What is Chainbreaker Collective?

chainbreakerRetake Our Democracy is proud to be supporting the Chainbreaker Collective and its Equity Summer Campaign.  For more on the campaign, click here. There is a great video at the bottom of this page for more on Chainbreaker and equity Summer.  So for more about Chainbreaker, read on.

Mission: Chainbreaker Collective works to expand access to affordable transportation and support economically and environmentally sustainable communities for low-income people in No. NM.


Vision — We envision a Santa Fe with clean air, water and soil that supports a sustainable community for all its members. We believe that a sustainable community must include:

  • A transportation system that allows for its’ members to get where they need to go in a safe, reliable and affordable way.
  • A housing system in which low-income and people of color have equal access; where residents are free of the threats of unwanted gentrification and displacement because they have direct control and the final say in how their community develops and where they can live safely and comfortably without needing to spend more than 1/3 of their income on housing costs.
  • Accessible public spaces, maintained in good condition for gathering, socializing, recreation and that promote healthy lifestyles.

Bike repairHistory — Founded in 2004, Chainbreaker first focused on providing refurbished bikes and teaching mechanic skills to people without access to transportation. After the economic collapse of 2008, the focus shifted more to housing injustice and community organizing. Through person to person conversations, Chainbreaker has helped make the connections between gentrification, poor transportation infrastructure, poverty and environmental problems, while bridging the economic divide that often excludes low-income people and people of color from participating in solutions.

In July 2015, Santa Fe City Council passed Chainbreaker’s Residents Bill of Rights resolution:

  1. Affordability— Housing in Santa Fe should be affordable relative to household income and other reasonable expenses.
  2. Quality, Sustainability and Health— Housing in Santa Fe should contribute to individual, family, community and planetary health.
  3. Accessibility, Fairness and Equity — Housing in Santa Fe must be made accessible to historically marginalized peoples and be well integrated socially and geographically.
  4. Stability, Permanence and Protection from Displacement— Ensure that Santa Feans’ homes are protected from irrational market forces and changes in government policies over the long term.
  5. Community Control— Santa Fe’s housing should be controlled democratically with special protections allowed for low-income and neighborhoods of Color.

Chainbreaker members continue to organize to build support for the next steps toward housing justice that this resolution enables. To find out more about Chainbreaker, go to chainbreaker.org.