Why Retake Our Democracy-The Need, The Response

Originally posted soon after the election, we keep this post on the home page as it outlines how Retake Our Democracy has been formed and how its Action Teams will engage, educate, and activate our communities.

Strategies for Effective Lobbying

Today’s post includes a guide to effective Roundhouse lobbying with guides to how the tax and revenue system works, how to contact your legislator, & how to track bills that are important to you. Also included are updates on actions, including another trip to the City Council to support Somos Un Pueblo Unido’s Sanctuary resolution.…

Van Jones: We Need to Learn from What Happened Nov 8; More on Sunday Action Team Mtg.

Van Jones brilliantly outlines the hubris of the Democratic Party while Nancy Pelosi acts as if nothing is wrong. Silicon Valley to help Trump build a Muslim registry. Read on, great insights from Jones, scary news from Silicon, and an opportunity to act.