The Truth Behind PNM’s Santa Fe Solarization Proposal. Call the City NOW.

You’d think we’d all be happy that PNM is interested in developing solar in Santa Fe. But as New Energy Economy points out, the proposal is not what it appears and the City has far better options. Details in this post. Time to contact our Councilors and Mayor.

We Win! City Reverses Course & Will Defend Disclosure. But Also Seeks New Partnership with PNM

Your calls and emails have been heard. The City has pulled Council Bill No. 17-27 which would have had the City revise its Disclosure Bill and buckle to the threat of a lawsuit from the Libertarian Rio Grande Foundation. Nice to win one. This blog also celebrates the immanent closing of San Juan and examines a…

Shocking City Council Decision; plus the Poor People’s CampaignNM Launched

With an opportunity to put the divisive RCV debate behind us, the city sent a mixed message: unanimously proceed/5-4 appeal. But worse, there was absolutely no public discussion to clue voters in to their thinking.. Details. Also included, a hilarious short video on the hopefully immanent doom of the Trump regime. 

A Path from Trump to Justice: Just When You May Have Considered Giving Up

While Trump’s Tax Plan amounts to Class War, for 50 years both parties have been feeding the rich and starving the rest of us, year-by-year. We are the frog in the pot of subtly increased heat, but now the water is boiling. This blog tells that story and poses some solutions.