Retake Our Democracy: Statement of Purpose

retake-logo-narrowRetake Our Democracy is a volunteer-based organization committed to making personal and collective activism easier. Our goal is to build power in our community to ultimately create social, racial, environmental and economic justice at local, state and national levels.  We engage, educate, activate, and organize through trainings, actions, town halls, and educational events, and produce a blog with information, resources, tools and upcoming events.  We believe that lasting social change is borne out of local activism, and to that end we are committed to support organizations already engaged in social justice work.

Purpose:  Retake Our Democracy believes that a true democracy of “we the people” has never existed, and neither has “the land of the free.” Yet, democracy as an aspiration and as a goal is held dearly by millions of people across the globe, and so, we incorporate democracy in our title and seek to make it a reality instead of an aspiration. We believe that creating a truly participatory and inclusive democracy is an achievable and noble goal. To that end, Retake Our Democracy seeks to achieve social, economic, racial, and climate justice in Santa Fe, across New Mexico, and across the nation by organizing and supporting a range of political and social actions and by forming alliances with other activist organizations to build the power necessary to achieve equity and justice. Retake’s unique contribution is to organize the skills, expertise, and financial resources of its members to support and advance the goals of frontline activist organizations, and to make sustained activism at city, state, and national levels easier for all members of the community.

Strategies: Our leadership team is constantly revising our strategies and is in the process of preparing a more detailed statement about the nature of our strategic initiatives. But generally, to achieve the above purpose, Retake uses its blog posts, website resources, outreach efforts, canvassing, town halls, community meetings, social media, letters to the editor and other forms of public communication to engage, educate, activate, and organize individuals in political discourse and action. In initiating strategies we most often seek to align our work in support of those organizations who have long been advocating on behalf of under-represented, low-income and oppressed peoples and communities.

Unifying all these strategies is an ongoing effort to build power among people and communities that have been historically underrepresented so that we can more effectively advocate for change and promote justice and equity.

We can do this if we do it together.