Retake Our Democracy Leadership Structure

Retake Our Democracy has many moving parts, many teams operating independently or in coordination. To ensure that the organization remains focused on its primary goals and implements strategies effectively, it has created the following organizational structure.

Board of Directors. Our Board reviews the budget, ensures compliance with legal, IRS and Secretary of State guidelines, and evaluates the effectiveness of leadership. In the event a director is hired, the Board would hire the Director and evaluate his or her effectiveness. But for now, Retake is an entirely volunteer organization.

Leadership Team. Coordination of our strategies and formulation of our priorities has become the responsibility of Leadership Team with greater representation from those who are actively doing the work and overseeing specific functions, strategies and teams.

Ally advisors.  Our allies do not meet formally, but are comprised of a growing number of advocacy and community service organizations who serve as thought partners to our work, challenging our thinking, suggesting new directions and working in partnership with us. Among key advisors: Somos Un Pueblo Unido, Chainbreaker Collective, New Energy Economy, EarthCare, Youth United for Climate Crisis Action (YUCCA), Working Families Party, the Adelante Progressive Caucus of the New Mexico Democratic Party, Santa Fe Dreamers, Taos United, TEWA Women United, Diné Citizens Against Ruining Our Environment ( Diné C.A.R.E.), and array of Indivisibles operating in communities throughout New Mexico.  

Through ongoing dialog with these groups, Retake ensures our efforts are respectful of the work that others are doing and ensures alignment and effective coordination among organizations with shared values and goals. 

Action Teams. Action Teams are formed to allow local activists opportunities to develop actions that support the strategic direction of Retake Our Democracy. Currently the primary action team is the Roundhouse Advocacy Team which has teams working on

  • Research Team: The team focuses on Legislative Research for bills to be introduced in the Roundhouse in each session,
  • Media and Marketing: The team focuses on developing communication tools and strategies statewide;
  • Climate Action Team: The team focuses on advocacy on the highest priority policies and regulations to best address the climate crisis;
  • Organizing and Outreach Team: The team focuses on outreach to communities distant from the Roundhouse and seeks to organize teams in those communities to support their advocacy in elections and legislative sessions.
  • Information Technology Team developing our Nation Builder action website and communication system that will drive our Statewide Roundhouse Rapid Response Network;

The Majority. The majority are most of you who know we are not getting what we need and realize that our voices are not being heard, but have little time to devote to activism. The most important goal of Retake Our Democracy is to engage the majority, provide concise information that penetrates mainstream media’s stranglehold on what we know, and provide easy ways for the majority to advocate effectively on their behalf.

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