Role of District Legislative Advocacy Team Member

Legislative advocacy teams are being organized around Senate Districts in which there is a Democrat holding the seat. We will also be organizing teams for key House Reps like Speaker Egolf, Rep. Lundstrom and other House Committee Chairs. But for now our focus is on the Senate.

It is important to understand that you do not have to be a policy wonk, an experienced advocate or a confident polished speaker. When advocating in teams with a legislator there will be plenty of members who are eager to carry that ball. In individual emails or texts to legislators you will be provided tons of resources to comfortably express your support for specific bills.

What Members Do:

  • Identify who your State Senator is and the District number. You can do that in 10 seconds by clicking here.
  • Let us know you want to be involved as a member by writing to and tell us what district you are in.
  • If you haven’t become familiar with our strategy, it might be a good idea to do so, by clicking here.
  • Become familiar with our bills by reviewing our bill list by clicking here.
  • Once the Team Coordinator has initiated contact with your Senator and scheduled a zoom, your Coordinator will schedule one Team Planning Session. Hopefully you can participate, but if not, the zoom will be recorded;
  • We will then convene one or two team zoom meetings with constituents of the Senator and the Senator, one will definitely occur in December and one likely in February;
  • During the session we would hope all members would keep informed about what is going on during the session and participate in our Legislative Alert system. To do this, it is helpful to subscribed to both our blog which is published four times a week and focuses almost exclusively on NM issues and our Legislative Action Alert Network from which you will receive alerts whenever a bill we support is being voted on in committee or chamber floor. Click here to subscribe.
  • When notified through the alert system, we encourage you to use our speaking points and contact information to tell your Senator of your support for the bill and remind him/her of your being one of the constituents who has met with you from the Retake Legislative Advocacy Team for his district.
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