morning.

June 13, 2020. Loveless Johnson III,
Co-founder NM Alliance for Justice

Timely conversation about police violence and a new statewide advocacy effort forming in NM.

May 30, 2020. Kate Noble,
President, Santa Fe Public Schools.

We spoke about the ways in which the pandemic is impacting the school district, teachers, students and families and how the district will adjust going forward. We also went deeply into issues far afield from the school district examining neoliberalism, Trump, and a better normal.

May 23, 2020. Neomi Martinez-Parra Who Is Challenging Sen. John Arthur Smith & Carrie Hamblen Challenging Sen. Mary Kay Papen

Very informative interview with two courageous challengers who have a real chance to unseat two of the most important NM State Senate DINOs. We discuss their position on a woman’s right to choose, radioactive waste, the state budget, and much more. Enjoy.

May 16, 2020. Senator Antoinette Sedillo Lopez, Retake Hero

Senator Sedillo Lopez was one of only a handful of NM State Legislators awarded “Hero / Heroine” status for her valiant introduction of a fracking moratorium bill (SB 459) and for her opposition to the Produced Water Act, being one of only two Democrats with the courage and wisdom to vote no on this bill. We spoke about her first two years as a state senator and what it is like to be a progressive voice in the far less than progressive NM State Senate. We also spoke about The Green Amendment, how the Produced Water Act could be improved, and what needs to get done between now and January if we want to pass progressive legislation. Sedillo Lopez is such a positive spirit. This interview is worth your time.

May 9, 2020. Maya Van Rossum, The Green Amendment

Maya has been advocating for states throughout the nation to implement the kind of amendment found only in Pennsylvania and Montana. And she is a wonderful combination of passionate and knowledgeable. She has initiated an effort in NM and will be having a Facebook conference with Sen. Antoinette Sedillo Lopez on May 21 at 6pm. We’ll keep you posted on that.

May 2, 2020. Cylvia Hayes

Author of “Normal Was Killing Us,” Cylvia Hayes is the former First Lady of Oregon, an author and trainer. Her article outlines how we need to rethink the rush to return to “normal,” consider how the systems that govern our lives, consign half of the US to living paycheck to paycheck and desolate the environment. She asserts there are questions to be asked and priorities to be reconsidered. Her views very much align with Retake, as this conversation illustrates.

April 25, 2020. Philip Shepherd

Our premiere audio-video show was on April 25, 2020 with Philip Shepherd. (Link to the show below.) I can’t think of a better show to launch this Retake feature, as Philip is a delightful interview with very interesting observations on COVID, climate change, capitalism, and how the predominance of our historic efforts to manage and manipulate nature have led us to where we are today.

Philip Shepherd is recognized as an international authority on embodiment. His unique techniques have been developed to transform our disconnected experience of self and world, and are based on the vision articulated in his celebrated books, New Self, New World (2010) and Radical Wholeness (Nov 2017).  He developed The Embodied Present Process (TEPP) to help people reunite the thinking of the head with the deep, present and calm intelligence of the body. Unlike the prevailing view of embodiment – which involves sitting in the head and ‘listening to your body’ – Philip’s approach helps you listen to the world through the body. What the body most deeply understands is that it belongs to the world. When our thinking is tempered by that understanding, we discover companionship in the world rather than alienation; we recognize guidance where before we saw only obstacles; and we ground ourselves in the security of being, rather than seeking to build security for ourselves with symbols of external value.  

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