Zoominar with Land Commissioner SGR & Commission Attorney Ari Biernoff

Tues., April, 21, 6:30 – 8 pm, Community Meeting with Land Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard and Land Commission General Counsel Ari Biernoff. We will zero in on how the Land Commission can currently regulate the gas and oil industry and discuss what legislative remedies might be possible to increase that capacity, increase royalties and penalties, and slow the pace of lease approvals. We will also discuss what is politically feasible given the state budget crisis and plunging oil prices and what is necessary given those same conditions. Finally, we will take a deep dive into the proposed rules changes that might allow the Land Office to significantly expand its ability to regulate the gas and oil industry, to stop issuing leases, and to force drillers to provide financial bonds that offer assurance that if they go bankrupt (and they all will at some point) they do not leave NM with the financial responsibility for decommissioning their wells. It should be a very interesting discussion.  

To pre-register for the webinar and to receive a password to enter the meetingregister at this link.

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