Canvass for Janene Yazzie Sat/Sun and Update on Trujillo-Romero & Herrera-Rodella

If we want to redirect NM Energy policy and accelerate the transition to a sustainable and renewable energy future, we ABSOLUTELY MUST win at least one of the two PRC primaries. And Dist. 41 and 46 primaries are heating up too. Details.


Sorry for the late notice, but…..Canvass for Janene Yazzie, District 5 Candidate for Public Regulation Commission.

Meet at Starbucks at 4960 Promenade Blvd., Santa Fe (off Cerrillos Rd at Tierra Contenta). Sat. May 5, 1pm-4pm and Sun. May 6, 2pm – 5pm.   I have said many times that, after the Governor’s race, the two PRC races are the second most important races in the primary.  Janene Yazzie and Steve Fischmann absolutely MUST win. PRC races can be decided by 100 or fewer votes so every door you knock could be crucial. Just south of Santa Fe are two critical Dist. 5 precincts and we need to make sure we turn out the vote for Janene Yazzie.

We have scripts, flyers, and routes for Precinct 12 (La Cienega)  and Precinct 72 (Cerrillos and Madrid).  If you can possibly canvass either or both of these days, it is critical that we convey to voters in these precincts just how incredibly important this race is and that Janene Yazzie is by FAR the best candidate. She is challenging Lynda Lovejoy who consistently votes with PNM and other utility interests and votes against the best interest of the planet and of ratepayers. For more on Janene and the importance of this race, click here.  We need to know how many routes to cut and how many flyers to bring, so please send me a note confirming what day you can do it and how many people will be with you. Write to  Please be on time. 

Janene’s Operations Volunteer lives in ABQ, so we need to find someone in or around Santa Fe who can help sustain canvassing over the next four weeks. We are especially interested in a volunteer who, after canvassing Sunday, can take possession of the route lists for the neighborhoods that we don’t hit this weekend and the remaining flyers. I will work with you to get them back. We REALLY need a volunteer who could commit to meeting canvassers next week (and perhaps the following weeks) until the June 8 election.

Directions:  From downtown Santa Fe, take Cerrillos Rd south to Tierra Contenta/Las Soleras and turn left onto Las Soleras. Go one block and turn right on Promenade Blvd. Starbucks will be on your right.  From the south, take Cerrillos Rd North to Estrada Norte and turn right. Take an immediate left on Promenade and go one block. Starbucks will be on your left. Look for a bearded, Anglo named Jeremy Sment, the Operations Volunteer.  He’ll be looking for you.

Dist. 46 Update. Trujillo vs. Romero. Sara Hume and I met with one of Rep. Trujillo’s strongest supporters, Heather Nordquist, today and spoke for two hours. The discussion was almost entirely focused on water issues in the Pojoaque Valley. The conversation was also entirely amiable, sort of surprising given how heated this race has become. From Heather, Sara and I got a better understanding of the water issues in Pojoaque Valley and why to many Pojoaque Valley residents water is an even more important issue than votes on Roundhouse bills. There will be a Candidate Forum on Monday, May 14 from 6-8pm at Pojoaque Middle School. 1797 NM-502, Santa Fe, NM 8750 on the west side of 84 across from Cities of Gold. Nothing more to report for now. Might be a good idea to cool off for a few days.

  • For more information on Andrea Romero’s candidacy, her background and how you can become involved, click here.
  • For more information on Rep. Carl Trujillo’s candidacy, her background and how you can become involved, click here.

Dist. 41. Rodella vs. Herrera. The Albuquerque Journal published an interview with Susan Herrera where she explained her position on a number of key NM issues. If you aren’t familiar with Herrera, this article is a great place to start. Click here.  For Retake Our Democracy’s analysis of both candidate’s positions on the issues, click here.  If you missed it the Daily Kos has endorsed Susan.

  • Click here to find out how to contribute, call, canvass or otherwise support the Herrera campaign.
  • Click here to find Rep. Rodella’s campaign Facebook page. I could not locate a campaign website.

Poor People’s Campaign Training. Roxanne and I will be attending training tomorrow in preparation for the Poor People’s Campaign. The first civil disobedience action will be May 14 at 2pm at the Roundhouse. While anyone can come to observe, if you want to be part of the action, you need to attend the training. If you are interested, please write to to RSVP and be notified of the location of the May 5, 11am-3pm training.  Find out more about the campaign at


In solidarity,

Paul & Roxanne

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  3. I am amiable, Paul!

  4. I read both Herrera’s and Rodella’s interviews with the Journal and both sounded good.

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