Actions & Events

Due to our being inordinately focused on the election and preparation for the 2021 legislative session, and organizing Zoominars and Retake Conversations, we are no longer trying to maintain a calendar of events for other organizations. It has become too time consuming and too often we get way behind with outdated info remaining on this page for far too long. You can get current info on:

  • Zoominar series by clicking here. On this page we maintain links to recordings of all our Zoominars, as well as information and registration links for coming Zoominars.
  • Retake Conversations by clicking here.

Can You Help Us Out Today?

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Retake Our Democracy runs on a shoestring budget,is 100% volunteer operated and rarely asks for donations. We rely on about 25-30 folks who make modest monthly donations and others who contribute more significant amounts once or twice a year. Expenses cover the cost of all our media platforms: our alert platform, our blog platform, and our Zoom platform. Without funding for those costs, we simply couldn’t operate. So, please consider a monthly contribution. And if you prefer not to use Paypal, send us a check at Retake Our Democracy, P.O. Box 32464, Santa Fe, NM 87594.

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