Our 2023 Legislative Priorities

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Bills we support this year are listed below with links to available info about the bill. Our highest priority bills are listed first, then second-tier-priority, followed by bills we oppose. We’re still working on talking points for several bills.

Bills We SupportHigh Priority

Our high-priority bills will be tracked daily, we will inform our followers when they come up for a hearing, we will provide talking points, our observers will take notes at hearings, and we will post bill progress here throughout the session.

Energy & Environment

  • SB 165 Local Choice Energy Act. Introduced by Senator Carrie Hamblen, SB 165 changes the law to allow municipalities the option to choose their electricity generation sources and expand energy options for tribal nations while saving up to 10% for ratepayers. Learn about LCE-Public Power and how it can benefit our state at this link. Read the text of the bill at this link.
  • HJR 4 – SJR 6 Environmental Rights (Green Amendment). This legislation would amend the constitution of New Mexico by adding a section that provides people with environmental rights including the right to clean and healthy air, water, soil, and environments, a stable climate, and self-sustaining ecosystems, and direct the state, counties and municipalities to serve as trustees of the natural resources of the state for the benefit of all people. Learn about the benefits of the Green Amendment to New Mexico here.
  • Water Protection. There are multiple water bills this session, so we are prioritizing the top three bills recommended by the Middle Rio Grande Water Advocates. Check out other good water bills in our Tier 2 list below.
    • Water Security Planning Act – Not yet introduced, but this bill is the number one priority. More info coming soon.
    • SB 1 Regional Water System Resiliency Act. Introduced by Sen. Peter Wirth, this bill would create regional utility authorities, provide the powers and duties of authorities and boards of directors, and authorize the issuance of bonds, provide for the transfer of assets, liabilities, and water rights. Read the talking points here. You’ll find a link to the bill itself at this page.
    • SB 57 Funding for State Water Trust Fund. Introduced by Sen. Peter Worth, it would transfer $250M from the General Fund to the Water Trust Fund in FY 2023. More info coming soon. (No link to bill because it says nothing more than the above.)
  • SB 53 – HB 122 Storage/Disposal of Certain Radioactive Waste. Introduced by Senator Jeff Steinborn SB 53 would amend the Radioactive and Hazardous Materials Act (RHMA) to prohibit the state from approving permits for storage or disposal of spent nuclear fuel and/or high-level radioactive waste in New Mexico. Read the draft talking points here. You’ll find a link to the bill itself at this page.

Check our Second-Tier Bill List below for more on Energy & Environment.


  • Health Security. Health Security for New Mexicans Campaign will introduce legislation to create an Expert Committee to continue the Health Security Plan design process and to add funding to support that critical work. Learn about the Health Security Plan at this link.
  • Women’s Reproductive Rights. New Rep. Reena Szczepanski will introduce two reproductive rights bills: Reproductive Healthcare Protection Act and Reproductive Healthcare Freedom Act. More info coming soon.
  • HB 42 – SB 5 – Public Health & Climate Resiliency. This bill would create a statewide Climate & Public Health Program within the state Health Dept. to develop a comprehensive plan of action to ensure that public health experts collaborate with agencies responsible for emergency responses. The program would research best practice public policies to help build local resilience to climate-generated events that have health implications. It would also create a Public Health and Climate Resiliency Fund to assist local communities in preparing for and responding to public health emergencies related to climate change and extreme weather, as determined by county and tribal emergency managers and/or health councils. Read the fact sheet here.

Economic Justice

Criminal Justice & Public Safety

  • Strengthening Law Enforcement Professions. Indivisible SOS Santa Fe partnered with leaders in law enforcement professions across the state to create legislation to establish a system for law enforcement training, oversight, and accountability. Read the bill summary from Indivisible SOS Santa Fe at this link.
  • Gun Violence Prevention
    • SB 116: 21 Years Old to Purchase or Possess Firearms, introduced by Senator Carrie Hamblen. SB 116 would raise the legal age from 18 to 21 to purchase or possess an automatic or semiautomatic firearm or a large-capacity firearm. Read the text of SB 116 at this link. More info coming.
    • HB 101 Large-Capacity Magazines & Assault Weapons, introduced by Rep. Andrea Romero, would prohibit the possession, manufacture, purchase, or sale of large-capacity firearm magazines and assault weapons in New Mexico, making it a 4th-degree felony. Read HB 101 at this link. More info coming soon.
    • HB 100 14-Day Waiting Period for Firearm Sales. Introduced by Rep. Andrea Romero, HB 100 would require a 14-day waiting period before a gun purchaser can take possession of the weapon. Read HB 100 at this link. More info coming soon.

Check our Second-Tier Bill List below for more on Criminal Justice and Public Safety.


  • HB 140 Tribal Education Trust Fund, introduced by Rep Derrick Lente and cosponsored by Reps. Andrea Romero, Javier Martinez, Patricia Roybal Caballero, and Anthony Allison. HB 140 would create the Tribal Education Trust Fund with an appropriation of $50 million, effective July 1, 2023. Tribes would use annual interest earned on trust fund money for language revitalization efforts, resources such as wi-fi, and career readiness programs, and other priorities. It would give tribes greater autonomy over Native children’s education. After generations of neglect, it’s time to make serious investments in the education of Native American children in our state. Read the talking points here. Read HB 140 at this link.

Food & Agriculture

Food and Agriculture bills coming soon.

Housing Reform

SB 99 Rent Control Prohibitions, introduced by Reps. Linda Lopez and Patricia Roybal Caballero, simply repeals the existing statewide prohibition on rent control, leaving it up to local municipalities to decide if they want rent control in their communities. With rising rents putting an undeserved burden on the working people of our state, our most populous communities need rent control. Read the talking points at this link. Read SB 99 bill text here.

SB 140 NM Housing Trust Fund, introduced by Senator Nancy Rodriguez, appropriates $48 million from the General Fund to the New Mexico Housing Trust Fund. With a housing crisis in our state, we need increased funding toward affordable housing projects. More info coming soon. Read SB 140 bill text here.

Voting Rights & Election Reform

The Voting Rights Act, expected to be introduced the week of Jan. 30, will create a permanent (but optional) absentee voter list, reinstate voting rights for felons as soon as they are released, make vote-by-mail more accessible, protect voting access for Native American communities, and make Election Day a state holiday.

See second-tier list below for more voting rights and election reform bills.


  • Modernizing the Legislature. There could be two or three bills introduced, one calling for an amendment to the Constitution to allow legislators to be salaried, another seeking funds to pay salaries for legislative aides, and a third to increase session length and improve functioning. Learn how New Mexico would benefit from a modernized legislature at this link.
    • HJR 2, Legislative Session Changes CA, introduced by Rep. Natalie Figueroa, would amend the state constitution (NM voters to decide) to lengthen the even-numbered sessions to 60 days (currently 30 days), allow bills of all subjects — not only revenue and budget bills or those deemed “germane” by the Gov. — and add a 5-day recess in the middle of sessions (after 30 days). Read HJR 2 at this link.
    • HJR 8 Legislative Salaries, introduced by Reps Rubio, Garratt, Sariñana, Ortez, Herrera. HJR 8, if approved by voters, would amend the constitution to allow for legislative salaries and create a 9-member citizen commission to establish, adjust, and limit salaries. Commission: no more than 2 from same county, no more than 4 from same party; 1 each to be appointed by the Senate Pro Tem, Senate Minority Floor Leader, Speaker of the House, and House Minority Floor Leaders; 5 to be appointed by the State Ethics Commission. Read HJR 8 at this link.
  • State Public Bank. NOTE: We learned in December that this bill will not be introduced in the 2023 session. In the meantime, AFLEP will focus on supporting legislation that promotes local economic prosperity across the state.

Bills We Support – Second Tier

Please note: We don’t have the capacity to track all the bills we support, provide talking points, and attend hearings, so we’ve created a second-tier list that we encourage you to support on your own! We provide links to the bill pages at nmlegis.gov and brief descriptions of the bills.

Energy & Environment

  • HB 32 Energy Storage System Income Tax Credit. Rep. Debra Sariñana has introduced HB 32 to create an income tax credit for the purchase and installation of an energy storage system, up to $5,000 credit for a residential property and up to $150,000 for a commercial or agricultural property. Read HB 32 at this link.
  • SB 22 Electric Vehicle & Charging Unit Tax Credits, introduced by Sen. Bill Tallman. Creates a EV tax credit of $3,250, and an EV Charging Unit tax credit of $300. Read SB 22 at this link.
  • SB 45 Geothermal Ground-Coupled Heat Pump Credit, introduced by Sen. Bill Soules. Read SB 45 at this link.
  • Water Protection

Criminal Justice & Public Safety

  • Gun Violence Prevention Package
    • HB 9 Unlawful Access to Firearm by Minor. Introduced by Reps. Pameyla Herndon and Patricia Roybal Caballero, HB 9 would make a misdemeanor of making a firearm accessible to a minor and a 4th-degree felony of making a firearm accessible to a minor, resulting in great bodily harm or death. Read HB 9 at this link.
    • HB 50 Possession of Large Capacity Gun Magazine. Introduced by Reps. Patricia Roybal Caballero and Linda Lopez, HB 50 would make possession or transfer of a large capacity gun magazine a 4th-degree felony. Read HB 50 at this link.
    • HB 72 Possession of Semiautomatic Firearm Converter. Introduced by Reps. Patricia Roybal Caballero and Linda Lopez, HB 72 would make possession of a semiautomatic firearm converter a 4th-degree felony. Read HB 72 at this link.
    • Senator Peter Wirth has introduced a bill to prohibit the carrying of a firearm within 100 feet of a polling place during an election, with an exception for peace officers. Read the Senate bill here (no number yet).
  • SB 61 Liquor Tax to Domestic Violence Fund, introduced by Sen. Bill Tallman, distributes a portion of the Liquor Excise Tax to create and fund the Domestic Violence Victims Fund. Read SB 61 at this link.
  • SB 64 No Life Sentences Juveniles, introduced by Sen. Antoinette Sedillo Lopez, would prohibit the imposition of a life sentence without parole on a child and would provide parole procedures. Read SB 64 at this link.


  • SB 4 Healthy Universal School Meals Act. Introduced by Senator Michael Padilla, this bill would enact the Health Universal School Meals Act, ensuring free, healthy school meals for ALL students. More info to come. Read SB 4 here.

Voting Rights & Election Reform

  • HJR 1 Independent Redistricting Commission. Rep. Natalie Figueroa has introduced a joint resolution to amend the state constitution to provide for the creation of an independent redistricting commission to develop redistricting plans for congressional district, state legislative districts, and other districted state offices. Read HJR 1 at this link.
  • The Native American Voting Rights Act, which was buried in the omnibus Voting Rights Bill in 2022 (SB 8) will protect and enhance voting rights for our state’s indigenous population. We hear this is a priority for the Secretary of State’s Office.
  • Protection of Election Workers, a bill introduced by Sen. Katy Duhigg, similar to SB144 from 2022 (Intimidation of Election Workers), amends the crime of intimidation to include acts against employees of the Secretary of State’s Office, County Clerks, and Municipal Clerks. Also a SOS priority. SB144 passed both chambers last year but because it was amended in the House and never made it to a Concurrence Committee for approval it died. Read the Senate bill here (no number yet).
  • A bill to Restore Felon Voting Rights, which was also buried in the omnibus Voting Rights bill last year (SB 8) is also a SOS priority.
  • SB 44 Prohibit Firearms at Polling Places, introduced by Senator Peter Wirth, would prohibit the carrying of a firearm within 100 feet of a polling place during an election, with an exception for peace officers. Read SB 44 at this link.

Bills We Oppose

  1. Hydrogen Production. If the hydrogen production is truly green, if it does not emit methane and carbon dioxide, and if it does not use millions of gallons of fresh water, we are happy to support it. But so far, hydrogen production plans in New Mexico are not green. Learn why hydrogen production is bad for our state and how we can choose clean energy.
  2. PRC Appointment: We oppose the appointment of Patrick O’Connell to the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission. Not exactly a “bill,” but an important position that should not be filled with an executive from the very industry the PRC is charged with regulating. Please contact members of the Senate Rules Committee and your own Senator to urge them to vote against approval of Patrick O’Connell’s appointment. Find talking points at this link. Find Senate Rules Committee contact info here.
  3. We oppose a bill to call for a U.S. constitutional convention, which requires the consent of two-thirds of the state, to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution to impose fiscal restraints on federal government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and limit the terms of office for federal officials and members of Congress. Introduced by Republican Senators Crystal Diamond and Cliff Pirtle. Read the Senate bill here (not yet numbered or named.)

We will be speaking with allies over the next weeks to finalize our list. If you have suggestions, please write us at RetakeResponse@gmail.com.

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