NM Blue Tsunami but US Results Disappoint. Dems Retake House, Fall Flat in Sen. & Gov. with So Many Close Races

We flipped 7 NM House seats and lead in two more that are absurdly close. MLG, Stephanie, Supreme Court, Constitutional Amendments, all winners. Steve Fischmann all  have won, as well. And Xochitl is 1975 down with 8,000 uncounted Dona Ana votes to be counted starting at 10am. We could completely take NM. Details.

Turn Your Clocks Back. Have Breakfast and Coffee, Then Canvass, Call or Text. Remember 2016.

An inspiring day yesterday of canvassing for Abbas, texting for Stacy Abrams and participating in an architects charrette focused on sustainable housing options for the homeless, for very low-income renters, and for the very clever use of a range of misused urban properties. A good day. A brief report.

Offensive Refugee Ad Foretells 2020. Our Constitution Under Threat. Video of Ad & Commentary

Each month Trump’s message becomes more hateful and baseless, but this messaging is what left us stunned in 2016 and it foretells a truly terrifying 2020 campaign where any semblance of democracy is jeopardized. We need to send a clear message now. If you have been on the sidelines til now, get in the game…