US, State & Local Leadership Contact Info

Retake wants to make it easier for you to raise your voice with our elected officials at all levels. While we often include contact information within our Call to Action posts, we want you to feel empowered to easily reach out to your elected officials whenever you are moved to do so. Therefore, we have assembled contact information for each of the following officials. But before we offer those links to contact info, please take a look at some suggestions when contacting an elected official.

  • Be respectful and try to begin with comments about something you have appreciated about that representative;
  • Be specific about why you are writing or calling: Are you disappointed with a vote, statement, or other action? If so, be specific about your concern.
  • Also be specific about what you are asking for. What do you want the official to do?
  • Lastly, make sure to indicate that you vote and are active in the election process, as well as in legislative matters and that you are very attentive to the issue you are writing about.
  • Close by thanking them for their service. While we may disagree on some, many or even most issues, our elected officials work hard and deserve our respect. Besides, you will get a more positive response if you are both respectful and appreciative.

Contact Information

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