Towards A Co-Operative Commonwealth: An Online Collaboration to Learn and Discuss Options for NM

Towards Co-operative Commonwealth: Transition In a Perilous Century, is an eight week online course and after reviewing the introductory video (at bottom of page).  So let’s think about this:

  • We get international experts in economics, environment, social policy who have organized 8 modules (below) that address the most pressing challenges faced by our world and our state;
  • We have the opportunity to review those materials at your leisure and participate in conversations with experts and practitioners from throughout the world
  • We will also have our own online space to discuss these issues among New Mexican participants to find ways to tease out what we learn and develop initiatives, policies and program models which can be cobbled into bills that will foster system change and transformational approaches to the challenges we face.
  • And it is free.
  • I think it is ideal for both newcomers and veterans to social change work. 
  • From the intro video it is clear that you can do this at your own pace. There are no class times when you must be online, but there are many opportunities for you to engage and communicate with activists from throughout the world…as you want to, if you want to.
  • The syllabus is tremendous, the articles thoughtful and well-researched. And since it is free and you can drop off at any time if you find it too much, I see no downside and the potential for our being able to stage an eight-week researching, visioning and planning process. Below is the first paragraph to the first written material for the first module.

In this course we emphasize the grassroots efforts by local communities to organize, mobilize, scale-up and spread proven and promising local socio-economic and environmentally just development alternatives. Accelerating systems change is crucial to address a planet and society in crisis. Throughout the course, we introduce you to a rich array of movements, models and strategies used by those working to change systems. Each offers inspiring evidence of like-minded citizens, communities, producers and consumers around the world, engaged in resisting and changing the trajectory of unregulated capitalism. We explore their work at different levels as they forge democratic and durable ways and means to meet basic human needs— for clean energy, healthy food, quality health and social care and affordable housing. To address basic needs, however, other cross cutting functions require attention.”

Confession, from many people who have signed up, the materials in the first module are outstanding.  I am also very familiar with the work of Next System Project and have found their research and writing to be among the very best that you can find online.. And the list of modules is pretty compelling.  Let’s do this!

  1. Framing the Journey: Capitalism, Planetary Limits & The Struggle to Restore & Share our Common Wealth  [This looks particularly germane….a good start]
  2. Stewarding Land & Resources for the Common Good
  3. Ecological Resilience & a Just Food System
  4. Precarious Livelihoods: Pathways to Solidarity
  5. Democratizing Social Care: From Welfare State to Caring Society
  6. Democratic Ownership: Pathways to a Resilient Energy Future
  7. Democratic Financing Solutions for the Great Transition
  8. Synthesis: Building the Politics for Systems Change

If you decide to enroll, please let me know.Click here to enroll. Imagine in 8 weeks, a core group of folks who have done extensive reading and engaged in dialog among ourselves and other activists and practitioners who have outlined some potential initiatives that could address income inequality, access to health care, public financing and the environment. Retake will devote one blog post a week to provide updates on what we are learning and the possible implications. We are also going to spend some time today reaching out to Indivisible, PDA, Indivisible and students from the Sunrise Movement to enroll and be part of our private online space for NM collaboration. There are worse outcomes.  Let’s do it.

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