Missile Strike. Comey Speaks! RNC Finance Chair Resigns, as the Walls Crumble. More on SFUAD and a Shocking Report on Evictions in the USA

Did you know that 250 Americans are evicted every hour. Did you know that the average age of a homeless person is 9? Today we report on the impact of evictions, a review of the Santa Fe SFUAD process and the five project designs advanced, and more on the crumbling Trump tyranny. Plus, a reprisal…

A Gut Wrenching Story from Black Lives Matter Founder. Details About NM Poor People’s Campaign

Black Lives Matter…or at least they should. Today, a gut wrenching tale of how little black lives really matter, an update on the Poor People’s Campaign training Saturday in ABQ, an update on a flawed SFUAD process and info on how you can nominate your favorite non-profit for a Pinon Award.

Austin’s Small Homes, Community Gardens, Mental Health Supports in one 29 Acre Site: A Model for SF University Art & Design?

Bill McCamley house party & reception for 2 Public Regulation Commission candidates who could flip the PRC dramatically. PNM is terrified, come on the 9th to hear from Yazzie and Fischmann, find out who they are & why Retake so strongly supports them both.  And if you want more inspiration: Community First! Village in Austin,…

Community Land Trusts: A Tool for Development without Displacement for Santa Fe University of Art & Design

We have a tremendous opportunity to do something important with the Santa Fe University of Art & Design or we can be timid and take an easier path, but one that will very likely only increase the displacement of our low-income neighbors who build our homes, serve our food, maintain our hotels and provide critical…

Centrist Dems Working with GOP to Unshackle Wall St. & Report/Video on Increased ICE Activity in Santa Fe

Senate Centrist Dems are partnering with the GOP to eliminate banking regulations and the DCCC is silencing candidates on gun control and healthcare. Lujan petition included. Also included today is a report and video on increased ICE activity in town and the City’s response.