Progressive Report Card on Reps. Lujan & Lujan Grisham. Marley to be Arraigned on Battery

Info on Jennifer Marley’s arraignment at 8am today. Plus we report on how our two Democratic House Representatives fare on the Summer of Progress’ People’s Platform, a platform comprised of 8 key progressive bills: much room for improvement here and so.the dialog begins.

Entrada Organizer Charged with Felony & Rev. Barber Speaking to Rural White America

Entrada organizer charged with felony & more thoughts on Friday’s protest. Then a video in which Rev. Barber outlines how the Right has used religion and false information to convince poor whites that they are poor because of the advances of people of color. Video highlights how one white racist was changed by Barber’s message.

Jackson MS: A Transformative Model for Santa Fe? Breaking News: Irma Now Category 5–Headed to Fla.

Retake has been researching models for radical change that are applicable to Santa Fe. Jackson, MS has been developing a radical, cooperative and intensively participatory model for community revitalization and they are not alone as other cities across the country are experimenting with other models, deploying other strategies. This issue begins an exploration of how…