Zoominar: Gas & Oil Money Rules the NM Legislature

Tuesday, May 19, 6:30-8:00 pm, Conversation About Gas & Oil Influence in NM Legislature featuring Heather Ferguson, Executive Director, Common Cause NM; Dede Feldman, former NM State Senator and author; and Kathleen Sabo, Executive Director, NM Ethics Watch. You must pre-register for this zoominar.

We will be discussing their exhaustive study “The New Mexico Oil and Gas Industry and Its Allies: Oceans of oil, oceans of influence.” If you wonder how the Produced Water Act came from nowhere and then without any discussion was passed into law in the last days of the session and in the wee hours of the morning, Zoom in. We will discuss Produced Water, the failure to pass any meaningful regulatory legislation and how the gas and oil lobby blocks our ability to initiate steps toward a just transition. We don’t get what we want and what the planet needs because the deck is stacked in the NM state legislature, stacked by the gas and oil industry who spend millions on campaign donations, lobbyists and entertaining. They control not just what can be passed in the legislature, but even if a bill will ever be heard in a legislative committee. The link above will take you to the Common Cause NM web page where you can download the full report.  Click here to register.  You must register to ensure that you get a seat in the “zoom room.”

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