Last Rodeo 3.19.21 Legislative Alert

Dear New Mexico Activists:

Our Alert today is this morning’s blog, with an explanation of how the final 24 hours of a session unfold, including how the legislature reconciles differences in bills through a concurrence vote or a conference committee. We also outline the status, as of 2:45 am this morning, of all seven bills supported by Retake that are still in play. We give you actions that will move the bills forward. Finally, SB 66 will go to conference committee as neither chamber could agree on amendments. We explain that process and provide speaking points and contact info for Conference Committee members. 

Please read today’s blog post at this link for detailed info about bills we can still save and what you can do to save them.

Thank you for your support and your advocacy during this session. It takes a village, and we’ve become quite a village! Tomorrow at noon, we rest. Until then, it’s all hands on deck. We can’t abandon the project.

In solidarity, gratitude, and hope,

Roxanne and Paul

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