A Gut Wrenching Story from Black Lives Matter Founder. Details About NM Poor People’s Campaign

Black Lives Matter…or at least they should. Today, a gut wrenching tale of how little black lives really matter, an update on the Poor People’s Campaign training Saturday in ABQ, an update on a flawed SFUAD process and info on how you can nominate your favorite non-profit for a Pinon Award.

PRC Candidates Shine at Retake Reception. Ryan to Retire. Details on Local SFUAD Planning & More

Wow. Yazzie and Fischmann inspiredthe room. We ran out of donation envelopes. We also include video of their talk and links to their campaign sites, along with info on the status of SFUAD , and how to provide input. Finally, Mueller appears to have Trump caged and the GOP doesn’t seem ready to help Trump…

Introducing Bill McCamley–Candidate for NM State Auditor & Why This Race is So Important. Fischmann Ruled Qualified for PRC

Bill McCamley will continue the great work Tim Keller began as State Auditor. The blog includes info on his priorities and 3 short videos on how he will use the Auditor position to oppose Trump’s immigration polices and accelerate the transition to renewables. Also, we need Steve Fischmann for PRC. Thanks to Judge Thomson, you…

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Many missed Saturday’s important post about how the PRC operates and why the 2018 PRC primaries are so important, also in today’s post you can find out more about Austin’s inspiring model for addressing chronic homelessness and about four important actions this coming week.

Do You Want to Put New Mexico’s Transition to a Sustainable Economy in High Gear?

More on critical Public Regulation Commission primary elections and an announcement of a potluck Community Conversation about Retake’s emerging proactive strategy to advance progressive policies in Santa Fe. We’ll break bread, create time for all to comment on our strategy and our platform, prioritize the policies within the platform, and make friends. Join us.

Austin’s Small Homes, Community Gardens, Mental Health Supports in one 29 Acre Site: A Model for SF University Art & Design?

Bill McCamley house party & reception for 2 Public Regulation Commission candidates who could flip the PRC dramatically. PNM is terrified, come on the 9th to hear from Yazzie and Fischmann, find out who they are & why Retake so strongly supports them both.  And if you want more inspiration: Community First! Village in Austin,…