Sharing Sundays

Sharing SundaysTo make these posts shorter the opening passages referring to a host of local events has been removed and to make the content more accessible to moderate or even conservative readers, some titles have been made less inflammatory. Otherwise the content to the posts below remain the same.  Each week, I will add one or two new titles and remove a couple. But the concept is for our current readers to share one or two links with a few friends and encourage them to get involved and what better day to do this than a lazy old Sunday?

New Posts added May 21.

How Capitalism Owns Both Parties.  This post is informed by Donald Street’s CounterPunch article, “Donald Trump: Ruling Class President” and my experience with the Democratic party for almost five decades. It is not a pretty tale. Street takes an historical perspective on the degree to which democracy has been purchased by the corporatocracy since the country was founded. Very much worth a read as many myths are dismissed. Click here.

Development and Gentrification: A Tale of Two Cities. This post relies up research funded by the Kellogg Foundation for Chainbreaker, a remarkable Santa Fe CBO that has for 13 years been advocating for low-income and working class individuals and neighborhoods. The report, Development without Displacement describes with solid data how the City Different is really the City Divided, between the haves and the have nots. Must reading for Santa Feans.  Click here.

Economic Justice at Home and Abroad.  A snapshot at how expensive it has become to find affordable housing and the how this has changed historically from an assumption to an almost unattainable dream for a shocking percentage of Americans. The piece also examines the degree to which the privilege we enjoy comes at the expense of those we exploit in other lands. Click here.

Posts Added May 14.

What Makes Retake Our Democracy Different from Indivisible & Other Groups. A description of what is unique about Retake Our Democracy and a good introduction to friends who may not have heard of our work.  Click here.

TrumpCare What It Is & How it Passed. An analysis of the process used to push TrumpCare through the House and its potential impact. Click here.

Trump Tax Plan: Worse than You Imagine. An analysis of who benefits from Trump’s tax plan and who doesn’t. Most of us don’t.  Click here.

The Hidden Costs of Capitalism. Shocking summary of the cost of housing in America and how our privilege here comes at the incredible cost of those in under-developed countries (a two minute video). Click here.

MLK, Jr and: Climate Justice: The Urgency of Now. Taking MLK, Jr.’s speech on Viet Nam and applying excerpts to climate justice, to underscore the urgency of now. The second most commented on and shared post we’ve done. Click here.

Economic Injustice at Home and Abroad: The Struggle to Be Housed. An important post as it shows how utterly unaffordable life is in the US for an always increasing proportion of us, with many just a pay check away from desperation. And then to put this in context, a powerful short video depicting how our comparative luxury comes at an unthinkable cost to undeveloped countries.  Click here.

The Owl and the Hawk. My personal reaction on the morning after Trump’s election when visited by both a hawk and an owl. The most commented upon and shared post we’ve done.  Click here.