Media Toolkit: Guide to Writing Letters to the Editor, Press Releases and More

We believe that people can make good decisions when they have good information. A key part of our legislative and election strategy is to educate the public about issues we support. This guide will help you to raise your voice and disseminate information about issues to others. This toolkit includes examples of different types of media and contact information for several media outlets around the state. Scroll down to find links to media resources in this toolkit.

One of the most important thing you can do to advance good ideas, potential legislation, or policies and regulations that promote justice is to write letters to the editor (LTE) often. Most publications allow you to submit a letter every month. Our blog posts provide information to support your arguments, but the most important thing is simply to use your own voice.

As the list of links below suggest, this Media Toolkit includes useful information on a wide variety of media strategies. For most of you, your interest will be in #1 and #3 below, as writing LTE’s or Op-Eds are actions we want everyone to take.

The additional resources are for our media team volunteers to develop other forms of media coverage and for volunteers in other part of the state who want to promote issues and actions in their communities.

  1. Guide for Writing Letters to the Editor; Links to Local Newspapers Statewide. The link takes you to sample letters and to rules for submitting letters to over 20 NM publications.
  2. Press Releases
  3. Op-Eds and My Views
  4. Radio and Television Public Service Announcements
  5. Written and Audio Press Releases for Radio
  6. Getting Local TV Coverage
  7. Media Campaigns
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