Rethink Our Democracy

7-13-22 Update. On Friday July 10, the IRS notified us that our application seeking 501-c-3 status was approved. And so we begin the work of launching the education arm of our work. Stay tuned!

This is the home page where we will begin assembling information about our new 501c3, Rethink Our Democracy — our vision, scope of work, and strategic plan. Ultimately, we will have a Rethink website, but for now, this is your go-to page for updated info on our progress in developing the 501c3. . Below you will find brief summaries and links to:

  • Our strategic vision and scope of work;
  • What We Are Reading & Watching, a compilation of articles and video offering you a sampling of what we will be discussing and using as foundational to our work going forward.
  • Video of prior Rethink Huddle from 2021 where we discussed our plan for Rethink.

Rethink Vision:

Rethink Our Democracy, a Strategic Vision, Scope of Work & Description of Our Priority Policy Areas. Published on April 5, this document outlines the need for Retake Our Democracy to form a 501c3, along with our vision and initial scope of work.

Rethink Volunteer Roles

Rethink Our Democracy, Roles and Responsibilities & Sign Up Form. At a 2021 Huddle (recording below), we presented a very general set of roles and responsibilities that people like you could perform to help us advance our work. Some are very short-term, simple tasks, some are administration, some of collecting resources with no writing involved, some are to develop policy briefs. There is something for everyone. Check it out and please consider signing up. If you sign up for any specific role, know that you are signing up to test the waters and see whether the swim we have in mind suits you. Click here to check it out.

What We are Reading & Watching: To advance the work, we are reading a wide variety of books, articles and studies and viewing many video relevant to the topics upon which we are focusing. Many provide models of initiatives that manifest our principles and priorities and others outline how to better advance the work generally. Reviewing these books, articles and video is an excellent way to achieve a deep understanding of the work Rethink is advancing. We will try to update this list every week or two, so it will be worth checking out every so often. Click here to view What We are Reading & Watching.

May 13, 2021 Recording of Rethink Huddle # 2. We discussed the various roles that volunteers can play in our evolution and development. If you missed this huddle and want to catch up, check it out below.

April 21, 2021 Recording of Rethink Huddle. If you missed the huddle on the 21st after a very few minutes of people introducing themselves, Roxanne and I laid out our vision for Rethink and then conducted a conversation with our emerging alliance with our volunteers. Check it out.