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We don’t like to push for donations. You get so many emails with a petition, or some kind of urgent emergency that requires 128 new donors by midnight. We don’t need any donors by midnight.  But we do need donors who support this work on a regular basis. Thank you.

Retake Our Democracy Events

For those of you who may read the blog, who may join a march or two, but who don’t take the next step of becoming engaged in some kind of ongoing social justice or political advocacy, click here to review Retake’s Personal Action Toolkit.

Retake Our Democracy on KSFR 101.1 FM, Saturday 8:30am– 9 am. On February 22, Roxanne and I will do our annual Roundhouse Roundup. While only 30 minutes will be aired on Saturday, on Monday you will be able to get the full 60 minute report by podcast (below). On Feb 15, we had Lorne Stockman, Sr. Research Analyst for Oil Change International author of Drilling to Disaster, an analysis of the impact of fracking on US non-efforts to combat the climate crisis. On Feb 8, we had Dahr Jamail on the show. Dahr is an international respected climate change author and I think this show was perhaps the most important and most compelling of all the shows over the past 3 years. Coming shows include, Feb 29 with Tabatha Hirsch, SF Prep student who led a student-driven process to develop HB 173, a remarkable gas tax bill. Joining her will be Marc Reynolds, SF Prep teacher who supported the work. On March 7, Land Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard will be on the show.

You can access any of our podcasts by clicking here.

Tuesday, March 17, 6 pm – 8 pm (possibly 6:30-8:30), Retake Our Democracy Community Meeting: Roundhouse Debrief and 2020 Primary and General Election Campaigns. We will begin with a debrief of the 2020 Legislative Session, but a goodly amount of time will be devoted to planning for the 2020 elections. We believe the 2020 election is likely the most important election of our lives, so this is a critical meeting, even if you don’t care a whit about the legislative session. We will lay out plans for how you can be involved in the NM state primary and in the national election and our effort to depose the despot. This would be a good meeting for you to ask a couple friends and then coax them into getting active for June and November. Eric Griego will be on hand to help lay out how Working Families Party, NM is planning for the state primary.

Ally Events and Actions

Voices of Los Alamos on Monday February 24 at 6:30 PM at the Unitarian Church in Los Alamos, you’ll have a chance to hear from State Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Piñoof Albuquerque re: how this approach (called global budgeting of hospitals) works. He is the Legislature’s leading authority on this subject, and sponsor of a 2020 Memorial to move this concept forward. The Senator will also be the lead sponsor in the NM Senate for the 2021 Health Security Act, and he’ll explain to us how global hospital budgeting fits into that Act’s larger plan to reform – in a systemic way – the financing of New Mexico’s health system. The fiscal analysis of the Health Security Plan is now underway, and will also be discussed.

On Going Public Bank in NM Meetings

CALENDAR: To obtain more information on any of these, events, click the Events Details link: Events Details

Feb 27–28 –  Local Food Connects: 2020 Annual Conference, SF Community College
Feb 29 –  Symposium: Banking on a Diverse Public, AFLEP & UNM Anderson School of Mgmt., McKinnon Center for Mgmt., ABQ
March 1 –  ABQ Econ Dev Quarterly Investor’s Luncheon, ABQ Marriott Pyramid-N
March 7–8 –  21st Annual Cowboy Days at NM Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum, Las Cruces
April 21–23 – National Farm to Cafeteria Conference, ABQ Convention Center

Ongoing XR Organizing Meetings

Sunday, February 23, 1:00-3:00 pm at Center for Justice and Progress. Meeting re: XR Santa Fe Internal Structure, Communication System, Decision-Making and Primary Focus. For more information, please contact Karen at

Tuesday, February 25, 6:00-7:30 pm at Center for Justice and Progress. Bi-monthly XR Santa Fe meeting

Action Alert: Cancel Your Relationship with Amazon Today. Les Lakind, a long-time supporter and local activist, sent me info on this Threshold campaign. It is so simple and elegant that it warrants being shared. Threshold has an approach to boycotts that may just have a greater impact. Rather than people tearing up credit cards or stopping to shop at Amazon individually, they ask people across the country to pledge to do so and then when the total involved reaches one million, they activate the pledges, reaching back to folks to tell them it is time. The target has been met.

In this context, that would mean that on one day Amazon would be hit with one million folks canceling their Prime account, tearing up their Amazon credit card, and stopping their shopping at Amazon and Whole Foods. Click here to join me in making the pledge. It will literally take 10 seconds. But then when done share this post with others and encourage them to also pledge and share. The only way this works is to “pledge and share.”

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