Primary Campaign Actions & Contact Info: Romero, Herrera, Yazzie, Fischmann & McCamley

This page provides dates and times for canvassing and calling on behalf of any of the five tremendous candidates we are supporting:

  • Andrea Romero, NM House Dist. 46
  • Susan Herrera, NM House Dist. 41
  • Janene Yazzie, PRC Dist. 4
  • Steve Fischmann, PRC Dist. 5
  • Bill McCamley, State Auditor

All five face uphill battles, the first four fighting entrenched incumbents with far greater name recognition and far more money. Bill McCamley faces a similar challenge, an establishment Democrat with great name recognition and lots of funding from developers and gas and oil.  We need their help to change NM. They need our help to win and get into a position where they can do the work.

First get informed. Retake has many articles about each candidate we are supporting. Just use the search function on the right of the page and put in the name of any candidate. Read up on them and make up your own mind. But then make sure you do more than just vote. If we want a democracy, we have to be willing to put in the time. If we can organize a dozen canvassers in each of these races over the remaining weeks, we can influence each of these primaries. So please, whatever you do, get active. Canvassing, in particular, can be a very invigorating and inspiring act, a way to beat back the anxiety and depression.  Look at what Leah experienced her first weekend canvassing.

Leah had never canvassed before, but she took a risk, she got out of her comfort zone last week and here is what she had to say:

“I spent several hours today canvassing for Janene [Yazzie] in Cerillos. It was inspiring to hear how many people felt energized to vote for her and spread the word once they understood the importance of this election and what Janene’s platform is all about. I would be happy to volunteer to organize canvassers from Santa Fe for the next two weekends.”   

And before you say to yourself, “Does canvassing really matter?” more from Leah:

“People are ready for change! Canvassing made me realize that our efforts are crucial because most people initially had no idea what the PRC is or does. Neither did I, before I started getting the Retake Our Democracy newsletter.”

Let’s Do This!

Roundhouse: District 46 and 41

District 46 Andrea Romero

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This race has gotten very nasty. A review of any of the blog posts

Canvass and Call from Andrea’s home, 1101 Hickox St. Santa Fe, NM 87505.  Get routes, call lists, scripts, flyers and a bit of training at the times below. 

  • May 19-20; May 26-27; June 2-3:
  • Saturdays, 11am-2pm
  • Sundays, 1pm-4pm

Phone Calling Dates and Times.  Sundays and Wednesdays: 5:30pm-8pm. May 13, 16, 20, 23, 27, 30, and June 3. Download our Volunteer Flyer here.

*Field Coordinator, Cecile Lipworth is happy to accommodate walking and calling outside of scheduled times. Just let her know! To volunteer, please call or text Cecile at 505/699-2539 or email her at

  • For more information on Andrea Romero’s candidacy, her background and how you can become involved, click here.
  • For more information on Carl Trujillo, her opponent, click here.

District 41: Susan Herrera

Dist. 41. Rodella vs. Herrera.The Albuquerque Journal published an interview with Susan Herrera where she explained her position on a number of key NM issues. If you aren’t familiar with Herrera, this article is a great place to start. Click here.

For Retake Our Democracy’s analysis of both candidate’s positions on the issues, click here.  If you missed it the Daily Kos has endorsed Susan.

  • Click here to find out how to contribute, call, canvass or otherwise support the Herrera campaign.

Public Regulation Commission

Currently the PRC routinely votes 3-2 on everything, ignoring advocacy on the part of environmentalists and even ignoring the recommendations of the PRC’s own Hearing Officers. This June, we have the opportunity to remove two of the three Commissioners who routinely vote with PNM and El Paso Electric. By electing Steve, we would unseat Sandy Jones in District 5 and flip the balance to a 3-2 environmentally aligned majority. If we were also to win in District 4 where Janene Yazzie is challenging incumbent Lynda Lovejoy, we could achieve a 4-1 super majority.

You have to know that PNM and other utilities will pour money into this campaign. They simply can’t afford to lose their stranglehold on the PRC.  But, we can do this. But only if you get involved: canvass, call, contributeThis is no time to sit on the sidelines. We badly need to flip the PRC and we need to win at least one of these primaries.  We feel this election is the second most important race in NM after Governor. The PRC ‘regulates’ our utilities, transportation, telecommunications, and more. The five commissioners have far more power than any one NM Legislator and for environmentalists their role in determining when and how we transition to renewable energy is critical. 

Public Regulation Commission Dist. 4: Janene Yazzie

Flip the PRC for a Swift, Just Transition to a Sustainable, Renewable Future.  There will be canvassing, calling and donation opportunities over the next four weeks.  As currently comprised, the PRC Commissioners consistently vote 3-2 in favor of whatever our utility providers request (e.g. PNM).   

Santa Fe Activity for Janene Yazzie.  Contact Paul at We are canvassing every Sat and Sun. We want to return to houses where no one was home, so we need you.

In Santa Fe, Two Opportunities to Meet Janene Yazzie:
Tuesday, May 22, 2018, 5-7 PM, At the Home of Marilyn and Ed Winter-Tamkin in Santa Fe. Please contact Marla Painter at 505-220-3969 to RSVP and for directions. Join us for beverages, appetizers and great conversation. Contributions will be welcomed.

Canvassing in Other Parts of the State (especially ABQ).  For more information about how to support the campaign, visit We have canvassing every Sat and Sun in ABQ, as well. He can set you up with routes, scripts and flyers and connect you with others with whom you can walk.

Public Regulation Commission Dist. 5: Steve Fischmann

Steve Fischmann has been a NM State Senator and a lobbyist advocating for banning payday lending programs. He has always been on our side. His opponent, Sandy Jones is running a PNM-funded campaign. He has voted with PNM pretty much every time during his four years. To read more about how consistently three PRC Commissioners have sided with utility companies and their shareholders, at the expense of ratepayers and the planet, click here for a one-page summary that includes three specific examples where PRC majorities of 3-2 have resulted in ratepayers being levied hundreds of millions of dollars in rate increases over the objection of the PRC Hearing Officers.

To find out more about each candidate’s views and how to support their campaign:

  •  Steve’s campaign stretches from the Mexican border up to Los Lunas and covers the southwest quadrant of the state. For more information on Steve, his campaign, and how you can support it, click here.

State Auditor:  Bill McCamley

Bill McCamley for State Auditor

We hosted a fund raiser for Bill some weeks ago, but have not written much since. In this statewide race, every precinct is in play. Bill faces an enormous challenge: his opponent, Brian Colon, who waged a very negative campaign for ABQ Mayor against Tim Keller. Colon lost despite raising over $700,000 and benefiting from a massive and horribly negative and misleading media campaign led by sprawl developers targeting Tim Keller. During the campaign, Colon said he did not support sanctuary cities, a minimum wage increase, and would not say if he would support a massive sprawl development on Albuquerque’s westside. Click here to find out more about Bill McCamley and Brian Colon. In  Bill McCamley has been an incredible legislator in the Roundhouse, as the link above reveals. He needs your support because name recognition is huge and Colon has been in the fray for decades and is a former DPNM Chair. Click here to contact his campaign to find out how you can canvass, call or contribute.