Moral Monday & The Peoples’ Rally Feb 20

Mon, February 20, 2017. 8am-4:15pm  New Mexico Progressive Coalition. People’s Rally and Retake Our Democracy: Moral Monday.

Join Retake Our Democracy and the New Mexico Progressive Coalition in a day of advocacy, learning, and celebration. Come in the morning to advocate in the morning or come in the afternoon to rally, hear speakers and entertainment, find out how you can become active and form community.

peoples-rally-feb-20-2017-final-feb-02-colorWe will have more details on speakers, entertainers and more.

8am Registration

8-noon. Citizen Advocacy. Join a team and attend hearings, meet legislators. The schedule of bills being heard in the morning has not been announced. But the Health Security Act is being heard in the House Judiciary Committee Room 309 at 1:30pm (likely a bit later–after the general House Session ends.)

Mon, Feb 20, 8:30am, Rm 317, House Taxation and Revenue Committee, HB 202 Tax on Businesses Without a Physical Presence. Internet sales tax; targeting large out-of-state internet sellers. Our local businesses are at a distinct disadvantage. Big companies like Amazon can sell goods without any tax added. Sure you save a small amount, but our state is broke (thank you Susana).

Noon-1:45pm.  Moral Monday–Retake Our Democracy will present a series of speakers, live music, free food and beverages.

Speakers between 12-1pminclude: Marcela Diaz, Somos Un Pueblo Unido; Steven Robert Allen, ACLU, Jon Hendry, IATSE & State Labor Council; Viki Harrison, Common Cause; Dr. M’hamed Jebbanema, Masjid Al Rahma Mosque; Ernest Kavanaugh, SFCC Youth Leadership Coordinator; Mariel Nanasi, New Energy Economy; Bianca Sopoci-Belknap, Earth Care and others.

1pm. Symbolic Die In. Please wear all black.  After the speakers, at 1pm, those in attendance will be asked to lie down and symbolically ‘die’ to represent:

  • the refugees who will die as a result of not being able to escape to our country;
  • those who will die because of not being able to get healthcare if ACA is repealed;
  • those immigrants who will be departed and returned to countries from which they fled unsafe conditions;
  • those mostly black individuals who will die as the result of police violence;
  • those women who will die because of the closure of violence against women domestic abuse centers or because they no longer have access to safe abortions;
  • those who will die because of extreme weather due to climate change due to unregulated coal and gas extraction.

We fully acknowledge that our deaths are symbolic and that most of those ‘dying’ at the Roundhouse, will not be nearly as impacted by these policies. We recognize that the real deaths will involve real people. But we raise our voices and take this act in alliance with all those organizations that on a daily basis work directly for and with those individuals who will be impacted directly by the immoral policies of our President and our Governor.

All politics is moral or immoral; all budgets are moral or immoral.

Music from 1:05pm – 1:45pm. Consuelo Luz, Jono Manson and John Kurzweg will provide music. IATSE will provide the stage, sound, food and beverages.

Monday, February 20, 2017 – 1:30 p.m. – Room 317.  HB 26 and SB 15: Pay Day Lending. Enacts new sections of the New Mexic0 Bank Installment Loan Act of 1959 and imposing a cap on interest rates of 36%; voiding contracts that exceed the interest rate cap; repealing a section of the New Mexico small loan act of 1955. The rates imposed on vulnerable, low-income populations by pay day lenders are obscene and this act would severely restrict their capacity to exploit people living paycheck to paycheck.

Mon, Feb 20, 2 pm, Rm. 309 (or 15 minutes after general session ends) The Health Security Act (HB 101) is scheduled to be heard by the House Judiciary Committee. The Health Security Act is NM’s version of a single-payer healthcare system. General Sessions have run long, so heading over after our Moral Monday ends will get you there right on time. Click here for more on the act and for contact info on the representatives on the Judicial Committee, including two you know well.

Mon, Feb 20, 2 pm, Rm. 311, (or ½ hr. after general legislative session) Senate Corporations & Transportation Committee. SB 231 Increase Cigarette & E-Cigarette Taxes. Increases cigarettes excise tax by $1.50 per pack; expands definition of tobacco products to include e-cigarettes. Potential to add $65 million to the General Fund. This class would do more than raise taxes. There is abundant evidence that the more tax added to cigarettes, the fewer young people take up the habit. And $65M a year is serious money.

2:30-4:15  The People’s Rally: A series of speakers describing why we need our legislators to pass bills that protect and support all of our people.