A Look Back on Two Important Posts: Land “Ownership” vs Stewardship & Prisoner Slavery in the US

The reflection on last week also includes our view on the race for Governor and a new report on just how much the tables could turn in November. The pendulum is moving left, but it badly needs a push from all of us.

Astonishing What is Within Reach

For months we’ve read and heard that the US House could well flip, posing a real challenge to Trump and opening the door to impeachment proceedings. But as reported in this NBC report, the tide is changing much more than we may suspect and much of that is due to a national grassroots effort to scream “NO” at Trump. Now, even the Senate is in play. The two charts below tell the tale most dramatically.





Note how four key states that swung for Trump in 2016, now are homes to Senate races that represent virtual landslides for Democratic Senate candidates. The two charts at left and right tell the tale most dramatically.

The momentum is present here in NM, as well. In 2016, Steve Pearce won his re-election campaign by 26%, 63%-27%. Yet, just the other day, polls for US District 2 showed a virtual tie. This is a tremendous opportunity and we need to take full advantage of it. We could not only increase our hold on the NM House, but install a Democratic Governor who will actually sign bills instead of vetoing them.

Roxanne and I are not just encouraging others to walk the talk, knock on doors and talk with voters, we are doing it ourselves. This coming Sunday we will drive to ABQ to canvass from 1pm-4pm for Abbas Akhil in District 20. He devoted his career to research solar storage and now wants to put that knowledge, and the values implied, to working in the Roundhouse. Sounds good to us. If you want to sign up and perhaps caravan down, click here.

We also plan to canvass for Xochitl Torres-Small on Oct 13 in Roswell when we are there for the Democratic Party State Central Committee meeting. And I am also planning to canvass for Michele Lujan Grisham during October. We just can’t lose this opportunity to play offense in NM. We need a Democratic Governor and we need to flip a US House seat and contribute to the blue wave. Once that is accomplished, we can work together to lobby these elected representatives and push them left, left, left. But we need to get them elected first.

Let us know if you’d like to join us on Sunday in ABQ.  paul@retakeourdemocracy.org.  And if you want to select a race yourself, click here to get to the 2018 Retake Mid-Term Strategy and Voter Action Guide.

Actions & Opportunities–Thanks to the Taos Action Alliance for the Notices Below.

  1. Pollwatchers needed by Common Cause NM for the Midterm elections. Volunteers get written materials to help them answer voters’ questions at the polls. If you’re interested, contact Diane Wood at dianewood.ccnm@gmail.com or 505-379-9470. There is also a free hotline for voters to get their questions answered: 1-866-687-8683 or in Spanish 1-888-VE-Y-VOTA.
  2. Sept. 22, 10 a.m.-3:30 p.m., Northern NM’s Rise for Climate Justice, Jobs, and a Just Transition, sponsored by 350.org. To RSVP for this event go to: https://actionnetwork.org/events/northern-nms-rise-for-climate-jobs-and-a-just-transition
  3. Indivisible Santa Fe is hosting Allegra Love of the Santa Fe Dreamers Project, for a talk on September 17th, 7-9 PM, at the Center for Progress and Justice, 1420 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe.
  4. Sept. 20th is the deadline for public comments and request for hearing to increase by 30% the amount of radioactive and hazardous waste allowed at the Waste Isolation Pilot Project (WIPP). Even a couple hundred comments could make a big impact. Edit this sample a little to make it your own. http://nuclearactive.org/public-comment-deadline-nears-on-proposed-major-wipp-expansion/#comment-85492

Last Week’s Posts: Land Ownership vs Stewardship, New NM House Races & A Look on Inmate Exploitation that Borders on Slavery

Two Views on Land “Ownership” Capitalist to the Core & Indigenous. Plus Two New Races Added to Mid-Term Strategy

Wednesday, September 12. Retake has published posts on capitalism many times. In this post, we narrow the focus to our current (and historic) capitalist view of land and who this view of ownership best serves with the perspective on land of most indigenous cultures and who that best serves.  In a world with shrinking resources, there is a tremendous lesson here. Included in the discussion is description of how one native tribe has harvested lumber from a forest for over 150 years and the impact of a true stewardship of land and the forest looks like. The post also includes the addition of two Albuquerque NM House District races to Retake’s 2018 Mid-Term Election Strategy and Voter’s Guide.  Click here to review the full post.

Slavery Abolished in 1863? Well, Sort Of + An Update on Mid-Term Election Strategy

Saturday, September 15.  Too many of you missed this eyeopening report on how the prison system exploits prison labor, paying pennies on the hour for work that is often life-threatening. In California over 20% of the state’s entire firefighting force is comprised of inmates making between $.38-$1.00 an hour.  Their reward for their bravery and service? When paroled, despite their vast experience, they are ineligible to even apply for a firefighting position, a job that could make re-entry into society and support for their family, a reality.  The blog includes two Democracy Now! videos of 13 and 19 minutes. This is well worth your time.

The blog also includes my perspective on the MLG campaign for Governor. Click here to review the blog and the video.

In solidarity,

Roxanne and Paul

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  1. Speaking of elections, are there any ideas about changing the local voting rules especially now that Maggie T. is Secretary of State? I am registered as Independent / Decline to State Party and a few months ago I went to vote (and waited in line for a long time with my kids). I was turned away because I wasn’t registered Democrat. Very frustrating as I really wanted to vote in the PRC election. This seems like voter suppression because if someone is registered to vote, and has a picture ID/driver’s license, WHY cannot a citizen vote for whomever they choose? Any thoughts are appreciated. It seems a better system could be in place.

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