A Bad Bill Becomes a Good Bill with Constituent Pressure and Tenacious Advocacy. Join Us at 9am Today for the Vote

It was pretty crazy. PNM’s SB 47 is dead slain as much by PNM’s own hubris as by strong, persistent progressive advocacy in opposition. PNM II (HB 325), as it was called by several legislators and advocates, had been introduced by Rep. Montoya, R, Farmington. What unfolded was absolutely stunning. Come today at 9, Room…

Santa Fe Launches SF University of Art & Design Community Input. Roundhouse Update: HB 325, Chaco & More

The City’s extensive Santa Fe University of Art & Design community input process has been announced, with details in this post. Also a report on an interesting day at the Roundhouse, the current status of HB 325  and a Call to Action for Chaco Sunday and Tuesday. Contact info and speaking points on Chaco provided.

When Does the Resistance Begin? And Who Will Lead

lThe blog asks why #metoo, Black Lives Matter, Occupy, or even the Democratic Party have not called for a General Strike, another massive march, or some other form of civil disobedience. What could this look like? Who will lead?  What could happen? Blog includes Erica Chenoweth TedTalk on the historic effectiveness of nonviolent direct action.

This Week’s Actions & A Look Back at a Week of Important Blogs

I can’t recall five more important blogs in a single week. What’s more, all but one has an entirely national focus and so would be relevant to any and all friends and family. I’d highly encourage sharing. Also today, a call to action for the Ranked Choice Voting hearing on Tuesday. At the end of…

A Path to Sustainable Justice: Connecting the Dots of Oppression

Building on Thanksgiving’s blog, today we point to evidence that a fundamental challenge to the status quo is building on several fronts: Occupy, Black Lives Matter, Standing Rock, and #Metoo are movement that are not questioning isolated injustices but the far more important systemic injustices that are the inevitable consequence of colonialism, racism, capitalism and…