Thank You for Raising Your Voice & Completing Our Survey

You’ve taken the first step toward creating justice in New Mexico. You’ve taken the survey. We have more steps to take together, but this was an important one. So thank you so much.

It would be tremendous if you could please share the survey on your Facebook page, on Twitter and send the link to many others you may know with a note encouraging them to complete it. We need a huge response to demonstrate to our representatives that we have a voice and we intend to use it.  The link to the survey is below.

We will keep you posted on our progress and if you provided information on your Senate and House District and contact information we will help you develop a relationship with your legislators so that during 2019 you can lobby them effectively.

It is way past time for this kind of initiative. With you and others working together, we can Retake Our Democracy.

Again, thank you.

Paul & Roxanne

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