Stop DeVos & Sessions

The DeVos vote is Tue. 1/7 (as in today) so this action is urgent and shows promise of stopping her nomination. Please take this action and then send a link to this page to everyone you know. The see further down the page to find out how you can try to stop Sessions. We have more time on this one….but not much.

devosStop DeVos. This is a  last last-ditch effort to get another Republican to vote against DeVos.  They are supposed to vote on her nomination tomorrow, & he could break the 50-50 tie!  Please call and share this with others who might also call.


DeVos Update: North Carolina’s Senator Thom Tillis’s office says he’s undecided and wants to hear from people, even outside his state.  (202) 224-6342—he needs to hear by this morning that we, the public, support his voting against her nomination

sessionsStop Sessions. Steve Bannon, former editor of Breitbart News (that’s an oxymoron) and chief advisor to Donald Trump, has said that Trump was “late to the Alt-Right party” but that Jeff Sessions is its “spiritual godfather.”  This man MUST NOT be confirmed as Attorney General.  Please send a 2-4 sentence e-mail to Diane Feinstein’s office to help her mount opposition to this nomination.  And then please forward the email below to other friends of yours, asking them to join you in the effort.  Thanks for your patience and your outrage.  Resist!


f you marched on 1/21/17 Sen. Diane Feinstein wants to hear from YOU. She has gotten a week’s delay of the Jeff Sessions confirmation vote.


This is a direct request from her Chief of Staff: FEINSTEIN WANTS 2-4 SENTENCES FROM MARCHERS EXPLAINING WHY YOU MARCHED AND WHAT IT MEANT. She will be incorporating messages AND most likely the sheer NUMBER of emails she gets, in her opening statement at the Sessions hearing for the Senate Judiciary Committee.


Send emails to:

Subject line: WHY I MARCHED




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