Events Planning Action Team

                                                              Events Planning

meetingThe purpose of the Events Planning Team is to organize meetings, conferences, trainings, meet-ups, and house parties to expand knowledge of Retake Our Democracy and our work. Team members will work with the Steering Committee to identify the need for an event and then the Team will identify options for locations, dates, times; secure speakers, facilitators and trainers; manage venues; secure sponsors or underwriters (as appropriate); work with the Media and social Media Teams to promote the event. In relation to House Parties, team members will support hosts in promoting and staging successful House Parties.

Events Coordinator: The events coordinator will:

  • Facilitate planning meetings;
  • Develop a timeline and budget for each event;
  • Coordinate Team members in completing tasks for which they have volunteered;
  • Facilitate communication with other Teams; and
  • Participate in alternate week Coordinator Team meetings to ensure alignment of strategies across all Action Team work.

Events Action Team members will volunteer for a variety of tasks related to organizing specific events, including:

  • Work with Media and Social Media Teams to promote the event;
  • Find and support presenters, sponsors, exhibitors, and others involved in the event;
  • Design and produce programs, flyers, or other handouts.
  • Manage site logistics: registration, set-up, AV, signage,food and drink, (as appropriate), etc.

Over time, the Events Team may identify an ongoing Coordinator for Town Hall Meetings, one for Trainings and Conferences, and one for supporting House Party hosts.


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