Thank you so much for your contribution!


While Retake Our Democracy is an entirely volunteer organization, we do have monthly costs for printing, web-service, email service and a range of supplies for meetings, etc. Those expenses are certainly going to rise as we begin to build a statewide organization, so your generosity is going to make that growth much easier. Over time, and with sufficient support, Retake will examine the possibility of hiring either interns or an outreach person to work in underserved communities and other regions of the state. Your contribution will definitely

For Retake to have a strong impact on state legislation and elections, we will need to significantly expand our base, a base that right now is far too Anglo and Santa Fe-based. So having a paid person to do outreach and organizing would be very important. But until the time we are able to hire a person, your own outreach is the best way for us to get the word out about Retake and opportunities to become active on a state and local level. It is especially important to engage people in other parts of the state. So, please make a habit of forwarding blog posts that you find most compelling to friends in Santa Fe and elsewhere in New Mexico.

Together, we can build our base and create social, economic, racial, gender and environmental justice in New Mexico.

Again, thank you for your generosity.

In solidarity,

Paul & Roxanne

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