How You Can Support Equity Summer

The campaign to support Equity Summer is about engaging, educating, and organizing our community to achieve social and economic justice in Santa Fe and New Mexico. To read more about the campaign itself, click here. But to find out how you can support the effort, read on. Check out the video at the bottom of this page to find out more about Chainbreaker and Equity Summer. It is ten minutes and very informative and motivating. If you are interested in any of these opportunities write to

You can get involved in the campaign by:

  • Writing letters To The Editor Team. Retake will be scheduling a weekly focus on an issue or policy related to social and economic justice in Santa Fe and New Mexico. We will send out speaking/writing points and provide an article or two on the topic. We will then ask our supporters to write letters to the editors and My Views to the New Mexican and other publications.
  • Activist Research Team Will Be Conducting Research on Issues Related to Equity.  We are going to be facilitating a summer long education and organizing effort. One of the culminating products of that work will be a People’s Platform that will be developed through a highly participatory process. That platform will be comprised of policies and strategies that can help create social and economic justice in Santa Fe and New Mexico. Some of the issues involved in achieving equity and justice are complex. We are going to organize a series of study sessions on different topics. If you would like to be kept informed of these or if you would like to help organize them, email us at the email above.
  • House Parties. We are going to organize a series of House Parties. Retake will provide text for invitations, hand outs, a speaker, and a powerpoint to help educate your friends about social and economic injustice in Santa Fe and introduce Equity Summer and how they can support it. All you need to do is invite some friends, provide some refreshments and we’ll do the rest. This is the single best way to educate people about these issues and it is also a lot of fun.
  • Canvassing. We have made a slight change in this strategy, as we want to hold off on using a technique called Deep Canvassing until our canvassers are better steeped in the concepts of gentrification, equity, and displacement. Instead we will launch canvassing with a “community conversations” approach which is MUCH easier to implement. We will work in pairs and go door-to-door on their own block and surrounding neighborhood. Community Conversations Listening is more about listening and sharing stories with your neighbors and is a deeply satisfying experience. You will share a flyer about just how unjust our city is and then ask the resident how they feel about it. You will talk about that reaction and then ask about other issues either at the state, national or local level that may be concerned about. Canvassers will ask those who seem concerned about equity to sign up to be active or to receive information. Retake is providing  training and support for this important campaign strategy. Give it a try! Beginning the end of July, Retake will be offering a weekly one-hour orientation to Community Conversations Listening where we will provide scripts, contact forms and flyers and demonstrate the Community Conversations Listening technique.
  • Social Media. Most of us are not real savvy in social media, but we are going to learn to use it more effectively from those that are skilled and working with Chainbreaker we are going to develop a structured approach to the use of social media to vastly expand our education and engagement efforts.

Again, if you are interested in exploring involvement in any of these activities, write to us at You won’t regret getting involved. You will make friends and you will find a real sense of fulfillment as we act together to achieve social and economic justice.