Roundhouse Abbreviation Summary

To track bills it is important to understand the abbreviations used on the NM Legis. website. Below is an alphabetized summary.  Good luck.

Code Description
* Emergency clause. (If a bill passes by less than the required two-thirds vote, this symbol is deleted.)
[30] Legislative day (as opposed to calendar day).
API. Action postponed indefinitely.
CA Constitutional Amendment
CC Conference committee. This entry follows when the Senate and House fail to agree on amendments to a bill.
CS Committee substitute. (This entry, following a DNP report, indicates the committee’s substitute bill. Succeeding entries will record the action on the committee substitute.)
CS/H 18 Committee substitute for House Bill 18.
DEAD Bill Has Died
DNP nt adptd DO NOT PASS committee report NOT adopted.
DNP. DO NOT PASS committee report adopted.
DP DO PASS committee report adopted.
DP/a DO PASS, as amended, committee report adopted.
E&E The final authoritative version of a bill passed by both houses of the legislature. The preparation is performed by the house of introduction and incorporates all amendments adopted and agreed to by both houses.
FAILED/H (or/S) Failed passage in House (sometimes followed by announced vote – FAILED/H (22-48)).
FL/ Floor substitute. (A bill or committee substitute may be substituted on final passage by any legislator. Succeeding entries will record the action on the floor substitute.)
fl/a Floor amendment adopted. (fl/aaa – three floor amendments adopted.)
germane Bills which fall within the purview of a 30-day session.
h/fld cncr House has failed to concur in Senate amendments on a House bill. The House then sends a message requesting the Senate to recede from its amendments.
HAFC Appropriations & Finance
HAGC House Agriculture & Water Resources Committee
HAWC Agriculture, Water & Wildlife
HBEC Business & Employment
HBIC House Business & Industry Committee
HCAL House Calendar
HCAT House Temporary Calendar
HCNR House Concurrence Calendar
HCPAC House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee
HCW Committee of the Whole
HE&EC Enrolling & Engrossing
HEC Education
HEEC House Enrolling & Engrossing Committee
HEENC Energy, Environment & Natural Resources
HENRC House Energy & Natural Resources Committee
HGEIC Government, Elections & Indian Affairs
HGUAC House Government & Urban Affairs
HHC Health
HHGAC House Health & Government Affairs Committee
HHGIC House Health, Government & Indian Affairs Committee
HINT House Intro
HJC Judiciary
HLC House Labor & Human Resources Committee
HPREF House Pre-file
HPSC Printing & Supplies
HRC Rules & Order of Business
HRPAC Regulatory & Public Affairs
HSCAC Safety & Civil Affairs
HTBL House Table
HTC House Transportation Committee
HTPWC Transportation & Public Works
HTRC House Taxation & Revenue Committee
HVEC House Voters & Elections Committee
HWMC Ways & Means
HXPSC House Printing & Supplies Committee
HZLM In Limbo (House)
m/rcnsr adptd Motion to reconsider previous action adopted.
OCER Certificate
PASS Passed
PASSED/S (or/H) Passed Senate (always followed by announced vote – PASSED/S (39-0)).
PCA Constitutional Amendment
PCH Chaptered
PKVT Pocket Veto
PSGN Signed
PVET Vetoed
QSUB Substituted
rcld frm/h Bill recalled from the House for further consideration by the Senate.
s/cncrd Senate has concurred in House amendments on a Senate bill.
s/fld recede This procedure could follow if the Senate refuses to recede from its amendments.
SCAL Senate Calendar
SCC Committees’ Committee
SCNR Senate Concurrence Calendar
SCONC Conservation
SCORC Corporations & Transportation
SCS/H 18 Senate committee substitute for House Bill 18. (CS, preceded by the initial of the opposite house, indicates a substitute for a bill made by the other house. The listing, however, will continue under the original bill entry.)
SCW Committee of the Whole
SEC Education
SFC Finance
SGC Senate Select Gaming Committee
SGND(C.A.2). Constitutional amendment and its number.
SGND(Mar.4)Ch.9. Signed by the Governor, date and chapter number.
SGND. Signed by one or both houses. (For legislation not requiring Governor’s signature.)
SIAC Indian & Cultural Affairs
SINT Senate Intro
SJC Judiciary
SPAC Public Affairs
SPREF Senate Pre-file
SRC Rules
STBL Senate Table
SWMC Senate Ways & Means Committee
SZLM In Limbo (Senate)
T On the Speaker’s table by rule (temporary calendar). (This entry appears only on House action. By House Rule 11-20-1, legislation, except that on the Consent Calendar, is placed on the Speaker’s table for one calendar day before being placed on the House Calendar for action by the House.)
tbld Tabled temporarily by motion.
TBLD INDEF. Tabled indefinitely.
VETO(Mar.7). Vetoed by the Governor and date.
w/drn Withdrawn from committee or daily calendar for subsequent action.
w/o rec WITHOUT RECOMMENDATION committee report adopted.
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