Muslim Mores at the Mosque

Please abide by these mores while attending the service. And at the risk or repeating myself, it is critical to arrive on time. If you find that you are late, please simply turn around and head home or join us in the parking lot at 2pm, but do not turn an act of solidarity into an insult.

  • Dress: long sleeves and long pants or long skirts (no problem given our weather!). In most US mosques, non-Muslim women are not specifically required to cover their hair, but it’s a gesture of respect and highly recommended.
  • Shoes: people must remove their shoes on the hard surface before stepping onto the carpet
  • Phones: turn them off
  • Photos: no
  • Hats: please remove
  • Women: both women and men are allowed to sit in the back in the main room, but women are also welcome in the separate women’s prayer room.
  • Physical contact: it’s customary to shake hands between people of the same gender, and it’s OK for a man to shake the hand of a woman if she extends her hand first.

The mosque has a large parking lot in the back, so parking should not be a problem even though it’s in a residential neighborhood. After services the mosque board members will meet with anyone who has questions and is interested in learning more. We will be provided with an English translation of the salient points of the service. The Mosque is providing a copy of the translation before Friday, which I will bring to the service on Friday. Again, please RSVP here.

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