Retake Town Hall with Richard Ellenberg, Jon Hendry and Paul Gibson

Retake Our Democracy Town Hall: Dialog without Division, a Panel Discussion with DPNM Chair, Richard Ellenberg, Jon Hendry (Labor Council) and Paul Gibson (Retake) Saturday, August 19, 3pm-5pm, Center for Progress & Justice, 1420 Cerrillos.

Join us on August 19 to discuss the best communication and advocacy strategies to employ to encourage New Mexico’s Democratic Leadership to embrace a more specific message and  a more progressive set of policy priorities. How can we press for change in a way that Party leaders hear and consider our views? How can we avoid the acrimony that characterized the primary campaign?  The Town Hall will include:

  • At the beginning of the Town Hall we will also devote ten minutes to update attendees on Retake’s three primary strategies and encourage their participation (see details below).
  • A ten minute brainstorm to identify shared values and legislative initiatives that we all embrace and that should be core to the Democratic Party and where both centrist and progressive participants are in agreement and in the process, identify areas where we do not fully agree…but the process should lead to identifying much common ground where we agree.
  • Fifteen minutes where Richard, Jon and Paul will each respond to one question selected by each panelist.
  • Forty minutes where Richard, Paul and Jon will each respond to questions prepared by members of the audience, questions that will be submitted on index cards at the beginning of the meeting (so come early).
  • Twenty minutes of open mic where audience members will line up and be able to make one-minute comments on what they’ve heard and what other issues they’d like to see addressed.

Together we will attempt to identify how best a sustained dialog on these issues might be conducted respectfully and without be divisive.

We are in this together, folks. We are much stronger if we are all rowing in one direction but to sustain engagement, energy and activity means that all participants must feel that their values, vision and priorities are being reflected in the effort. So much is at stake. Let’s talk. Click here to RSVP on Facebook or simply email us at

  • Roundhouse Activism Team which is working with progressive lobbyists throughout the state to identify specific high priority bills that we hope will be embraced by Democratic Party leadership and 2018 candidates. Once a preliminary list is developed, it will be vetted with the lobbyists, with Retake members and with progressive groups throughout the state, even using an online survey to prioritize the list. At the end of the Town Hall attendees will be able to rank the 10-15 bills that have been identified thus far, initiating the vetting process. The Roundhouse team is also working with progressive lobbyists to identify GOP and Democratic Roundhouse legislators who consistently stall or kill good bills. We will reach out to progressives in those communities and share with them our findings and encourage collaborating to build a stronger, more vocal grassroots base in those districts.
  • Research Action Team.  This team is working together to develop a better understanding of how City decisions are made as relates to budgeting, allocation of resources, community development planning, park priorities, and housing and transit decisions. Currently we are focusing on researching effective models that correspond to the Chainbreaker Collective’s ten-point People’s Platform and zeroing in on the City’s plans for the University of Art & Design site.
  • Community Conversation Canvassing Team. Here we are sending folks to their own blocks to have conversations with neighbors, ask questions about their concerns at state and local levels and begin conversations about what an equitable Santa Fe might look like. In the process, we are identifying people who want to play an active role in our work.