PNM & the PRC: Profits & Greed Trump People & Planet

coal pollution smallPNM has long been an advocate for coal, gas and nuclear power and has consistently opposed efforts to increase the use of renewable energy in OUR energy portfolio. Replacement Power – New Energy Economy outlines the PNM coal replacement plan, how the PRC ignored New Energy Econony’s reasoned opposition to the plan, how the PRC then voted to approve the PNM request and why NEE appealed the PRC decision all the way to the Supreme Court.  The PRC decision to side with PNM is why Retake the Roundhouse is going to make removal of those PRC Commissioners who voted in favor of PNM coal replacement plan a major priority.

Karen Montoya, PRC District 1 Commissioner for Bernalillo County, who voted for PNM’s coal replacement plan, found out what the voters’ wrath can mean and was voted out of office in June. Unfortunately, Cynthia Hall does not officially replace her until January, after the vote on PNM’s rate hike.  Patrick Lyon (District 2), Lynda Lovejoy (District 4) and Sandy Jones (District 5) who all voted for the PNM coal plan, had best be paying attention to what happened to Commissioner Montoya, because Retake the Roundhouse will be watching carefully how they vote on this and other PNM-related issues. Of immediate importance is the pending vote on PNM’s incredibly greedy rate hike.  This is coming to a vote on Sept. 21 or 28 and we need all of you to reach out and let your Commissioner know how you feel about this rate hike. For more on the rate hike issue, click here. For PRC Commissioner contact information and for suggestions as to how you can advocate for saner energy policies, click here.

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