Tithe Today: The Folks on the Front Line Are Doing The REAL Work–Support Them!

To date, Retake has formed alliances with several agencies that serve the South Side, the community that is most threatened by cuts in funding, gentrification, reductions in ACA coverage, and deportation. We have also aligned with New Energy Economy who is at the forefront in defending New Mexico’s environment in their ongoing battle with PNM and now with Tewa Women’s United. Periodically we will add other organizations to this list, but for now we ask that part of what you do on a regular basis.  These are the people working 60 hour weeks, pulling rabbits out of hats, cobbling together organizations with too little funding and tremendous visions. Please send a donation today. This is a particularly important action for those of you who have not, as yet, become fully active.

  • Click here, to contribute to Somos Un Pueblo Unido;
  • Click here to contribute to the Santa Fe Dreamers Project (your donation will be processed by the Dreamers’ fiscal agent YouthWorks);
  • Click here to contribute to Chainbreaker Collective, an agency doing heroic work to advance social and economic justice;
  • Click here to contribute to Earthcare, who trains and supports young change-makers, cultivates adult allies, and organizes at the intersection of social and ecological justice; and
  • Click here to contribute to New Energy Economy, a climate change hero and the dogged opposition to PNM.


TEWAHere is an action you can take in two minutes right now to help advance the work of Tewa Women’s United. All you have to do is click and vote for their garden project and it will advance their chances of obtaining a critical grant.  Funding will support their work to finish the last phase of the Española Healing Foods Oasis in northern New Mexico (Rio Arriba County), an area with a high poverty rate, but also rich in collective heritage of dry-land farming in a fragile eco-system. This community project is an opportunity for members of our Native and land-based communities, most impacted by systematic disparities and traumas, to experience in mind, body, heart and spirit the enduring ancestral knowingness: Healing the land is healing ourselves. Tewa sees its work through a lens of cultural strength, food and seed sovereignty, traditional agricultural, and contemporary permaculture techniques. This final project phase will complete site capacity to link seeds, edible plants, and access to healthy food. This unique cross-cultural project models community engagement to share knowledge and resources regarding native agricultural traditions, local food-system control, and healthy eating choices as part of body and community sovereignty. Click here to vote to support this important work.