Step I and II in Building a House Progressive Caucus- Elect Thompson & Figueroa

Retake the Roundhouse asks for your help to elect two courageous progressive legislative candidates:  Natalie Figueroa (HD30) and Liz Thompson (HD27).   These are not just Democrats, they will serve as Progressive Champions in the House. We need to begin to build a Progressive Caucus in both chambers and this is a great place to start. So read on and plan to make a difference by canvassing or, if ABQ is too distant, contact the campaigns (below) to find out how you can call from home. Let’s do this.


phone-bankingNatalie Figueroa (HD30).  Natalie is a lifelong educator and the daughter and grand-daughter of teachers.   She is intelligent, warm, and despite being a political novice, has demonstrated a curiosity of and quick familiarity with key policy challenges facing the state.  She is running in a competitive general against the incumbent Republican Majority Leader, Nate Gentry so this would be a tremendous race to win.  The district leans Democratic and was briefly held by a Democrat before 2010.   As the Republican House Majority Leader, Nate Gentry is the chief political strategist of the House Republican caucus. Gentry is vulnerable and defeating him in the 2016 election cycle would be a major victory for progressives. The district leans Democratic, and is shifting even more that direction based on recent voter registration. Over his past few elections Gentry raised more than $1 million from oil and gas companies, predatory lenders, and big insurance companies among others, and he has consistently voted in their favor.  He has also been endorsed by the National Right-to-Life Committee and voted for legislation that would allow a cashier at a pharmacy to deny a woman access to emergency contraception.

Liz Thompson (HD27).  Liz Thompson is a physical therapist who has dedicated her career to serving children with special needs.  In her one term in the legislature she was an outspoken, unabashed progressive voice for equality, public education, behavioral health and economic justice.  She is running in a competitive general for an open seat that she formerly held for one term and then narrowly lost in 2014 by 375 votes. The district leans Democratic and was won by all Democratic candidates for state and federal office in the 2014 cycle.  The seat is targeted by national Republican groups as a must win to keep the House in Republican hands.  

We hope you will join fellow progressives in working hard to elect Natalie and Liz.  Please commit to phone bank or canvass for Liz and Natalie in the next few weeks before the election. Here is the information for the two campaigns:

Natalie Figueroa
Phonebanking Tuesdays and Wednesdays
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM 

Canvassing Saturdays and Sundays
9:30 AM – 12:30 PM
8705 Horacio Pl. NE 87111

Liz Thompson
To volunteer Contact Eric Castillo · 505-948-9910