Santa Fe City Council & Mayor Contact Info


Contact information follows after some guidance related to offering comment at City Council meetings.

When you attend a City Council meeting, arrive a few minutes early and get an agenda. If you are there for a specific issue, locate it on the agenda so you have an idea when your item may be raised. I recommend bringing a magazine or something to do as often an issue that you don’t care about may precede your issue.

Before the meeting begins, often Councilors are circulating in the crowd or you can even go up to their seat before the meeting begins and introduce yourself. Wear your Retake Our Democracy button and if you testify, mention you are a supporter of Retake Our Democracy. speak at a City Council meeting, be sure to identify who your representatives are.

If you are attending just to make a public comment during Petitions from the Floor, have speaking points, just bullets to make you more comfortable. A full script that you read is not as effective. Better to speak from the heart.

If you are there to offer testimony on a specific item on the agenda, be well prepared with what you want to say and be somewhat adaptable. If there is a line of folks offering their view and someone says something you were going to say, shift your focus but indicate that you agreed with what someone before you said and reference that so they see that the view is shared by others and then move on to some other aspect of the issue. The council will appreciate your not taking time to repeat in detail what has already been stated. But it is also important to support those who came before you….so that the cumulative impact of the series of speakers is most impactful.

District Boundaries

District 1. Bordered by Cerrillos and Alameda on the South, Osage on the west and capturing everything north and east of those boundaries.

District 2. Bordering District 1 on the South with Alameda and Cerrillos its Northern border with Cerrillos extending to St. Michaels and then with St. Michaels being the Western border extending to St. Francis and then Saint Francis being the southern most west border down to Rodeo Rd.

District 3. Captures everything Northwest of Cerillos beginning at Osage.

District 4 Captures everything Southwest of Cerrillos and St. Michaels to St. Francis on the East, extending down to Rodeo Road.

For a very clear map of the district boundaries, click the link: district_and_precinct_map.

Contact Information.

Below is contact information on all the City Council members and our Mayor.

Mayor Alan Webber:  (505) 955-6590.

Kelley Brennan, City Attorney: (505) 955-6511.  

District 1.

District 2.

  • Carol Romero-Wirth, (505) 955-6815.
  • Peter Ives, District 2 Councilor, (505) 955-6816,

District 3

District 4

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