Video Inventory

The video inventory will be updated frequently. It includes particularly memorable video organized by topic area.

Inspiration to Keep You Going

Valarie Kaur. Watch Night Service. 6m19s. Six minutes of inspiration, encouraging us to continue to push for justice. In the last minute, Reverend Barber leaps to his feet and seems enraptured. Keep in mind, Rev. Barber can barely walk, unaided. The last minute is just incredible. Click here.

Martin Luther King, Jr. “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop.” 2m37s clip. This famous speech isn’t only about the iconic “I’ve been to the mountaintop.” The next day, MLK, Jr. was assassinated. Click here.

Martin Luther King, Jr. “I Have a Dream.” 17m48s. Speech is prefaced by clips of the march to the Washington Monument. Click here.

Rev. William Barber at the Democratic National Convention. 11m09s. He works the crowd with some extraordinary bully pulpit, lift your spirits, get on your feet exhortation for a moral revolution. Brilliant.  Click here.

Income Inequality

Wealth Inequality in America. 6m23s. This video has been viewed a.most 20 million times. It so clearly and graphically depicts the massive migration of wealth from the middle class and the poor to the wealthy. There are a few moments where your jaw will drop even if think you understand that this migration has occurred. Worth sharing with those who think America’s economy works for all of us. Click here.

Imperialism & Capitalism in 2-Minutes. This video outlines in very clear strokes exactly how the banking system, World Bank, International Money Fund and multinational corporations conspire to essentially enslave 3rd world nations. This is how we enjoy cheap products and why so many jobs are being exported. Very good to share with friends who somehow don’t know this. Click here.

The Best of Keith Olbermann

On Behalf of America: An Apology. 7m08s. Olbermann apologizes to the world in a stirring testimony to our immigrants and those refugees who have south safety in our country, now and historically. Powerful. Click here.

The Travesties Done in Your Name and Mine. 3m43s. This is my favorite Olbermann video as Olberman humanizes the refugee ban of February 2017. Click here.

Robert Reich

Robert Reich on Trump’s and His Cabinet Members’ Bending of Truth and Reality.  There are some stunning comments, including HUD Ben Carson referring to slaves as being immigrants and DeVos claiming Historically Black Colleges as being ‘pioneers of school choice.’ Very worth a listen.  Click here.

George Lakoff on Framing, Metaphorical Thought & Moral Language

George Lakoff provides a 6o minute lecture on how we think, how we understand and how the use of moral language can frame discussions and actually prevent individuals from even hearing you. Lakoff also describes how to understand how the GOP has framed the debate on so many key policy issues. If you want to become more skilled in persuasion, you need to view this video.  Click here.

Sometimes You Just Need to Laugh

John Oliver. Trump vs. Truth. 23.m/49s. Absolutely historical summary of Trump’s pattern of lying,including a quote from a reporter who said: “The challenge of covering Trump is we don’t understand what he means when he uses word.”  Click here.