Guide to Overriding the Governor’s Shameless Vetoes–What You Can Do


Take Action: Tell Legislators to send the governor a message by convening to override her vetoes, then go home.

The analysis below was forwarded from Taos United (thank you) and is derived from an e-blast from Progress NowNM, thank you.  I share it with you in hopes that perhaps we can help generate a statewide effort to pressure our legislators in actually providing funding for colleges across the state and in overriding Gov. Martinez’ totally irresponsible vetoes and her disingenuous claims that the legislature had not worked hard to create a bipartisan budget and spending program.

New Mexico leads the country in unemployment and poverty, so naturally, the governor vetoed every single college and university in New Mexico to keep her “no tax hikes” promise. That is not made up. She actually just did that.  Governor Martinez created a $775 million deficit in the state budget this morning (last Friday) with spiteful vetoes including a tax package full of small fee and revenue increases supported by a majority of New Mexico voters and both chambers of the legislature.  Looking for a way to balance the budget without those revenues, she vetoed funding for every college and university and she didn’t hide her spiteful reason.  Martinez said she cut funding for colleges because the Senate didn’t confirm her partisan nominees to some state college regent boards.

So, what next?

If we want to have higher education, legislators will have to return to Santa Fe for a special session.  They’ll have two options: create a new budget the governor will sign, or override her vetoes and go home.  Take Action:

  • Tell Legislators to send the governor a message by convening to override her vetoes, then go home.   Click to sign a ProgressNow NM petition.
  • Call the Governor’s office at 505-476-2200 and tell the Constituent Services staff that you are appalled at the Governor’s refusal to pass work more constructively with the legislature.  The revenue bill before here allows her to either close loopholes or increase taxes.Either could result in a balanced budget and calling for an unnecessary special session is a waste of both time and tax-payer money.
  • Click here for a link to the office phone numbers for all of the State Senators and click here for a phone list for all the the members of the House.  all the state legislators and their contact information. And provide links to this page on Facebook and to all of your NM friends, especially those outside Santa Fe and Albuquerque.
  • – Team ProgressNowNM

Read our full coverage of some of the worst vetoes here:

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  • Governor Martinez vetoes minimum wage hikes (again): Hidden among a list of 90+ bills she signed and vetoed on Thursday were two different vetoes of two different minimum wage increases, including one raising the state’s wage for workers up to $9.25.
  • She vetoed the Pregnant Workers bill, which would cost the State nothing.
  • Gov Martinez vetoed SB96  Campaign Finance Fixes, which would have increased disclosure of campaign finances.  Her reason–that it could make people less likely to give money to charities!!!
  • After facing criticism for leaving more than 200 bills unsigned on her desk while leaving the state to speak at a conference of Tennessee workers, Martinez surprised nearly everyone by coming back to the state to announce hundreds-of-millions of dollars in vetoes.  She cut all expenses for legislators but kept $100,000 for her own memberships and travel. At $18.7 million, the budget for the entire branch of government amounts to just 0.03% of the state’s $6 billion budget.

Two departments not seeing the governor’s veto, however, were the offices of Lt. Gov. Sanchez and herself.  Together, they accounted for almost $3.8 million in funding the governor left uncut.  Seven years of the Martinez/Sanchez administration have made New Mexico number 1 in unemployment and poverty, but Martinez is demanding the legislature cut more from state programs including those helping create jobs and courts to keep us safe.  For a link to help you identify your legislator, click here.