Strategy for Activists to Open Up DPNM Functions

The Democratic Party of New Mexico has a torturously complex set of rules that describe how the party functions, how elections are conducted, the roles and responsibilities of committees and how members are appointed or elected. It is important for those who want to transform, revitalize and open up the party, to understand how the party functions and the points of leverage where activists can simplify and strengthen operations.  For a two page summary of the rules governing the selection or election of members to all committees and the function that each committee performs click the link that follows: DPNM_Committees_Summary_2017  In addition to simplifying the language, it provides page references to the full set of party rules for each committee description. For a copy of the complete party rules, click here:  DPNM_RULES_OCT_2016_FINAL  From a review of these documents it is clear that there are some key committees where it is important that Party activists obtain as many seats as possible.

The Rules Committee.  It is important to ensure that newly elected activists take as many positions as possible on the Rules Committee as this is where the rules are made that guide our conventions, our elections, and so many other Party functions. Of the 11 members, three must be current Committee members and the Chair of the Party. Since the other members are appointed by the new party chair, it will be important to lobby with the newly elected Chair to ensure that activists play a prominent role on this committee.

The Platform & Resolutions Committee. Two members are elected from each Congressional District and three other members elected “at large.”  If activists want to ensure a progressive, activist platform, we need to secure a majority of the 15 member committee and that can only happen if we manage to elect as many of the 9 elected positions as possible. Since there are only 15 members on the committee it would be possible to ensure a majority of activists on the Platform Committee by strategically developing an ‘activist slate’ and ensuring as many on that slate as possible are elected to this committee. The remaining members are appointed by the Chair and no matter how many activists are elected to the Platform Committee, we will want to lobby with the new Party Chair to secure as many positions as possible.

The Judicial Committee. This Committee adjudicates any disputes in the interpretation of Party rules and so ideally we would want as many representatives as possible on this 10 person Committee. The Committee is comprised of the six Congressional District Vice Chairs, plus that State Vice Chair, with the remaining three positions appointed by the State Party Chair. Since Congressional District Chairs represent the majority membership of this committee, activists would be advised to create a slate of candidates in each District and work together to elect this slate.

There is little time between now and the election on April 29, so communication within counties, Congressional Districts and the State should be facilitated quickly. Retake is communicating with activists in the Santa Fe SCC and will work through them to seek alliance with other SCC activists throughout the state.

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