What’s After Coal for New Mexico?

A transition from coal is inevitable in NM and throughout the planet and without planning the Four Corners and other coal-dependent communities will become sacrifice zones. This post summarizes models for successful recovery and transition.  Also, in this post: Interfaith Panel tonight almost sold out & Susana skips town.  Again.

Getting Organized to Build Power: How You Can Help

We have over 250 people planning to attend the Interfaith Panel this Thursday evening…to listen. We have 30 people planning to attend tonight’s critical Community Organizing Action Meeting to chart Retake strategies for the next six months. Listening is good. Acting is better. Can you spare 2 hours tonight to be part of the conversation? 5:30-7:30…

Trump’s Budget: Red State Wake-Up Call

Not only does Trump’s budget eliminate ALL funding for after-school programs, the arts, public broadcasting, and the list goes on and on, he even cuts funding to pet projects serving exclusively Red states. After a deep review of the budget, I leave you with John Oliver’s review of the Trump budget. You’ll need the laugh.