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Retake Our Democracy Events

For those of you who may read the blog, who may join a march or two, but who don’t take the next step of becoming engaged in some kind of ongoing social justice or political advocacy, click here to review Retake’s Personal Action Toolkit.

Retake Our Democracy on KSFR 101.1 FM, Saturday 8:30am– 9 am.On January 25, I will be interviewing Speaker Brian Egolf. The interview with the Speaker extended to almost an hour and is now available by podcast (click below). January 18, I interviewed Aaron El Sabrout, New Energy Economy staff attorney from North Africa. On January 11 I interviewed Ken Mayers, longtime peace advocate. This Saturday, I am hoping to air interviews with a number of legislators from the Roundhouse.

You can access any of our podcasts by clicking here.

Ally Events and Actions

Defend LGBTQ Rights: Call / Email Today

State Representative Gregg Schmedes(R-22) has introduced House Joint Resolution 2, a constitutional amendment on Parental Rights in Child Upbringing. We won’t beat around the bush – this bill is a thinly-veiled attempt to circumvent the ban on conversion therapy that we worked so hard to pass in 2017.

HJR2 will be heard today, Tuesday, Jan. 28th, at 1:30pm in the House Consumer and Public Affairs CommitteePlease call/email the members of the committee and ask them to vote to table this harmful bill?

Chairwoman Liz Thomson(D-24): (505) 986-4425  /
Vice Chairwoman Andrea Romero(D-46): (505) 986-4254  /
Rep. Candy Spence Ezzell(R-58): (505) 986-4454  /
Rep. Angelica Rubio(R-35): (505) 986-4227  /
Rep. Gregg Schmedes(R-22): (505) 986-4453  /

Here are some talking points from EQNM that you can use in your message:

  • HJR2 is unnecessary. Parents already maintain strong, wide, and durable protections in federal and state law, and these protections are reflected in Supreme Court precedent:
    • Parents maintain the constitutional right to due process;
    • Parents already have expansive rights to make decisions for and with their children with regard to their health, education, and safety;
  • This legislation is a thinly-veiled threat to public education
    • Parents already have the right to choose between sending their children to public or private schools, or to homeschool their children.
    • If this constitutional amendment is approved by voters, the fiscal impact on small public schools is in serious question:
      • Lower enrollment will mean less funding for small/rural public schools.
  • Because HJR2 is overly broad and ambiguous there will be vast unintended consequences:
    • The ambiguous language appears be an attempt to limit a minor’s right to:
      • Access mental/behavioral healthcare, including life-saving suicide prevention counseling;
        • A comprehensive education that includes widely accepted science curriculum and an inclusive health education curriculum.
        • Access reproductive healthcare;
  • HJR2 is an attempt to circumvent laws prohibiting ‘conversion therapy’:
    • Placing this language in the constitution would overrule the 2017 ban on conversion therapy, giving parents the option to endanger their children.
    • “Conversion therapy” is a dangerous and discredited practice aimed at changing someone’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity.
      • These dangerous and discredited practices are based on the false claim that being LGBTQ is a mental illness that needs to be cured—a view with no scientific basis.

Extinction Rebellion Organizing Meetings

All welcome. Find out more about the Extinction Rebellion internationally and what local activists are doing to organize a local chapter.

Tuesday, January 28, 6pm-8pm, Center for Progress and Justice, 1420 Cerrillos, Extinction Rebellion Potluck. Join XR for a potluck and Extinction Rebellion assembly celebrating our 3_month anniversary as Extinction Rebellion Santa Fe and initial action at the Roundhouse! 

The potluck will begin at 6:00 pm.  We’ll then convene at 6:45 pm to discuss the January 21st action and upcoming actions.  The meeting will close at 8:00 pm.  

Starting in January we will be meeting every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from  6:00-7:30 pm at La Farge Library with Southside Library as backup.  We are most appreciative of XR’s explicit effort to avoid a conflict with Retake meetings on the third Tuesday of the month. What the heck are folks gonna do on the first Tuesday of the month?

Witness for the People

The 11th Annual “Witness for the People”at noon on Friday, January 31 in the Rotunda of the Roundhouse in Santa Fe. The year 2020 marks the 75th Anniversary of the Trinity Test. The first atomic bomb in history. Speakers include:

Sunday, Feb 2, 11 a.m. Collected Works with Dar Jamiel. Dar Jamiel is one of the most important writers on the climate crisis in the entire world. He is going to be here in Santa Fe on the 2nd and he will do a one-hour with me for Retake Our Democracy’s radio show on Saturday, Feb 8.

The Assassination of Fred Hampton with Our Very Own Jeff Haas

Assassination of Fred Hampton_2E_cover.jpg

Feb 07, 6:00 PM, Collected Works 201 Galisteo. Jeff is a great writer and he tells an amazing story. I’ve read the prior edition and it is a tremendous read and an real eye-opener as to just how far the powers that be will go to silence a strong voice for justice. This is a talk not to be missed.

Action Alert: Cancel Your Relationship with Amazon Today. Les Lakind, a long-time supporter and local activist, sent me info on this Threshold campaign. It is so simple and elegant that it warrants being shared. Threshold has an approach to boycotts that may just have a greater impact. Rather than people tearing up credit cards or stopping to shop at Amazon individually, they ask people across the country to pledge to do so and then when the total involved reaches one million, they activate the pledges, reaching back to folks to tell them it is time. The target has been met.

In this context, that would mean that on one day Amazon would be hit with one million folks canceling their Prime account, tearing up their Amazon credit card, and stopping their shopping at Amazon and Whole Foods. Click here to join me in making the pledge. It will literally take 10 seconds. But then when done share this post with others and encourage them to also pledge and share. The only way this works is to “pledge and share.”

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