The US Congressional Hearing on Chaco Leaves Little to Cheer as Our Leadership Focuses on Our Partnership with G&O

The Governor and her energy Secretary spoke glowingly of our partnership with gas and oil while Indigenous leaders spoke from the heart about the sanctity of Chaco and the land.  Sadly, we’ve got centuries of US history that undermines hopes that even Chaco can be saved from the ravages of greed and failure of moral…

A Stirring Call to Save Chaco from Retake Reader, Hearing Today 10am + Powerful Video on Dudley St., MA

Dudley St. was one of the hundreds of communities abandoned by policymakers and ready to be “developed” into another cookie-cutter factory of gentrification until residents developed other ideas. After the usual Monday recap of last week, you will find a tremendous 15 minute video that is instructive for Santa Fe as it considers how to…

Chaco Canyon Endangered & Engulfed, A “Sacrifice Zone” Since the 70’s

Officially declared a “sacrifice Zone under Nixon, the Four Corners has long been under siege, essentially stripping its resources, disfiguring their landscape, and subjecting its residents to preventable disease and uncertain economic futures. Only Chaco has remained even marginally protected. Until now, to our endless shame.

US Senate, As an Unrepresentative Institution, Is a Bigger Threat to Democracy than the Electoral College

Today’s blog  examines the Electoral College and the US Senate as two antiquated Constitutional institutions that grossly undermine representative democracy by by allowing a significant over-representation of white, rural, conservative voters. The post identifies fixes to the Electoral College, but the Senate appears impervious to fixes. Chaco action announced for Monday, Apr.15.

A Heartfelt Thank You, Plus a Reprise of a Week of Political Maneuvering, Exposés, and Action Alerts

Today we thank the many scores of you who were part of the Roundhouse Advocacy effort.  The relationships formed in this work is what will help us continue our efforts to achieve justice in NM. As usual, on Mondays we include a reprise of the week’s posts exposing shocking backdoor Roundhouse deals & serious threats…