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buried2Rattle the GOP is Retake Our Democracy’s campaign to resist the Trump Agenda. The most important thing you can do to resist Trump’s regime can be done from home, and you can do it every day. This strategy is especially important right now, as all Congressional Representatives head home to meet with their constituents the weekend of Feb 17-20.

There is mounting evidence of GOP legislators becoming rattled, particularly with Trump’s penchant of Executive Orders. A summary of a recent meeting that a Mennonite Pastor from Pennsylvania had with Sen. Pat Toomey provides compelling evidence of the power of resistance. Toomey and others are becoming seriously rattled, questioning Trump’s ‘monarchic’ tendencies and his overuse of the Executive Order. Read the summary here.

Turn Up the Heat: Reach Out to Friends with GOP Senators or House Reps

  1. Reach out to your friends and family in other parts of our state and nation. Create a list of names, phone numbers, and zip codes, and call 3 or 4 of these people a day. Share with them the importance of becoming active and help them see how easy it can be. For example, at SwingLeft you plug in a zip code and see the boundaries for red-held US House Swing Districts nearby. Click here to access SwingLeft.
  2. Once your friends have identified a swing district, they can identify the Representative holding that seat, as well as their two Senators. If one of them is GOP, then there is another opportunity to apply pressure.  Here is a link to a site with contact information for every US Senator and House member.
  3. Encourage your friends to call, email, and send post cards to their GOP representative every day–we hear that post cards sent to the home offices of Representatives may be the most effective of these strategies.
  4. Encourage your friends to post their actions on Facebook and reach out to friends by phone/email to encourage them to come to this page and begin doing the same thing. The pyramid scam works in politics: you call 5 friends who get active; they each call 5; and those 25 call five and you have 125 activists generated by our five calls.
  5. Encourage your friends to host an Open House Activism Party: invite friends, share conversations about the things that are most bothering them, and write post cards to the local office of their Senator or US Rep.
  6. Encourage your friends to go to retakeourdemocracy.org, find the blue “follow” button on the lower right side of the home page, click it and select “follow by email.”
  7. The week of Feb 13-20 is crucial – use this link to find representatives’ Town Hall meetings and show up…bring friends, bring signs.


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