This is the home page where we will begin assembling information about Rethink Our Democracy, it’s vision, scope of work and strategic plan. Over the next three months, we will work with volunteers to develop a website devoted to Rethink and a separate one for Retake Our Democracy. For now, this will be your go-to page for updated info on our progress in developing a 501c3.

Rethink Our Democracy, a Strategic Vision & Scope of Work. Published on April 5, this document outlines the need for Retake Our Democracy to form a 501c3, along with our vision and initial scope of work.

April 21, 6pm. Rethink Our Democracy Huddle. If you are interested in hearing more about our evolving plans and how you might be able to be part of that work, this bill be our initial “huddle” where we will begin talking among our many supporters as to how we all can make this happen as quickly and efficiently as possible. You need to register to participate, but all are welcome.

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