Ten Things You Can Do to Support the Standing Rock Sioux Protest

standing-rock-1Thousands of Native Americans have assembled at Standing Rock, North Dakota to protest the proposed construction of what is essentially Keystone XL, plan B. And while the Feds have issued a temporary restraining order, Corporate America does not give up and will fight the Feds on this, to be sure. This Dakota Access pipeline would essentially achieve the same purpose while entirely disrespecting the rights of the  Standing Rock Sioux and their sacred burial grounds.  Not everyone can get to North Dakota to support their heroic protest, but ten-things-you-can-do-to-support-the-standing-rock-blockade will provide you with ten things you can do with people to contact to register your opposition and places you can go to send donations to support the legal costs being incurred in filing lawsuits to stop the pipeline.


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