Retake Down Ballot Endorsements

Each election, we post our recommendations for down ballot races. To do this, we reach out to people in other counties. We are very careful to accept recommendations only from allies and supporters we trust. But every once in while, our resources fail us. So if you see any recommendations you think are off, or if anything is missing, please let us know.

NOTE: As of Oct. 5, we have reached out to supporters and allies in Rio Arriba County but have not received sufficient information to make recommendations. We hope to be able to update this page with recommendations for that county in time for the start of early voting. We are also hoping to get more information on several races in Doña Ana and Bernalillo counties. Stay tuned. We will update this page as we get more info.

When, Where & How to Vote. Even in our home county of Santa Fe, there is so much conflicting information about how, where and when you can drop off a ballot (absentee) or vote early (where you actually get a ballot that you feed into the machine ensuring it will be tallied by Nov 3), that we hesitate to offer advice. Even yesterday’s Opinion piece in the New Mexican about absentee and early voting was confusing. Our best advice is to check with your county clerk as each county is different.

Below is a link to the rules for 33 NM counties.

Click here to get voting info
from County Clerks in 33 NM Counties

NM State Constitutional Amendments

Vote NO on Constitutional Amendment 1. This is one of the most important issues on the ballot and Retake Our Democracy has drafted a position paper outlining our reasons for opposing this ballot measure. Click here to read this very important position statement.

Vote YES on Constitutional Amendment 2. This will simply consolidate local elections so that they are aligned with statewide/national elections. A very good idea.

State Legislators

If the NM House can add one more Democrat to its caucus and if the Senate can add 4 new Democratic Senators, each chamber can make changes to the rules to limit debate in committees and on the chamber floors to one hour per bill, instead of the current limit of three hours. If you’ve sat in any hearings you know that the GOP uses the full three hours on nearly every issue in a brazen effort to limit the number of bills considered. This is particularly important in the last days of the legislative session when Senate and House leadership must calculate precisely which bills should be advanced, and many good bills are left behind for lack of time.

As a result, we encourage all of you to vote a straight Democratic ticket, with this one exception:

  • HD 12, DPI 68.80. South Valley, ABQ Brittney Barreras vs. Art de la CruzBarreras is a DTS and de la Cruz is a write-in Democrat. But Barreras is highly progressive with life experience that enables her to connect with the needs and challenges of working people. De la Cruz is a seasoned politician who undermined an effort to pass a Bernalillo County ordinance to create paid sick leave and who was a key driving force for advancing the massive Santolina development in Bernalillo County. We do not need another DINO in the Roundhouse. Vote Barreras.

Statewide Constitutional Amendments

  • Amendment I: Would reduce the number of PRC Commissioners from 5 to 3 and would switch from election of Commissioners to the Governor making appointments. OPPOSE
  • Amendment II: Would adjust the length of terms of some elected officials so as to consolidate election dates. APPROVE

Statewide Bond Measures

  • Bond A: Would create a Capital Projects General Obligation Bond that would provide $33,292,141 in funding to construct and/or make capital improvements in an array of senior citizen facilities. APPROVE.
  • Bond B: Would create a Capital Projects General Obligation Bond that would provide $9,751,433 in funds for public school, tribal, academic, and public libraries, to fund acquisition of needed resources. APPROVE.
  • Bond C: Would create Capital Projects General Obligation Bond that would provide $156,358,475 in funding to support facility improvements and capital expenditures in higher education, special schools and tribal schools. APPROVE

State Judicial Elections

  • Justice of the Supreme Court: Kerry Morris (R) vs. David Thomson (D). Vote for THOMSON.
  • Position 1, Court of Appeals: Barbara Johnson (R) vs. Zach Ives (D). Vote for IVES.
  • Position 2, Court of Appeals: Stephen Curtis (Lib) vs Shammara Henderson (D) and Gertrude Lee (R). Vote for HENDERSON.
  • Position 3, Court of Appeals Thomas Montoya (R) vs. Jane B. Yohalem (D). Vote for YOHALEM.

Public Regulation Commission

Joe Maestas (D) vs Christopher Luchini (Lib). Vote for MAESTAS.

County Ballot Recommendations

Bernalillo County Races

We were unable to get solid recommendations from BernCo, but maybe we will get some input in the comments below. Please offer any information you have. Vote for:

  • Adriann Barboa in Dist 3, (unopposed);
  • Wende Schwingendorf in Dist. 4,, critical to achieving a majority on the County Commission;
  • Nancy Bearce for Treasurer (also unopposed).

Las Cruces-Doña Ana County Races

  • Vote Democrat on all the partisan races. But we are hearing mixed reviews about the Dem candidate for District 4 County Commissioner, Susana Chapparo. Any one out there have views on this?
  • Retain on all the judicial races;
  • Yes on all the bond issues.

Rio Arriba County


SUPPORT. Supports construction of a new senior citizens’ facility (to
replace the one that was closed by its operator with very short

Rationale: The closure of the old nursing home put a big hole where
senior care used to be in Rio Arriba. Restrictions on the property
made it impossible to put a new nursing home into the existing
facility (Darrin’s Place, a drug rehabilitation center, now uses that
facility), so construction of a new senior center is required.


SUPPORT. Supports academic, public school, tribal, and public

Rationale: Books will get us through times with no money better than
money will get us through times with no books.


SUPPORT. Supports higher education, special schools, and tribal

Rationale: Local jurisdictions need to support their public education systems.



Rationale: not a new tax, just a continuation of an existing one.


Vote Democrat: Moises Morales.

Rationale: Democrat. Also, he has a long long history of activism and
community service (including past service as a county commissioner and
as county clerk, both without scandal).

Sandoval County Races

Two of the most important races are for county commissioner’s seats.

  • District 2: Vote for Leah Ahkee Baczkiewicz (D)
  • District 4: Vote for  Alexandria Piland  (D)

For the state legislature, there are two potential seats to flip and one seat to hold:

  • Vote for Katy DuHigg (D) state senate, running against Candance Gould.
  • Vote for Billie Thurman-Helean (D), who is running against Jason Harper.
  • In a seat we want to hold, vote for Brenda McKenna who is running to fill John Sapien’s Senate District 9 seat.  
  • Approve all bond measures for the schools and school districts.

Santa Fe Races

  • Bond 1: Would create a General Obligation Bond to provide $4,829,000 to acquire, improve equip, and restore open space, trails and parks. APPROVE
  • Bond 2: Would create a General Obligation Bond to provide $11,421,000 to acquire, improve, design, equip, and improve Santa Fe County roads. APPROVE
  • Bond 3: Would create a General Obligation Bond to provide $3,750,000 to acquire real property, and to construct, design equip rehabilitate and improve water and wastewater treatment projects within Santa Fe County. Funds would be used to acquire real property and necessary water rights for, and to construct, design, equip, rehabilitate, and improve water and wastewater projects within the County for:· Hyde Park Estates Upgrades – $400,000· ASR Partnership with Rancho Viejo – $50,000· Romero Park Area Water Line System & design for future growth – $950,000· Redirect Abajo Lift Station to Wastewater SFCWRF – $2,350,000 APPROVE
  • For more information on these bonds, please visit:

The remainder of the Santa Fe County ballot has Democrats running unopposed or in races not thought to be competitive, with two important exceptions. Both Sen. Liz Stefanics (D) and Rep. Matthew McQueen (D) are in districts that include parts of Santa Fe County but also include communities to the south that are significantly more moderate or conservative. Both McQueen and Stefanics are crucial legislators and they warrant your strong support. In Santa Fe County, all of Democratic state legislators warrant your support. Vote the Democratic ticket.

Judge Retentions in Santa Fe

  • Judge Jacqueline Medina
  • Judge Francis J Matthew
  • Judge Maria Sanchez-Gagne
  • Judge Sylvia Lamar
  • Judge Jason Lidyard
  • Judge Glenn Ellington
  • Judge Mary Marlow Sommer
  • Judge Matthew Wilson

Silver City Races

  • State Senate 28- Siah Correa Hemphill
  • State Rep 38- Karen Whitlock
  • State Rep 39- Rudy Martinez
  • County Commission 3- Alicia Edwards
  • County Commission 4- Marilyn Alcorn
  • County Commission 5- Harry Browne

Taos Races

  • Pete Campos, NM Senate Dist 8
  • Kristina Ortez, NM House Dist 42
  • Unopposed Candidates, but we can still vote for these:
  • Bobby Gonzales, NM Senate Dist 6
  • Susan Herrera, NM House Dist 41
  • Melissa Kennelly, Dist Judge
  • Jeff Shannon, District Judge
  • Marcus Montoya, Dist Attorney
  • Sara Blankenhorn, Magistrate Judge
  • Stephen Carrillo, Public Education Commission
  • Valerie Rael-Montoya, County Clerk
  • Paula Santistevan, County Treasurer
  • Darlene Vigil, Taos County Commission Dist 3
  • AnJanette Brush, Taos County Commission Dist 4

That’s it for today.

In solidarity and hope,

Paul & Roxanne

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