Trujillo Goes Low While Romero Goes High in New Radio Ads

You can tell a good deal about a candidate from their ads and the ads placed by their supporters. Below you will find three different 30-second ads placed by Carl Trujillo and his supporters, one of which actually focuses on me personally and is utterly absent of truth. All Trujillo’s ads are filled with misinformation and lies.

You can also tell a good deal about a candidate from their allies. There is a reason every organization that had supported Trujillo has now rescinded that support except for NM Pro-Life Alliance, an organization that advocates for abolishing Roe v. Wade, and the NM Association of Commerce and Industry, a big business lobbying firm. Romero?  Endorsed by four unions, four Pueblos, Conservation Voters of NM, and Planned Parenthood.

Below are three of Trujillo’s radio ads followed by the one being used by the Andrea Romero campaign. The difference in tone and content is remarkable. Trujillo’s ads avoid all reference to issues or positions and are based on vacuous personal attacks on her and her supporters.  Romero’s ad?  Entirely focused on important issues facing Dist. 46 and NM.

Before you vote, I would encourage you to listen to all three ads and consider what kind of person you want in the Roundhouse.

Trujillo Campaign Lies about Me Personally. Claims I have lived here but two years and that I have done nothing to educate myself about NM.

Trujillo Campaign Lies about Mayor Webber: Alan Webber is not a stupid politician. No politician would say, “Only people who agree with me or Andrea Romero are real Democrats.” No politician with a brain would ever make a statement like this, but it plays well to some segments of Trujillo supporters who see everything as a conspiracy.

Trujillo Misrepresents Andrea Romero, saying that everything she says is untrue…failing to identify a single mistruth, while Trujillo’s personal statements are riddled with lies and distortions.

Lastly, after three oh-so-low Trujillo ads, something charming, positive, and refreshing — the Romero radio ad. Entirely positive, focused on issues, and uplifting.

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