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Every Saturday, 8:30 – 9 a.m., Retake Radio Conversations, 101.1 FM, KSFR, or stream via View video recordings of the shows here at Retake Conversation.

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Retake’s Zoominar Series
View recordings of our 2020 Zoominars and learn about upcoming Zoominars.

Constituent Zoom Conversations with Legislators
View recordings of Retake’s Senate Advocacy Team Zoom conversations with Senators across the state.

Rethink Huddles
Our Huddles occur on the first and third Tuesday of the month. Each week we examine a new topic and offer 1-2 articles related to the next session. Links are provided to all who sign up to be part of the Huddles. Click here to sign up. You can sign up to just attend huddles, to write letters to the editor on the basis of the topic for each Huddle, to conduct research or to do any of a number of administrative support work. Sign Up!!!!

Navajo-Hopi Nations COVID Relief Project
Learn about and contribute to the relief project in one of the hardest hit areas in the U.S.

Legislative Advocacy Strategy Huddle. We operated these huddles on Fridays from 3-4:30 through the 2021 Session. We will restart the Huddles in May to plan for the Interim Session and the 2022 Short Session. We have identified four priorities at this point:

Review of Salaries Every Two Years and we do not want to use the term “paid legislators” as the voters are less excited about this.

  • Environmental Rights Act, also known as The Green Amendment
  • Small Loan Rate Act Max Annual Percentage Rate AKA Predatory Lending Limits
  • State Public Bank

    We are certain that the first two bills will be introduced as Joint Resolutions do not need to be on the call. We are told that the Governor plans to put Small Loan Rates on the call. Our allies at Alliance For Local Economic Prosperity are working to get the Governor to put their Public Banking bill on the call.

Ally Current Events

ABQ Defend Democracy July 10

  • WHEN: Saturday, July 10 at 11 a.m.
  • WHERE: Roosevelt Park, 501 Sycamore St. SE
  • Join Rep. Melanie Stansbury, Sen. Harold Pope, Common Cause’s Viki Harrison, and Mason Graham of the New Mexico Black Voters’ Collaborative at a rally hosted by Indivisible Nob Hill.

Santa Fe Defend Democracy July 11

Green Amendment Day Is July 13 Honoring 13 States with GA’s Pending in Legislatures

Green Amendments For the Generations is launching Green Amendment Day on July 13th in honor of the 13 states with Green Amendment proposals! This is a day for leaders and community members from across the nation to educate and rally around the power of Green Amendments for ending environmental racism and restoring environmental justice through constitutional empowerment.

We will be filling the day with special actions that folks can take, and we are pleased to invite you to attend a virtual panel discussion at 5:00pm MT/7:00pm EDT with environmental justice leaders from across the nation. Please register here:

Panelists and Speakers include:

  • Senator Antoinette Sedillo Lopez, serving New Mexico’s 16th District and lead sponsor of the NM Green Amendment
  • Terry Sloan, Director, Southwest Native Cultures
  • Maya van Rossum, Founder, Green Amendments For The Generations and the Delaware Riverkeeper
  • Kim Gaddy, Founder and Director, South Ward Environmental Alliance
  • Kerri Evelyn Harris, Community Organizer and Advocate
  • Dr. Sacoby Wilson, Associate Professor, Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health

The Green Amendment Strategy Team needs your help bringing new voices to the table! Please extend the panel invitation to other civil rights, environmental, environmental justice and Indigenous leaders and community members that may be interested in learning more about the power of Bill of Rights protection for strengthening environmental justice. 

July 17: Tularosa Downwinders
Town Hall & Vigil

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