Tithe Today: The Folks on the Front Line Are Doing The REAL Work–Support Them!

TithingRetake has formed alliances with several agencies that are in the trenches either battling for progressive policies benefiting long disenfranchised communities or the environment. We began in 2018 with five organizations in our list, but have expanded it to ten over the last two years.  The staff work long, generally at depressed wages to address critical community needs, pulling rabbits out of hats, cobbling together organizations with too little funding and tremendous visions. Please send a donation today. This is a particularly important action for those of you who have not, as yet, become fully active in the struggle.

  1. Click here to contribute to the Navajo-Hopi Covid-19 Relief Fund
  2. Click here to contribute to #Prosperity Works’ 2020 Relief Fund benefiting immigrants being impacted by the quarantine.
  3. Click here to contribute to TEWA Women’s United, was formed to end all forms of violence against Native Women and girls, Mother Earth and to promote peace in New Mexico. Most recently, TEWA Women’s United collaborated with Communities for Clear Water to organize opposition to LANL’s handling of the chromium plume threatening our water. .
  4. Click here, to contribute to Somos Un Pueblo Unido. Somos works to build a community that does not discriminate against people based on their national origin, that institutes humane migration policies, and that protects the human rights of everyone irrespective of where they are born or what documents they carry
  5. Click here to contribute to the Santa Fe Dreamers Project. SF Dreamers provides free legal services to immigrants to promote economic empowerment, community development, family unity, and liberation from detention.  Their work is centered around the belief that supporting immigrants makes our whole community stronger.
  6. Click here to contribute to Chainbreaker Collective.  Chainbreaker works to expand access to affordable housing and affordable transportation and to support economically and environmentally sustainable communities for low-income people in Northern New Mexico.
  7. Click here to contribute to Earth Care. Earth Care is a youth empowerment and community development organization that educates, empowers and supports the positive development of young people.  They cultivate the natural innovation and creativity of youth to create health, just and sustainable communities and they place youth at the center of all they do.
  8. Click here to contribute to New Energy Economy. NEE is a climate change hero and the dogged opposition to PNM. They seek to build a renewable energy future for the  health of our community and our environment.
  9. Click here to contribute to KSFR, your publicly supported radio station, the voice of Santa Fe and the home of Retake Our Democracy’s weekly radio show that airs at 8:30am every Saturday.
  10. Click here to contribute to the Joan Duffy Santa Fe Chapter of Veterans for Peace. Veterans for Peace advocates with its allies to ensure that the perspective, needs and priorities of veterans are respected and to advocate for peace.
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