Sunday at the Movies

Two Colbert clips, a sobering report on the Amazon fires. We close with an uplifting report on how renewable technology disruption could change everything. Also included a link to an excellent story on 2019-2021 state revenue projections.

Your Weekend Reading

We include two articles, one from Naomi Klein covers the DNC’s refusal to treat climate change as a crisis and In These Times writes on Bernie’s new climate plan to create a public energy network. No More PNM’s.

A Look Back At

Much to share from last week, but from my view, Saturday’s and Sunday’s posts are the ones to go back to. Critiques of capitalism and colonization in the context of America’s most shameful histories: slavery and indigenous genocide.

Sunday at the Movies

Throughout Indian Market, Roxanne and I have been attending panels and rallies led by indigenous artists and activists. So, today we share two powerful videos focusing on colonization and climate change.