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How Would a Public Bank Benefit NM? Let us count the ways… Weds, Sept 21, 6-7:30 pm POSTPONED UNTIL OCTOBER. STAY TUNED

Join Alliance for Local Prosperity (AFLEP) Executive Director Angela Merkert and AFLEP’s Public Bank Campaign Director and retired banker, Harold Dixon, who will outline precisely how a state public bank would collaborate, not compete, with community banks. Joining them will be two rural businessmen who will describe how their lack of access to capital impedes their business development and how a state public bank could change that. Wall Street bankers have already begun their disinformation campaign, sowing seeds of fear among legislators and the public. Retake peeps must get fully informed and ready to counter their disinformation. Join us to find out more about how a public bank would benefit New Mexicans and what you can do to support the effort.

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We used to include in our request for donation, a statement that as a 501-c-4, your donation is not tax deductible. Frankly, we thought most everyone understood this, but best to be safe. If we were not a 501-c-4 we could not be as active as we are in elections, a key part of our work, so your donations to Retake are akin to donations to candidates, also not deductible. Some time ago, we found our donation request language to be stale, changed it, but then neglected to include that language in the request. If this is a surprise to you and you would like some or all of a donation refunded, we will do so cheerfully and we will keep the 501-c-4 statement in all future requests.

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