Unity Reform Commission-A Path Forward for the Democratic Party

New Mexico Registered Democrats:  Urge Our Democratic National Committee Members to Support and Vote For ALL RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE UNITY REFORM COMMISSION

As tomorrow’s blog will make very clear, if we are ever going to create a justice-based economy, we need to stop organizing our election processes around placating the wealthy and their corporations. Advancing the Unity Reform Commission’s goals is one step in that direction. The DNC’s Unity Reform Commission has now issued its report with recommendations which push the Democratic Party in a democratic direction. Imagine that. The DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee (RBC) has about five more months to review and determine whether to adopt all recommendations. The Commission recommendations call for reducing the number of notoriously undemocratic superdelegates to the national convention from 712 to about 300, a step toward full democracy within the party.

The Commission recommendations call for open primaries and caucuses, same-day registration, and more transparent, fair, and accountable leadership at the helm of the DNC, including improved transparency for DNC contracts with high-paid consultants and vendors. All recommendations were arrived at through painstaking compromise between the Sanders supporters and the Clinton supporters on the Commission. Yet, some members of the RBC are working to separate out recommendations to vote down or to dilute.

Reach out to the DNC members of our state to commit to all the recommendations and not allow the RBC to chop them up. Taking our issues to the DNC now is our best chance to bring to fruition our work from 2016 and 2017, and democratize our party And when you reach out to them, emphasize that there a goodly number of NM Democrats who are done with centrist polices and corporate-determined Party structures and practices. Tell them that if they do not advance a more inclusive, small d democratic process, then expect to be replaced. Enough is enough and, again as our next blog will demonstrate, their tired polices and political approaches simply do not meet the needs of the majority and inspire no one.

Email to:

I am a registered Democrat in New Mexico, and I urge you to make a public commitment to support and vote for ALL of the recommendations of the Unity Reform Commission. I further urge you to tell all members of the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee to accept all recommendations, as a whole, in order to move the Democratic Party toward broader participation and transparency. Do not allow them to be diminished or diluted.  The recommendations as a whole encourage greater involvement in the Democratic Party by all sectors of society, which the party needs for policy changes, to elect Democratic candidates in New Mexico, and to change the course of this country.

If you are a New Mexico State Central Committee member, please indicate that in your signature to your email.

Thank you,

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