Let’s Plan Together: New Mexico Deserves Climate Justice

New Energy Economy is hosting a critical Climate March event, along with Earth Care, Retake Our Democracy, NM Climate Action, and the National Council of Elders:

The Urgency of Now: The Launch for the 100% Renewables and a Just Transition Campaign will take place this Saturday, April 29 at 3:30PM at El Museo Cultural and it would mean a lot if you’d join us. On Saturday millions across the globe will march and take action for the People’s Climate Mobilization with this date selected to coincide with the 100th day of the Trump Presidency. The March’s theme is climate, jobs, and justice, but with all due respect to this and other marches, climate equilibrium, living wage paying jobs and justice are not going to be achieved through marches. Social, climate and economic justice is only achieved when people meet together, develop strategy and organize to create the power to make change. And so, having just marched for climate justice at the Science March, we wanted to bring the community together in a different way – to shape the principles and strategy of our movement’s work for a just energy transition in New Mexico – rooted in the moral imperatives of social, economic, and generational justice.

We want to urge you to join us and movement leaders from throughout the state in a deep dive into the the important issues and guiding principles at the heart of the opportunity and responsibility we face: to steward a just and 100% renewable transition for New Mexico.

After a moving and thought-provoking panel and examples from our creative arsenal, we’ll break out into work groups, roll up our sleeves and begin building the 100% renewables campaign TOGETHER, with the moral and ethical principles developed through the first part of the event, as our guides.

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